SkyTrak vs. TrackMan: Ultimate Golf Simulator Review 2023

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Today we are sharing with you two of the most highly regarded launch monitors available on the market. In this article we’ll look at SkyTrak vs TrackMan and ultimately decide which is best out of these two market leading choices.

With the right launch monitor, you can receive key player insights, so when you play golf you can learn more data about your game. Having a robust system in place gives you the power to identify your strength and weakness areas, which will then allow you to devise a plan of action to improve your performance on the golf course.

In this guide we will provide an overview of both products, cover their key similarities and differences along with their pros and cons so that you can decide if adding one these launch monitors is a worthy investment to your golf training tools.

SkyTrak vs TrackMan: Which Is Better?

Much More Affordable But Still Accurate
More Data & Accuracy

When comparing SkyTrak vs TrackMan you may find that either is better depending on how you want to work on your golf game and what you need from a launch monitor. In comparison to SkyTrak, TrackMan provides a deeper dive into your golf club data at the highest degree of accuracy. However, the SkyTrak still provides useful insights for the everyday golfer; at a much lower price point and still with a high level of accuracy. 

Key Differences Between The Two Devices


It can be hard to differentiate between TrackMan and SkyTrak since the ball data and distances and yardages they calculate are very accurate. However, you get so much more data with the TrackMan than SkyTrak and it is so reliable (so much so that it is trusted by so many PGA & LPGA Tour golfers).

Winner: TrackMan


Launch monitors like TrackMan are a lot more expensive than their competitors. The TrackMan system comes at a cost in the tens of thousands of dollars whereas you can purchase a SkyTrak for several thousand dollars.

You do get access to much more data with the TrackMan, however the key question for most amateur golfers will be, is the different price and slightly higher level of accuracy worth the cost. 

Winner: SkyTrak

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It is crucial that you use a high-quality golf launch monitor since by investing in something that is durable it will last for many years. It is also great if you choose a product that comes with a warranty for extra peace of mind.

With both of these systems you get access to a warranty to provide that extra level of comfort. However, if you take care of your system well then you’ll find that both of these systems are highly reliable and durable.

Winner: Tie

Simulator Usage

Something that is becoming more and more popular nowadays is using launch monitors as a golf simulator (you can view our top picks here). That is something that is possible with both of these launch monitors. However when coming back to price, it will be easier to create a system for most people with SkyTrak. By purchasing the launch monitor, a hitting mat and hitting net/ screen you will be able to turn your system into something that makes it possible for you to play real world class golf courses that you’d find on the PGA Tour. 

This is possible with TrackMan, however it is a much higher-priced option that is more suited to commercial simulations rather than home and garage use.

Winner: SkyTrak

SkyTrak Launch Monitor Overview

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Golfers who are looking for ways to improve their golf game can find it at SkyTrak with the SkyTrak which in turn can be turned into a golf simulator. Additionally, you will be able to play golf from all over the world at an affordable price by creating a simulator setup.

SkyTrak comes at a lower price point than TrackMan and is more comparable to a product such as the Flightscope Mevo Plus. Compared to Trackman, it still gives you a high level of accuracy, and the device is also highly durable.

TrackMan Overview

The TrackMan radar system gives comprehensive game improvement data that measures both golf ball speed, launch angle, carry distance, ball flight and clubhead speed in complete detail to a high level of accuracy. It has a measurement range of up to 400 yards which is more than suitable for pretty much every golfer out there.

In Summary: Which Is Better?

A good golf launch monitor can really help you the improve your golf game and there are many reasons why SkyTrak and TrackMan are comparable in some ways, yet also different in others. The decision on which is better when comparing SkyTrak vs Trackman will come down to your own specific needs.

In the past few years, TrackMan has grown in popularity among professionals across the world thanks to its improved accuracy and durability. One of the more affordable options on the market, SkyTrak is unique in that it offers a more detailed game improvement analysis of your own swing mechanics, allowing you to evaluate your own strengths and weaknesses and improve your game.

Overall, the price difference is probably the main reason why most amateur golfers might choose the SkyTrak over the TrackMan.