Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls: Detailed 2023 Review

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Our Titleist Tour Soft Golf Ball Review will cover a market leading option from one of the leading brands in golf.

We know that finding a leading golf ball that is suited to your game can be difficult. That is why we cover the pros and cons of an option from a top of mind brand.

With so many different options out that it can be hard to know where to look when searching the perfect choice for your bag. That’s why we’ve covered a range of different options throughout our blog.

However, no matter which type of the golf ball ratings we cover, there is always an option from Titleist. They are one of the most reputable golf brands on the planet and for good reason which is exactly why you’re going to see what makes this option so great in this Titleist Tour Soft Golf Ball Review.

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls Review 2023: Quick Summary

titleist tour soft golf balls

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls provide a great way for beginner golfers who are looking for a premium brand to get access to the best in the industry. These golf balls mean that you can get top level feel and durability without potentially compromising performance as they are built to suit your style of play starting out.

Unlike their companion in the Titleist fleet, the Titleist Pro V1 they are built specifically for beginners. However, like the Pro V1 they are likely to be at the top end of most golfers budgets although at a better price point.


  • Beginner friendly
  • Durable
  • Reputable brand
  • Cheaper than other Titleist options


  • Better options for golfers with a faster swing

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls Review: In Detail

Next we’ll go into full detail and cover their various strengths and weaknesses in detail.

Firstly, when it comes to Titleist, they are a brand that need no introduction. Most people within the game of golf have heard of this brand as they are known for their quality and durability. However, most people when they first think of Titleist are probably thinking of the Titleist Pro V1 .

However, this option is different depending on your skill level as the below video demonstates:

When it comes to selection often people want to save money where possible when purchasing golf equipment. This can especially be the case with golf balls as they can get lost so easily! However, the best bang for your buck golf balls certainly doesn’t always mean better and they may lack the right balance for your game.

This is where choosing a premium option such as Titleist comes in thanks to the golf ball compression being in line with what is expected for beginner golfers.

Additionally, what makes the Tour Soft a great option is that it gives you an introduction to Titleist without the full investment of a Pro V1. This allows you to see if you like it and to experiment with a soft feel ball compared to a harder higher compression choice.

Finally, if you are a fan of colors then it is worth noting that you can also get the Tour Soft Ball in bright yellow.

Tour Soft Vs Pro V1

We couldn’t finish this review without talking about another competing option in the Titleist roster. This is the Titleist Pro V1.

Seeing these two alternatives can be confusing for an average consumer but once broken down the main difference can be seen as the following:

  • The Tour Soft has a lower compression (60) and the Pro V1 has a higher compression.
  • These are more affordable than the Pro V1.

To summarize, if you are starting out or have a slower golf swing then opt for these. If you are more experienced or have a faster golf swing speed then opt for the Titleist Pro V1.

In Summary

To summarize you can’t go wrong with these, especially if you are a new golfer who doesn’t mind spending for a more premium option. What you’ll find is premium quality yet something that is still designed for those who are starting out.

When it comes to choosing the top golf balls for beginners there are several options and this is certainly an option that performs highly. The main drawback to these are that they are still more pricier than direct competitors, especially the Callaway Supersoft and would be more comparable to the Chrome Soft.