SkyTrak Golf Simulator: Best 2023 Launch Monitor?

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Today we’re bringing you a market leader in golf launch monitors. In our SkyTrak golf review we’re going to discuss a product which leads the way when it comes to tracking the data around your golf performance.

If you’re really serious about looking to improve your game then you really do need to get into what is working and what isn’t working in terms of your golf swing. This will help you to identify what is needed to move forward.

That is exactly where SkyTrak comes in.

Not only that but this SkyTrak review digs into some of the nuances we’re sure you’re looking to understand about the product such as which apps it is combatable, how to set it up and what different packages are available. This SkyTrak launch monitor review will really help you to decide which is the right option for you.

SkyTrak Golf Simulator Review: Quick Summary

SkyTrak Launch Monitor

All Round Launch Monitor & Golf Simulator


  • Ability to get readings and data around your golf performance.
  • Affordable Option
  • Reliability
  • True simulation experience with the ability to adjust course conditions.
  • Easy setup
  • Ability to play golf year round


  • Limited tracking data compared to premium alternatives
  • There can be a shot delay

SkyTrak offer great launch monitors and golf simulator options for those golfers who are looking to get access to more data around golf game improvement such as ball speed, swing speed and ball flight data. Not only this but by playing from home you will be able to access golf courses from all around the world at an affordable price. Compared to alternatives it is easy to set up and gives a premium feel at a great price.

What Is The SkyTrak?

Before we get started it is important to get a deeper understanding of exactly what SkyTrak is.

To summarize it is a personal launch monitor which allows you to practice your game from home in all weather conditions. This can range from practicing at the range to completing a range of skill challenges targeted at game improvement or competing at a range of the leading courses in the world.

No matter what you use the monitor for it is sure to give you a deeper insight into your swing data, ball flights and ball data. Sometimes when you’re on a real life range it can be hard to try new things but by using this in conjunction with a training aid you can really hone in on different swings to find what works and improves your game.

When it comes to the physical monitor it is small and lightweight which makes it really portable. When you combine in the fact that it can work wirelessly without Wifi and is quick and easy to setup then it also makes sense as an option that you can take around with you too.

Once you have purchased the hardware you will need to consider your software options.

Free option: You will be able to use the virtual driving range to hone your skills without being tied into annual subscription charge.
Training option:
You can gain access to further training features and game improvement plan for a subscription fee.
Complete option:
This feature is called the play & improve plan and gives you access to extra game improvement features as well as leading courses through the world golf tour simulator. At a higher cost it can be well worth it if you are looking to play rounds with your monitor and simulator.

No matter which choice of golf simulation software you choose you will get access to the basic practice range plan. You will get more comprehensive choices once you pay for the game improvement package or the play and improve plan.

The below video showcases more details about the product:

Who Is This Launch Monitor Best For?

This is a great introductory product for those people who are looking for data around their golf performance. They don’t provide as comprehensive data as something like a TrackMan device that is often used by PGA Tour pros in warm up. However, for the average golfer it is a great selection.

The reason for this is because you can learn more about your game in the comfort of your own home. Sure you could use a launch monitor or swing speed monitor at the driving range but what this gives you is the ability to play no matter the time of year or situation. Additionally you will be able to invite friends over and play some of the leading courses in the world in a shorter time frame than a normal 4 hour round of golf.

As you can tell whether it be for game improvement or socialization the SkyTrak really is a flexible option for all golfers and is much cheaper than commercial options such as GCQuad and TrackMan.

Options For Setting Up A SkyTrak Golf Simulator

When looking for an indoor golf simulation system, using SkyTrak really does make sense due to not only it’s price point but also it’s reliability and flexibility. However, the problem is that people often don’t know where to start.

Below we provide some of the best options to get a SkyTrak launch monitor and golf simulator set up started in your home.

Option #1: Budget Package

skytrak budget package image

The SkyTrak Budget Simulator from Rain or Shine golf is perhaps one of the most cost-effective ways to hone your golfing skills throughout the year without having to spend a fortune. Setting up a simulator doesn’t have to be unreasonably expensive, you can read of complete cost guide here.

This SkyTrak package gives you the most versatile and comprehensive golfing experience possible, by combining the Pro Series Golf Net with the Pro Series screen.

This gives you exactly what you need to get up and running for a great price while maintaining high quality.

Option #2: SwingBay Package

swingbay package

Looking for a full home simulator setup with SkyTrak at a respectable cost (for a simulator!) then the SwingBay package might be a good fit for you. This is because you can create your own professional setup from the comfort of your own home with a screen, projector, netting and mat. This means that everything would be turnkey and more likely most enjoyable out of all of the packages available despite the extra cost.

With this package you will be highly motivated and highly likely to be consistent with focusing on game improvement from your home not only because of the price but also because the setup will be both easy and professional.

Option #3: Swing Net Package

Thirdly we have the SkyTrak SwingNet Package. Often people want to use a tool such as the SkyTrak but don’t feel that they can because they live in a shared space. However with this package being a quick option to assemble it really is possible to play indoor golf in a flex space.

Not only this but it is the cheapest option here as you would be playing without a screen and a projector. You would hit the ball into the net and then view performance or gameplay on your laptop which the SkyTrak would be connected to.

Getting Set Up

The main focus when choosing a SkyTrak package is to focus on the space in your house where you will be housing your simulator.

Some of the key pieces of equipment that you should have to make sure that you can get set up with a SkyTrak is the following:

  • Personal Launch Monitor
  • Driving Net
  • Hitting Mat
  • Projector & Screen or Tablet

When it comes to trying to save some money something that really adds to the cost is the Projector & Screen over using a tablet such as an iPad.

To get the premium setup with a simulator screen you can choose the SkyTrak budget package or without and only the net then you can choose the SkyTrak Swing Net package.

SkyTrak App

After downloading the SkyTrak app you should sign up for an account with SkyTrak. This is because it will help to give you a place to view your shot data.

The app itself is easy to use and understand which makes it a great option for golfers of all abilities. The Skytrak app supports ios and is available across a range of platforms too. With a well designed user interface it isn’t hard to see the exact data that you are looking to track.

Benefits Of Using SkyTrak

So now that you know exactly what you’d be getting by choosing this product it is important to consider exactly what benefits you can experience from using it.

Ability To Play Year Round

The first major benefit is that you will be able to play on those cold dark winter nights when golf courses are closed. You may often experience a rusty game in the spring when you start playing again but with this that wouldn’t be a problem and your game improvement can become consistent.

Target Your Practice

With so many different features you really can discover firstly what area you need to focus on and then secondly exactly how you plan to focus on it. Whether it be spending hours at the range or if you want to play amazing courses such as being out on the west coast if you play Pebble Beach!

To add to this, this is all possible thanks to being able to gain access to key data points about your game that you otherwise may not know.

Great Social Activity

This is also something that you can play with friends without needing to spend hours at a course (as well as green fees every single time!). You can relax and have fun all in the comfort of your own home.

SkyTrak Features

By now you should have a good idea of whether the Skytrak is right for you and exactly which package you should choose to get started. The next portion of our review focuses on what some of the features are that you can expect once you get access to the software.

The software is a great way to add more dimensions to your golf practice and can be a great way to take away what may feel as a tedious activity in just hitting the golf ball into a net. To add to this they are continuously releasing new versions.

Therefore, even though you’re getting engaging practice in a different form of golf you will be able to translate these game improvements over to the course.

Practice Modes: Driving Range, Challenges & Shot Tracking

Starting out the chances are that you will want to check out the driving range to get a good feel for the software. The most recent version of Virtual Range has a lot of new features, and they’ve really worked on making it it easy to use.

Another feature that they have added in here is the ability to see your shot history and flight with their shot tracer technology. For many amateurs this feature is game changing as you can see different trends about your game that you wouldn’t necessarily have had visibility to.

Launch monitors such as this provide key ball data such as ball speed, clubhead speed, launch angle and ball carry.

Once you have played through the driving range and gotten a deeper understanding of your game you may want to move beyond the practice range some of the practice modes such as improving target practice accuracy with closest to the pin, improving club head speed with long drive challenges or other ball flight practice games that are designed to focus on game improvement.

Gameplay & Courses

One of the huge advantages for many players of choosing a home simulator is the ability to go beyond ball data compared to simple, budget options.. Many players want to practice and access some of the leading courses in the world such as Pebble Beach or St Andrews. The World Golf Tour (WGT Golf) software is a great option for this.

It is a per year subscription to use this, however when you consider the value that it adds in terms of gaining access to leading courses then it really is worth it for many players. Especially if you are serious about using the SkyTrak on a regular basis. If you don’t think you will get good value for money then it may be better to not purchase this subscription.

Drawbacks You May Find

There are a couple of drawbacks that you may find when you use the product.

Short Game Play

Firstly, this product is really great for working on key facets of your swing such as your swing speed and increasing your driver distance. However, other than practicing consistency with how you hit your short game shots or putts you really may struggle with this aspect of the product.

This can take a while to get used to and after a while you will so you may not notice it as much. However, it is important to be aware of at the start and especially before buying it.

Shot Data

Another feature of the SkyTrak launch monitor that might frustrate some golf simulation buyers is the fact that there can be a shot data delay. Although you are likely to see both accurate and in depth shot data it is important to note that sometimes you may have to wait a few extra seconds than you would like before getting access to this on the software system.

You will also see slightly less data than with a premium solution especially around club path data.

How Accurate Is SkyTrak?

Where this launch monitor really shines against the competition is the fact that you really will find accurate data around your game. For the results that you get previously you would be expected to pay a much higher price tag often found in the leading commercial platforms.

Alternatives To SkyTrak

Before we finish this review we must note that there are alternatives in the marketplace that are both more premium options and more budget options that are worth considering as part of the purchase process.

Flightscope Mevo

flightscope mevo product

Looking for launch monitors with comparable quality but looking to slash the price tag? That is where the Flightscope Mevo comes in. (We compare the SkyTrak vs The Plus Model here) It is a great flexible option for both the range and home use and provides you with all of the key ball data that you would be looking for from a launch monitor.

For many golfers it would certainly be worth checking out if you are looking for alternative launch monitors.

Optishot 2

optishot 2 product

Another cheaper alternative than the Skytrak launch monitor that claims to be a golf simulator in a box is the Optishot 2. For many amateur golfers this can be seen as a great way to enter playing indoors at a budget price. However, it is a completely different experience than you would expect with the SkyTrak (we going into full detail of the differences here)

For a cheap price you get access to courses and game types that otherwise would cost much more. However, the saying you get what you pay for rings true and if you are looking for something more comprehensive or are more experienced and invested in your game then this option likely isn’t for you.

Rapsodo MLM

rapsodo mlm product

Maybe you’re looking for something that you can use more as a portable launch monitor on your phone? That is where you may prefer to contemplate looking at the Rapsodo MLM. This handy tool is slightly different to other launch monitors as it will allow you to use your phone to track key shot data at the driving range while also getting access to video playback with a shot tracer as well as all of the key data about your game that you are looking for.

You can check out our full Rapsodo Golf review here.

SkyTrak Review Summary

Overall this is a great choice for avid golfers and most recreational golfers. Whether you are simply looking for just an affordable yet high quality launch monitor (view complete list here) or an affordable home simulator then SkyTrak is a bigger player in the golf simulator space. There are several companies that produce professional-grade equipment that is geared toward the professional golfer which come at a higher price point. However, SkyTrak is more than enough as a golf simulation solution for most average golfers, especially those who primarily just want an indoor launch monitor!

These golf simulators really can allow you to improve your game, track your shot data such as ball speed, launch angle and carry distance and simply play competitively with friends all in the comfort of your own home. When you consider that a full-scale commercial full simulator can easily cost anywhere from $15,000 upwards then it is easy to see just how good value this brand is for indoor golf.

SkyTrak Launch Monitor

All Round Launch Monitor & Golf Simulator


  • Ability to get readings and data around your golf performance.
  • Affordable Option
  • Reliability
  • True simulation experience with the ability to adjust course conditions.
  • Easy setup
  • Ability to play golf year round


  • Limited tracking data compared to premium alternatives
  • There can be a shot delay