Understanding Golf Launch Monitors: 2023 Guide

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Are you looking to find out more information about the in and outs of your golf game? If so then chances are you are asking yourself ‘what is a golf launch monitor?’. This is because thanks to advances in technology you are now able to use a launch monitor to track key game improvement data regarding your golf game.

In this guide we will cover exactly what a golf launch monitor is, why it is beneficial to invest in one, what data you can expect to track with one, how much one would cost and what some of the leading models on the market are.

Top Beginner Launch Monitor Picks

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Launch Monitor Benefits

The major benefit of using a launch monitor is that it helps you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your golf game. It gives you access to data that can help you improve, especially if you are also undertaking online golf lessons. Some of the key areas of your game that it will be able to measure are how far you are hitting the ball, what your clubhead speed is and give you an idea of your shot spin rates.

By knowing both your strengths and weaknesses , you will be able to improve faster than other golfers who are unaware of the inner workings of their golf game. For example if you are struggling with a hook or a slice you will be able to pinpoint why this is and dig into what may be causing it and what you can do to fix it.

Overall a launch monitor is a great way for a golfer to get game improvement data while practicing their swing whether they are at home or at the driving range.

Data Monitored

Below we cover some of the main pieces of data that you would expect to be monitored by your golf launch monitor.

Swing Speed

Swing speed is an important metric that golfers like to measure. This is because of the direct correlation between this and the total carry distance. By having a high club head speed you can hit the ball further and shoot better scores. In terms of what to expect, the average swing speeds range from 80 mph (128 km/h) for PGA Tour players down to 60 mph (97 km/h) for recreational players.

Launch Angle

The launch angle refers to the angle at which the ball starts its travel towards the target.

Carry Distance

The total carry distance is the distance a player’s ball travels during their swing. Total distance is a function of both distance and launch angle, swing speed, & spin rate, or rpm.

Ball Speed

The speed of the ball immediately after club head impact. Unlike driver speed which is measured using high-speed cameras or radar, ball speed is estimated by calculating the velocity at which a player can generate a known amount of club head speed which creates a known amount of spin on the golf ball.

Spin Rate

The spin rate refers to the amount of rotations a golf ball makes around its vertical axis in one second after club head impact.

Top Models

Below we give an overview of some of the best golf launch monitors on the market.


The SkyTrak is a comprehensive launch monitor which can be used to create your own home golf simulator setup. It provides you with all of the key data points that you will be looking for as well as access to a wide range of game modes.

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Flightscope Mevo

Flightscope Mevo is a portable launch monitor that is ideal if you are looking for a high level of accuracy no matter where you are looking to practice your game. You also have the option of the Mevo Plus if you are looking for a launch monitor that is portable but you can create a golf simulator with.

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Rapsodo MLM

If ease of use with a nicely branded interface is what you are looking for with access to a range of data points then you are likely to love the Rapsodo MLM.

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The PRGR Launch Monitor is a great introductory launch monitor thanks to its price. It will give golfers of all abilities to ability to track key game data at an affordable price. You may not get comprehensive data like with some of the other alternatives but you do get access to what you need.

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Launch Monitor Vs Golf Simulator

Launch monitors and golf simulators often get confused with each other. Golf simulators offer a simulated course experience with full flexibility on the choice of holes, tees and clubs used by the player. The experience is realistic with real-life ball flight and shot play statistics. They are a great way to get your golf fix year round especially if you have the space in your house and can accommodate the height requirements for such a setup.

They often require additional equipment than the launch monitor itself. These items include golf impact screens and enclosures as well as quality hitting mats and maybe even a golf simulation projector.

Whereas launch monitors won’t provide the simulation experience but are essential to the training process for golfers of any level. They provide an opportunity for players to improve their swing and track the important aspects of their game in order to get better. It is worth noting that simulators can often cost more by combining both the launch monitor with other equipment to create a home setup.

In Summary

To conclude, a launch monitor can be handy for golfers wanting to improve their game. Golf is a sport that is not as easy to master as it may seem, and the data measured by these launch monitors may help you achieve a new level of performance. If you’re into technology and want to go the extra mile for your game, then perhaps a launch monitor will be worth looking into.

The data you can expect to see with a good launch monitor is the following: Distance, Swing speed, Ball speed (carry), Spin rate (rpm). This data will be presented to you immediately after you have finished your swing.

With a range of options at your disposal , it’s not hard to take advantage of the benefits provided by these devices no matter what your budget is. Nowadays they are relatively affordable compared to other advanced equipment thanks to technological advances. You may also want to take your game to the next level with a home golf simulator. The benefit of this is the freedom to play and practice anywhere, any time.