TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls: 2023 Detailed Review

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Getting distance off the tee can be a challenge, especially for those beginning their golfing journey. Equipment choice can play a key role in giving you the tools to succeed out on the course.

Distance is a great way to shoot good golf scores and reduce your handicap, and without the right golf balls, this can be challenging.

The Taylormade Distance Plus Golf Balls review outlines the benefits of these golf balls and how they will help you achieve greater distances on the course while giving you more consistency. We will explore the product features and cover their pros and cons in detail.

Taylormade Distance Plus Golf Balls Review: Quick Summary

TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls

These golf balls by TaylorMade are built with distance in mind and come at an affordable price for everyday golfers.

  • 60 Compression Rating
  • Affordable
  • Distance Balls

The Taylormade Distance golf balls are a distance-enhancing, high-performance golf ball that has been designed to help you hit the fairway. It’s made with an innovative new core and cover design which helps it perform better than ever before. The combination of these two features gives this ball more spin for longer shots while also providing an excellent feel on approach shots. This makes it ideal for players who want to improve their game by hitting the ball further.

Taylormade Distance Golf Balls Review: In Detail

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TaylorMade are a leading golf brand known for their innovation and technological advancements. For this Taylormade Distance golf ball review, we will look deeper at the features that make these balls so great.

TaylorMade golf balls have a reputation for quality, performance, and precision, and with the Taylormade Distance Plus Golf Ball, you can be assured of all of these. These golf balls specifically come with a two-piece design which allows them to provide great value for money while maximizing distance off the tee.

If ball speed is something that you’re after, then you will find that the Taylormade Distance Plus golf ball offers this. This golf ball equates to more distance on drives which help you strike the fairway consistently and have added accuracy at your next shot. This will have an overall impact on your golf scoring.

However, distance only makes up one area of the game. A drawback to these golf balls is that some alternatives will provide more forgiveness for straighter shots. However, this is a small compromise for all the great features that this ball has. You should also remember that no golf ball is going to be able to save poor technique or a weak mental game (GolfMonthly).


+ Excellent Feel – Compared to other balls in its class, the Taylormade Distance plus feels very soft when struck. Its low compression allows for easy control off the tee as well as good feedback from your swing.

+ Longer Shots – With its unique construction and aerodynamic dimple pattern, the Distance Plus provides great distance even though it doesn’t have quite as much “bite” as some other premium models.

+ Value For Money – This golf ball is affordable and a great budget golf ball that offers great value for money for the average golfer.

+ Color Options – These golf balls come in both white and yellow, which are two staple colors in the game.


– Sacrificing Accuracy – While the Distance Plus does provide long distances, it sacrifices accuracy. If you need both distance and accuracy, look elsewhere. 

Who Is The TaylorMade Distance+ Suitable For?

There are a range of golfers that this golf ball is suitable for. We cover these below.

Golfers On A Budget

Golf balls can be expensive so if you are on a budget and breaking the bank with your golf ball purchases then we recommend looking at the TaylorMade distance+. They are some of the best golf balls for the price that offer great performance from a recognized manufacturer.

Distance Seekers

As the name suggests, distance seekers will benefit from the performance that this ball provides. The average golfer will add distance to their drives, especially if they generate a fast clubhead speed. This is one of the best distance golf balls at the cheaper end of the market.


If you’re new to golf but looking to hit the ball far and that is your main concern then the TaylorMade Distance+ is a great ball to start with. They are cheap, easy to hit and provide decent performance for those looking for the best cheap golf balls for beginners.

Average Golfers

If you’re a mid handicap golfer who has generates a reasonable swing speed but wants some help with adding some yardage to their drive then the TaylorMade distance+ golf balls are a good choice. They offer decent performance and help you hit it further, all at a cheap enough price point which makes them make our list of the best golf balls for average golfers.


Senior golfers are known to lose a few yards with their drive over time. This golf ball will help with maintaining some of that yardage and hitting it more consistently. We highly recommend them as one of the best senior golf balls for distance, especially for those golfers who still have a reasonable clubhead speed but want to maintain distance as much as possible.


The TaylorMade Distance Plus isn’t the only golf ball that will help you add some extra distance to your game. There are a number of alternative balls on the market, including these:

Callaway Chrome Soft

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls

This golf ball is an allrounder aimed towards mid to low handicappers. It will provide both a great feel as well as distance off the tee.

  • High Quality
  • All Round Performance

The Callaway Chrome Soft is another golf ball that suits an average golfer who wants more yardage and consistency off the tee. Compared to the Taylormade Distance+ golf ball you will get slightly more durability and control on your shots. However, the downside to the Chrome Soft is that it will cost more than the Taylormade Distance Plus. However, if you can afford to spend more, we highly recommend this ball and is better suited to experienced golfers when compared to the Callaway Supersoft.

Titleist Pro V1

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

Branded as the #1 Ball In Golf, these Titleist Golf Balls offer both premium quality and all round performance.

  • Premium Golf Ball
  • Offers Both Distance & Feel

A golf ball that needs no introduction is the world-famous Titleist Pro V1. It is a great all-rounder and is used by players of all different abilities. It is a little bit more expensive than the Taylormade Distance golf ball, but we recommended giving this one a shot if you can afford it. They will last you for a long time and help you become consistent in your all-round golf game.

Find Out More: Titleist Pro V1 Review

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Compression Is There In The Taylormade Distance Plus Golf Ball?

The TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Ball compression is 60. This makes the TaylorMade Distance golf ball suitable for most golfers. You may find some balls with lower compression, however, these will be designed for higher handicappers or those golfers with slower swing speeds.

What Kind Of Golfer Should Use TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls Feel?

The TaylorMade Distance golf balls are great golf balls for average golfers who want more distance. They are also viable for golfers with slow to medium swing speeds who want some extra distance off the tee.

What Is The Longest TaylorMade Ball?

With a Tri-Fast core, the TaylorMade TPx5 is the longest distance ball in TaylorMade’s arsenal.

In Summary

If you want golf balls that will give you maximum distance and maintain an excellent feel, the Taylormade Distance Plus Golf Balls are a great choice two-piece construction golf ball choice that comes at a great price which makes them an ideal golf ball for beginners. These balls should suit players with a slow to medium swing speed who need some extra yardage off the tee. They may not be as accurate as other premium golf balls such as the Chrome Soft or the Titleist Pro V1, but if pure distance is what you’re looking for, then these can’t be beaten as affordable distance golf balls. Finally, the Taylormade Distance Plus golf balls also offer great value for money compared to similar products on the market.

TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls

These golf balls by TaylorMade are built with distance in mind and come at an affordable price for everyday golfers.

  • 60 Compression Rating
  • Affordable
  • Distance Balls