Vice Golf Balls Review [2023 Pros & Cons]

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Today we’re bringing you our Vice Golf Balls review where we look at a competitor to better selling golf balls such as the Titleist Pro V1 and seeing how they compare. By the end of this post you will know whether it really is possible to get premium results at a fraction of the cost.

With a range of choices and a slick marketing operation this brand are certainly making waves in the industry and challenging the established brands we have come to know and love.

We’ll deep dive into the different offerings and see if they really are worthy of their place as the up and coming golf ball in the industry.

Vice Golf Balls Comparison Chart

Pro Tour Golf Ball
Allrounder Option
Pro Golf Ball
Better For Medium To High Swing Speeds
Pro Plus Balls
Better For Fast Swing Speeds
Golf Drive Balls
Great For Slower Swing Speeds
Tour Pro Soft Ball
Better For Mid Handicappers

Vice Golf Balls Review: Overview

The mission of the Vice Golf Balls team are to create premium golf balls at great prices. They recognize that losing golf balls is something that can happen often during a round for golfers of all abilities. Therefore it is essential to have back ups, with many golfers having a range of branded golf balls that are used and in terrible condition. They aim to make it easy by making their well branded, great performance golf balls available to golfers of all abilities.

How do they keep their prices competitive?

Well they haven’t been tied down to contracts with professionals and have a direct to consumer model which allows them to keep prices low, focus on their brand and pass savings onto the end users, the golfers. This makes it a win-win situation all round and helps to reduce the cost of having cool, new golf balls in your bag.

Vice Golf Balls Compared: In Detail

Below we discuss the features, benefits and pros and cons of each of the different Vice Golf Balls.

Vice Golf Ball #1: Pro Tour Ball

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When it comes to the Vice Golf Pro Tour Ball, one word that we’d use to describe it would be ‘stability’ with it being a suitable option for players of all abilities.

With thanks to an innovative 392 dimple design it is able to stay on a stable trajectory even in the windiest of conditions. This is even more impressive as you will see stability and great distances while keeping a lightweight and soft feel with the ball being made from Dupont Surlyn material. Despite appearing hard the ball does have a soft lightweight feel.

Features Summary

  • All rounder
  • Affordable Choice
  • Innovative Design
  • Low Compression

Vice Golf Ball #2: Vice Pro Golf Ball

Vice pro golf ball image

What is most noticeable about the Vice Pro series, is the substantial amount of backspin and the impressive launch height right from the tee. While you might think that this model is overshadowed to its big brother, the Vice Pro Plus, users will often remark that that is not quite the case. 

This ball is designed with 318 dimples that improve flight stability and also allow it to cover a considerable distance. Not to mention that the design itself will reduce the drag, allowing you to get more speed out of your shot. As a bonus, you can rest assured that your ball’s gleaming white cover will be protected in the sun, as Vice has equipped this ball with UV-resistant technology, to improve their durability, and improve their consistency around the greens. 

However, there are some areas where the Vice Pro Golf balls can’t compete with their big brother, we will get onto that later, but the compression rate and even of backspin put the Pro Plus just ahead of the Pro in those respects.

Yet still, this is an excellent alternative with many of its advantages and can compared to it’s more expensive competitor the Titleist Pro V1.

Vice Golf Ball #3: Vice Pro Plus Balls

vice golf ball pro plus image

If you are looking for a ball that will give you that extra little bit of distance, then look no further than the Vice Pro Plus. The Vice Pro Plus ball benefits from a cast urethane, which both restricts the flight and increases the range. All of the main differences between the Pro Plusmodel and that of the Pro concern allowing users to get better distance from their shots. For example, new dimples were added to bring the total on this design to 336. In addition to this, the double casting design offers better control for players. In a short game, you will benefit from much higher spin, while also noticing a reduced backspin on the extended play. 

The only possible drawback with the Vice Pro ball is that the compression rate is slightly low, which means that pros and junior players shouldn’t see any difficulty in getting long shots. Still, highly abled players will have to put a little more effort into their swing to get it moving. Furthermore, the superbly thin and smooth material that is used on the cover will ensure that there is plenty of durability with this ball, making the Vice Pro Plus much more durable than some of its alternatives. 

Vice Golf Ball #4: Vice Golf Drive Balls

vice golf drive ball image

There isn’t any ball on the market, for any brand, that is a better value than this option from Vice. This Vice Golf Drive Golf Ball is made to stand hard shots. The cover is made out of Surlyn, yet underneath lies a highly softcore. The outer layer is, of course, more robust and provides a much higher degree of durability. In addition to this, the design of the core allows the ball to revisit many types of wear and tear. 

Now when it comes to actual performance, the Vice Golf Drive Ball still has plenty going for it. The design contains 392 dimples that allow for constant flight stability. This means that once you tee this ball, you can expect high levels of consistency, even on a windy day. The ball is also designed to roll exaggeratedly. This means that users can gain even better drive length and aids players in long putts.

Vice Golf Ball #5: Vice Tour Pro Soft Ball

vice tour pro soft golf ball image

The Vice Pro Soft balls are renowned for having an incredibly soft feel (much like the Callaway Supersoft), and that can largely be attributed to their low compression. Users will often remark that they are highly responsive, great at long-distancing and also allow for a higher flight height. The design of 336 dimples ensures high levels of flexibility and durability. For any players who want instant feedback from swings, this may be the best choice for you. 

Unfortunately, not all is perfect with this ball. The rate of spin and speed is going to be profoundly affected by the speed of your swing. If you are a senior or a high handicap player with lower swing speeds, you are likely to be able to get better responsiveness with this golf ball. This ball is an ideal beginner golf ball (view our reviews here) or a golf ball for colder weather conditions due to its soft feel.

On top of that, the Pro Soft urethane balls boast a matte neon finish, which means that you won’t have any trouble trying to spot them across long distances. 

This ball is truly the epitome of impressive manufacturing, and they can give players a considerable deal of flexibility with their swing. If you are a junior or pro player, this ball can truly work wonders for you, but if you aren’t quite as advanced, you may struggle a little bit more. Even still, the neon matte finish makes it very easy to track, which is a bonus for all players.

Vice Golf Balls FAQs

In the final stage of our review we focus on some of the most frequently asked questions about Vice Balls.

Are Vice Golf Balls Legal?

Yes, all Vice balls are USGA and R&A conforming. This means that they are perfect for playing in any tournament throughout the world.

Where Can You Buy Vice Golf Balls?

You can buy Vice balls from a range of retailers including Amazon.

What Is the Best Vice Golf Ball?

It is all dependent on your own specific needs as to which Vice Golf Ball you choose. Simply use the Vice Golf Ball Comparison Chart above to compare the different ball options and compare them to your own specific needs and ability level.

How Are These Golf Balls Made?

The below video showcases exactly how Vice make their golf balls.

Should You Choose Vice Golf Balls In 2023?

Summary: These golf balls provide a great alternative to the mainstream expensive premium golf ball brands on the market with comparable performance.

For many golfers, they certainly have brand loyalty to existing mainstream brands such as Titleist who offer their market leading Titleist Pro V1. However, what the team at Vice are showing is that it is possible to create premium performance golf balls at a reduced cost and it may just be worth giving these a try if you are looking for premium performance that will keep in line with more established brands.

You can start with the variety pack to get a feel for all of their different golf balls and then really hone in on which one is giving you the best performance from tee to green and see if they help improve your game.