TaylorMade SIM Driver: In-Depth 2023 Review

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Hitting your shots how you want off the tee is essential for golfers of all abilities. This is the same whether you are a PGA Tour golfer competing at a major championship or an amateur playing a round with friends. To achieve good drives it takes a mixture of both ability and also good equipment.

A good driver can really help you to get both the distance and accuracy that you want to find to set you up for good scoring.

In this TaylorMade SIM Driver review we bring you an option from one of the leading golf brands in the world. We cover what one of their most popular drivers is, who it is most suitable for and what some of the main advantages as well as drawbacks are.

TaylorMade SIM Driver: Quick Summary

TaylorMade SIM Driver

All-round Driver

  • Adjustability
  • Built For Distance
  • Highly Durable
  • SIM Max is more forgiving for Beginners.

What Is The TaylorMade SIM Driver?

The TaylorMade SIM Driver is just one of the drivers in the SIM Driver collection made by TaylorMade; the other two are the SIM Driver Max and the SIM Driver Max D. The TaylorMade SIM Driver has a convenient aerodynamic design and costs around $400, making it affordable when you’re looking at this type of driver. One of the things people like most about it is its ability to have a very long length if you pair it with a good shaft. It is also adjustable and forgiving, making it a good driver to use for improving your overall golf swing. This TaylorMade SIM driver review will go into more detail about what makes it such a great golf club.

Best for Distance and Adjustability

Of the three TaylorMade SIM drivers, this one is usually rated best for both adjustability and distance. It doesn’t have as much forgiveness as the SIM Max or as much forgiveness on the market and a draw bias like the SIM Max D, but it has a lot of other features that golfers love and many of them need. The shaft is made out of graphite and there is a left- and right-handed option, as well as a standard and stiff option for those who prefer one of these choices. The configuration/golf club loft is 10.5 degrees, and the rest of the club is made out of sturdy titanium, which means it can take a lot of abuse and keep on going.

TaylorMade has made this driver with aerodynamic asymmetric sole and inertia generator, which is there to do two things: provide faster club-head speed so that you get more ball speed and distance, and high MOI to improve the level of forgiveness thanks to the rear weight. Some of the many features included in this driver are:

  • A twist face, which uses corrective face angles so that you can overcome mis-hits and to get much straighter shots.
  • Multi-material construction for the best quality, which includes a combination of titanium, steel, and carbon.
  • Speed-injected technology that optimizes your COR right where golfers typically hit it. This also improves ball speed across the face because it calibrates each head right to the threshold of the legal speed limit.
  • Sliding weight technology and loft sleeve, which gives you more personalization so that the club is optimized for each golfer’s trajectory, flight bias preferences, and face angle. You get a loft change of up to +/-2 degrees and a draw-fade bias of up to +/-20 yards.

The colors on this driver include black, titanium, and highlights of blue, so it is not only a great golf club to use, but it’s an eye-catcher as well. 

The driver is used by many of the leading golfers and is widely popular. The below video showcases what some of the initial feedback was after being used for the first time by leading PGA pros.

Key Features

If you’re one of those people who like statistics with your driver so that you can obtain more details about it, just know that the TaylorMade SIM driver has a standard length and lie level, a 9-degree loft, a standard grip, a shaft made out of graphite, and a head cover. Of course, it isn’t just the numbers and statistics that make this driver so amazing. It is mainly the fact that every inch of it is made to perfection so that golfers who need this type of club can use it and depend on it to do what it says it will do. In fact, most of the users claim that this driver has drastically improved their game and is well worth the price they paid for it.

The driver also comes in a few different colors, not just the blue-highlighted one mentioned earlier. One driver comes with a smoke-green color, and one comes in a black and gray color. But the biggest perk of choosing this driver is the way it will feel in your hands and the help it gives you improving your swing. This is a high-quality driver that both looks good and works great, in part because it is made by one of the most reputable golf club manufacturers in the world. Between the shape, face, technology used, and the weight of the driver, this is one club you’ll never regret purchasing and that you should use for many years to come.

Pros and Cons

The TaylorMade SIM driver has a 4+ star rating on sites such as Amazon and others. While no golf club is going to have a 100% customer satisfaction rate, this one comes awfully close. On Amazon, nearly 90% of the customers rated it either 4 or 5 stars, which says a lot about its overall design and strengths. Here is what some of the real-life users have to say about this amazing driver:

  • “Longer and straighter than my old driver, I’m about a 20 handicap…”
  • “Comfortable standing on tee with this club in my hands. Forgiving and pure.”
  • “High swing speed – must have!”
  • “This driver is amazing…took my average game to the next level.”
  • “…added at least 10 yards on my drives…would recommend.”

If you’re curious about some of the advantages and disadvantages of using the TaylorMade SIM drive, here are a few of them:


  • Excellent construction that includes titanium, carbon, and steel.
  • Comes in three different versions so you can personalize your options.
  • Great for both adjustability and distance.
  • Especially helpful for older golfers.
  • Flex comes in regular and stiff options.


  • Some complaints that the window-to-return is very short.
  • Some dislike the shaft and the way the ball ballooned off the club face.
  • Some people might consider the price of $400 to be high.

Who Is This Driver Most Suited To?

While no one can predict if this particular driver is one you’ll be happy with, it is obviously a high-quality club that provides a lot of the benefits and features that most golfers look for when they’re shopping for drivers. With this driver, you even get a weight that is positioned precisely in the head so that you get ultra-low CG and high MOI. In addition to all of its advantages, many companies will sell this type of driver in a pre-owned version, which means you can purchase it at a much lower price but still get the quality driver you deserve.


If you’re looking for the longest driver then the TaylorMade SIM Driver certainly will fit the bill.

It is not only well made and adjustable but it really does deliver and is worthy of any golf driver comparison. This is something that is proven by the fact it is the driver of choice of so many of the leading golfers in the world. It may not be the cheapest driver on the market but it does offer good value if you are looking for something for the long term and you are a looking for a mid-handicap driver.

If you are a looking for the best entry level driver on the market then you may want to compare the Sim Vs SIM Max out of this range as it has more forgiveness built in which is desirable for high handicappers. Finally, if you feel that this driver isn’t for you and there are others you wish to consider then other drivers that can offer similar performance include the Callaway Epic Flash Driver or the Callaway Mavrik Driver (We compare the Mavrik and the SIM here).

TaylorMade SIM Driver

All-round Driver

  • Adjustability
  • Built For Distance
  • Highly Durable
  • SIM Max is more forgiving for Beginners.