Rapsodo Golf Review: 2023 Launch Monitor Evaluation

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Golf launch monitors and simulators have become very popular in recent years. Despite them seemingly being a significant investment the price isn’t what it used to be as new technology comes out. That is where this Rapsodo review comes in.

In this Rapsodo mobile launch monitor review we’ll be going into full detail around a launch monitor that has the ability to track key information around your game for a more affordable price than most other competitors on the market!

We’ll go into full detail about what the Rapsodo Golf Launch Monitor is, how it works, provide full details and look at what it’s benefits are and how it can benefit you when you’re playing a round.

Rapsodo Golf: Quick Summary

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The Rapsodo MLM is a great way to track specific swing data and ball data around your game.

Coming in at an affordable price the Rapsodo mobile launch monitor is a portable solution that you can use both at home and at the practice range.

Not only that but with an easy to use app, video recording of your swings (with a shot tracer) and the ability to view where your shots are going, this is a valuable resource for any golfer looking to make game improvements at an affordable price.


  • Affordable
  • Easy To Use App
  • Versatile
  • Track Ball & Swing Information such as distance, ball speed, launch angle, club speed, smash factor and more.
  • View Your Shots


  • Phone Required

Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor: Overview

We’ll now go into more detail about the Rapsoso Mobile Launch Monitor and what this comes with. We will also dig deeper into exactly who this MLM could be most suitable for and what benefits you are likely to experience if you do decide to purchase one.

Before we get into all of the details of this MLM, you can take a sneak peek of the Rapsodo Launch monitor in action here:

As you can from the video above you get a great view of the ball flight thanks to the shot tracer. You also get to see some important information about your shots such as the smash factor, launch angle, ball speed, club speed and distance of the shot. 1 X Tracker/sensor comes standard and is designed to work without fail.

When you purchase the Rapsodo MLM you will receive the main tracking unit to which you will place your phone. This is what gives you the shot tracer functionality at the driving range to get video playback and track your shots. You also receive clips which you attach to the shaft of your golf clubs.

Will You Achieve Distance Accuracy?

Something that every golfer is looking for in a mobile launch monitor is accurate reporting of distance on their shots and to get key shot data such as club speed. That is no different when looking at this mobile launch monitor, the Rapsodo MLM.

The issue that has plagued devices that haven’t been seen as ‘luxury’ or ‘high end’ historically has been the issue around if the tracking info that they are recording is truly accurate. With the Rapsodo Launch Monitor the most important key facts that you are likely to be interested in knowing your carry distance, ball speed, clubhead speed, launch angle and smash factor. We’re glad to report that for the price you pay you’ll be getting great value for money and info that is much more accurate than you’d have historically expected at this price point.

The Rapsodo MLM can track your distances accurately both at home for indoor use or out and about. You can easily put in your golf bag for use at the driving range. What’s more, no matter which setting you are at you will be able to get the all important video feedback of your shots so that you can see where you may be making swing mistakes.

With accurate shot data about your game you will be better placed to increase your clubhead speed and hit long drives and get the ball closest to the pin consistently next time you’re out on the course with your friends. Data analytics has become so important in golf in the 21st century! (Sport Performance Analysis)

Inside The Rapsodo App

In the next section of this review, we’ll look at the Rapsodo MLM app.

As the Rapsodo MLM requires the usage of your mobile phone along to track your shot details and provide video playback it may seem obvious that there is an app that accompanies your purchase. So what does the app look like?

A leading feature of the Rapsodo MLM app is it’s ability to tell you exactly where your shots go during a session at the driving range. The value in getting this information from your personal launch monitor is that it helps to tell you exactly where your shots with different clubs go as well as providing the swing data for the shots that didn’t place where you wanted them to!

If you watch the PGA Tour on TV then you have probably widely seen the shot tracer technology which tracks ball flight (PGA). With this MLM app you get access to this when looking at video playback and analyzing each shot.

Thirdly, another feature that you are likely to enjoy if you choose to purchase the Rapsodo MLM is the ability to view extra information that otherwise might not be available (especially at this price point) such as smash factor and launch direction. For example the launch direction information will tell you how often and if a specific shot went left or right of their intended targets.

As we’re sure you can tell by now. This is a great choice if you are really looking to learn about the ins and outs of your game.


Now that you know exactly what we’ve covered exactly what purchasing this launch monitor entails, in the next section of our Rapsodo review we’ll look into some of the key benefits that you would experience if you choose this MLM product by Rapsodo.

Deep Dive Into Your Game

As you can already tell in this launch monitor review the Rapsodo is a great mobile launch monitor for gathering knowledge about inner workings of your game. For example you may not know what your average ball speed is for each club in your bag currently. 

This is one of the main benefits of launch monitors in general and using the Rapsodo MLM is no different, especially at such a great price!  

Personal Training

For many people they love the benefits that they can find from using a dedicated golf coach. It is true that especially for beginners, this MLM can be a great option. However, where the Rapsodo really stands out is that with a bit of background knowledge of how the golf swing works you really can use this as your own personal training device. 

Cost Savings

Tying into the above point, if you are going to complete lessons yourself with this device then you may save money on lessons with an instructor. With this option you’d also get the benefit of the option to go back and watch video playback of each shot. The ball tracer feature will allow you to get a first hand view of your swing, where your shot goes.

Also you don’t necessarily need to practice exclusively at the range. With the right set up you could practice hitting the ball at home and view each shot back via video by using a hitting mat and net set up if you have the space. In the long term this could be another cost saving. You can read our complete simulator cost guide here.

What We Love About It

We love so much about the Rapsodo MLM! It is a great product for anybody who doesn’t want to spend too much money gaining insights into their game that they wouldn’t otherwise have.

It is also really beginner friendly and easy to setup and use thanks to their app. To add to this, for the the price you pay you can be sure you are seeing accurate information compared to other cheap launch monitors.


It is worth noting that if you are planning to purchase this personal launch monitor then you should have an iPhone or iPad (currently.) Unfortunately the product is not yet compatible with an android phone which might rule it out for some golfers.

Alternative Systems

We couldn’t finish our review without acknowledging that there are alternatives on the market. Below we’ll cover what some of the key alternatives are and how they differ.

Alternative #1: Swing Caddie

Where the Rapsodo model differs from SwingCaddie is that you will require the use of your mobile phone to is that it can double up to track key launch monitor swing data on the golf course such as golf club head speed. This is a great use case. If you really want to get into the nuts and bolts of your game details beyond just using it at home via a simulator then the Rapsodo R-Motion may be a better choice for you.

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Alternative #2: SkyTrak

If you are looking for a more comprehensive solution and are willing to pay extra dollars for it then you may want to try out a SkyTrak golf simulator instead of the Rapsodo MLM. Additionally, you will notice that the SkyTrak has much more advanced features, is great for use as a simulator but is primarily best for indoor use only as taking it to your local range can be difficult.

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Alternative #3: FlightScope Mevo

The Flightscope Mevo is another of the best alternatives that you could consider. It has many feature comparisons to the Rapsodo model, however one of the features that it has where it differs is speech recognition to give you the information that you need about your shots.

However, if you are looking for an option that really is portable and does provide that video playback then that really is where this stands out.

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In Summary Is it The Best option For You?

To conclude our Rapsodo review we’d say that you should really consider this product if you’re looking for an affordable and minimalist way to get access to key data around your game. Compared to more expensive options on the market this product provides great value for money at this price point and can act as a personal golf trainer. Sure there will still be a place for more expensive launch monitors, especially for the pros on tour but for your every day golfer this MLM is a great solution.

Purchasing an MLM is a significant investment so it is important to weigh up how often you go to the range or play in general as it is important to weigh up whether investing in a MLM is right for you.

However, if you are really wanting to gain access to data about your game when you go to the range in a way that is both affordable and easy to set up then this product really does have it all. There are alternative launch monitors (view all here) on the market that may catch your eye, especially the SkyCaddie or Flightscope Mevo and which one you choose comes down to your own buying criteria.

The main differentiators with this MLM compared to it’s competitors are the ability to view playback of each shot at the range as well as exporting these videos right from your phone.