TaylorMade Sim vs. Sim Max Driver: 2023 Face-Off & Differences

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Golfers love to play golf to the best of their ability, and this is no different when standing on the tee box and hitting the driver. The problem is that when it comes to choosing golf drivers, there are many options out there on the market today from leading brands.

However, one of these options is both Taylormade’s Sim Golf Driver vs their Sim MAX driver. Both of these drivers will help you to improve your game. But, which one of these SIM (Shape in motion) drivers is best for your game?

They have some similarities and some differences that are worth noting before you buy one or the other for your game. In this complete TaylorMade SIM vs SIM MAX driver review, we will see how the two compare so that you can decide which of the two options is better for you.

Taylormade Sim Vs Sim Max: Quick Summary

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When comparing the Taylormade Sim Vs Sim Max driver, the SIM MAX is aimed more at a beginner golfer or high handicapper. Whereas the Sim Driver is more about giving the mid-handicap to low handicap golfers an option for driving which is a great all-around product.

The SIM Max has a more oversized clubhead regarding their core product features and performance, which gives a larger sweet spot. Therefore this is more suited to a beginner or novice golfer who would benefit from something that will provide them with forgiveness off the tee. Between the loft of the driver and the large sweet spot, golfers of all abilities will be able to compete on the golf course. On the other hand, the Sim driver has a smaller head and a smaller face, which is aimed at experienced golfers who have a faster swing speed and a lower handicap.

Despite being less customizable than the Sim Driver, the Sim Max still comes with some great features like an adjustable loft and great construction. An overall lower price is indicative of fewer features.


From the design to the speed injected twist face technology and adjustable loft sleeves, the sim driver and Taylormade sim max are similar in many ways. Below we cover what some of these similarities are.


The first thing they have in common is their designs. In terms of the SIM MAX driver, the SIM is pretty much identical. Carbon fiber is featured on both the SIM and SIM Max, giving you a lot of confidence when standing over the ball that you will be able to generate clubhead speed and ball speed to split the fairways with great ball flight. 

When comparing the two Sim drivers’ lengths, you will notice that the SIM MAX is slightly longer from front to back. However, the difference between them is very slight; without being in close proximity, we doubt users would notice it.

Speed Injected Twist Face Technology

With the TaylorMade SIM Series, your shots will be straighter, even if you don’t find the sweet spot and end up hitting your shot too low off the face of the club. This is thanks to the speed pocket with these drivers.

This is down to how they develop the club’s face with their speed-injected twist face technology, a legacy of previous models from Taylormade, such as the M5 and M6 drivers. Their unique design creates as little spin as possible when hitting the ball off-center.

Inertia Technology

Both the Sim Max and Sim feature the same Asymmetric sole and inertia generator technology. Both feature the same technology but have the same material and are shaped similarly, which can help reduce drag. As a result, the SIM and SIM Max will marginally increase your swing speed, leading you to strike the ball further and give you more power. The innovative inertia technology is crucial for both of these TaylorMade sim drivers and a significant reason to choose this driver compared to alternatives.

The new inertia generator is heavier for beginners, which will help golfers hit off-center hits more accurately and make it a great driver with forgiveness.

Loft Adjustability

In both models, TaylorMade SIM and SIM Max include the ability to adjust the loft, lie and face angle with the left sleeve. Additionally, there is flexibility in setting the loft of both clubs (by up to two degrees).

However, something exclusive to the Sim Driver is that it features sliding weight technology that allows for a couple of degrees of customizable center of gravity. This will help you with hitting 20 yards of draw or fade bias.

This makes either club flexible and customizable for those who like to ‘tweak’ their setup to perfection. This type of adjustability is becoming more common.

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Face Size

The SIM Max’s clubface size is around 8% larger than the SIM. This means you have more room for error and a larger clubhead and a larger face than the SIM. However, for the SIM driver, the clubface is more ‘mid-sized which requires a more experienced golfer’s experience to use to perfection.

Launch Angle

SIM series driver has a lower launch angle, which will help you to get maximum driver distance if you have a fast swing speed. On the other hand, SIM Max has a higher launch angle and higher loft angle, which will help golfers who generate a slower clubhead speed. The high launch will also help with getting the ball more airborne, and overall, it will help with getting the most distance possible if this is an area of your golf game that you have struggled with.


With the SIM Driver, you will find that you have more options to customize the golf club to your own needs. With the slide weight technology as a more experienced golfer, you will be able to fulfill your own needs for a fade or draw bias and optimal performance.


The SIM driver costs only slightly more than the Taylormade sim max drivers. The reason for this is because it comes with a number of features that the sim max does not. Therefore, if you enjoy customizing your clubs and really making them your own, the Taylormade sim driver may be the right option for you. However, if this is something which you don’t mind skipping, then you might want to save money.

Which Is Better?

The answer to which of these two drivers is better will come down to your own personal preferences. If you want to customize your clubs and make them unique, the sim driver will be better for you because of its slide weight technology. However, if you really want a leading design and core functionality and features while saving some money, then the Sim max driver might be the better option. The sim max driver still carries a great design and similar functionality, but beginner golfers will find it a more comfortable fit.

Both of these drivers make it onto our list of the best Taylormade drivers out of their roster of golf clubs.

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In Summary

The Taylormade golf company has been providing top-notch equipment to the game of golf for decades. They’ve recently introduced two new drivers, the TaylorMade SIM Drivers and the Taylormade Sim Max Drivers, which both offer excellent performance. Both Taylormade and Callaway are leads who can be relied on.

Both are great options for those looking to improve their driving distance or even upgrade from a different model of driver that they currently have in their bag. But which is better suited for your skill level?

For beginner golfer or high handicapper golfers who want more control over where they hit it on the fairway, we recommend going with the Taylormade SIM MAX Drivers instead of our other option as it is one of the best golf drivers for beginners and is better suited than the SIM Drivers, which is geared more towards mid-handicap players to professional golfers on tour such as Tiger Woods & Rory Mcilroy (Golf.com).

Alternatively you might want the compare the TaylorMade SIM range with the Callaway Mavrik range.

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