How To Hit a Wedge Shot 50 to 75 yards (3 Simple Steps)

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How to hit a wedge shot 50 to 75 yards main imageOne of the most frustrating things in golf can be getting near to the green and then feeling torn on how best to hit your approach shot into the green.

This is why we have created our guide on how to hit a wedge shot 50 to 75 yards.

By following the steps that we outline in this guide you will be hitting your shots nearer to the pin in no time.

When you find yourself in a situation with a short approach to the green you will know exactly what to do to reduce your scores.

Throughout this guide we will cover the different types of shots that you can play, which golf club to use and how to reduce any common errors that occur when attempting short approach shots in golf.

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Difficulties With A 50 Yard Pitch Shot

Hitting a 50 yard pitch shot can present difficulties for a beginner golfer.

This is because unlike most other shots, especially iron shots which require a full swing, with wedge shots they only require a partial golf shot which can make a whole world of difference for beginners.

What many golfers will do to reduce the distance for a 50 yard pitch shot is try and do something different to their usual routine to reduce the distance on the shot.

However, what is required for when you hit a wedge shot 50 to 75 yards is a repeatable system which can be used time and time again.

This is oppose to the mistakes made whereby players will try and do something completely different when using their sand wedge or lob wedge.

How To Hit A Wedge Shot 50 to 75 Yards – The 3 Simple Steps

Step 1 – Grip Your Wedge Lower

The starting point for hitting a 50 yard pitch shot is to grip the club lower than normal.

This helps you to slow down the club speed on the shot which will decrease the overall distance.

In terms of how much lower you should grip your wedge for hitting your wedges 50 to 75 yards, it can be a point of personal preference but we would say no lower than a couple of inches.

This is because after this point the change of grip can affect the swing of the club too much when the primary objective is just to take some distance off the shot.

Step 2 – Open The Club Face

There are several benefits to opening the club face on a wedge shot.

The main benefit being that it can increase the loft of the shot which will make it land softer and even spin on the green closer to the pin.

The increased loft when opening the club face often compensates for the reduction of distance.

Step 3 – Reduce Your Swing

Our third step on how to hit a wedge shot between 50 to 75 yards is to not actually hit a full swing on your shot.

Instead you could try bringing the golf wedge back only half way of what you normally would for a full golf shot.

By hitting the shot at half way you should have better distance control for your wedge shots and more control and options when it comes to your short game.

Adding Backspin To Your Pitch Shots

Something that many golfers want to do with their approach shots is learn what is needed to put backspin on wedge shots.

In our backspin golf guide we cover what is needed to increase backspin on your approach shots and in turn get more accuracy and proximity to the pin when you are approaching the green.

Which Wedge Should You Use?

There is no doubt that having the right equipment in golf can be beneficial to giving you a competitive edge on the golf course and help you to hit your wedges further.

This is no different for wedges as they can come in many different types with many different features.

These can range from different lofts, different price points and different levels of forgiveness.

We’ve summarised our favourite golf wedges for backspin which will give you a detailed idea of which one might be right for you. By choosing the right one you can lower your handicap in golf for the next time that you need to use a golf handicap calculator.

examples Of 50 Yard Pitch Shots

In the below video PGA Tour golfer Ryan Moore explains exactly how he plays his pitch shots and included are some visual examples of him hitting the shots in action:

Credit: PGA Tour

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