Proper Golf Grip: How To Grip A Golf Club [2023 Complete Guide]

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One of the essentials for any beginner golfer is to incorporate the proper golf grip. By knowing how to grip a golf club correctly you can avoid other common mistakes such as slicing the golf ball or topping the golf ball.

In this guide we will cover some of the proper golf grip essentials, why it is important and exactly what you can do when you step out onto the course to ensure that you know how to grip a golf club correctly on every shot that you make.

Let’s get started!

Why the proper golf grip is important

The steps in this guide will enable you to start forming good golf habits.

There are many benefits to a golfer once they know how to grip a golf club properly which we cover below.

Benefit #1: Increased Accuracy

Being accurate is essential, especially for amateur golfers. For example when teeing off you will likely want to hit your driver straight and having a proper golf grip can help to ensure that this is the case. From this point you may want to invest in a forgiving driver or a driver which can help with a slice.

Benefit #2: Increased Power

You will also be able to increase distance which can be an advantageous trait (as long as you don’t lose too much accuracy!) There are many different factors that come into play when it comes to getting power on your shots but having a proper golf grip is a foundation that all golfers should strive for.

Benefit #3: Increased Performance

As we’re sure you can tell from the above two points. By hitting longer shots and hitting them more accurately you are going to increase your performance around the golf course which can help you to lower your golf handicap and shoot lower golf scores.

Additionally, you will see the additional benefit of enjoying the game more by playing well on a regular basis.

Common Golf Grip Mistakes

Now that you know the benefits of knowing how to grip a golf grip it is imperative to ensure that you are not in making common golf grip mistakes.

The below video covers some of the major golf grip mistakes that beginner golfers make:

By fixing these mistakes you can start to improve your golf ability which will make the sport more enjoyable to play.

How to grip a golf club and Incorporate The Proper golf grip

It can take time to get a perfect golf grip as like many things it is something that takes practice.

However, over time you can get the correct golf grip which will ensure more consistency in your game.

The best way to get started is to go to the driving range and practice your golf grip without balls before hitting.

The reason for this is that it will help you to form good habits and practice your grip without the pressure of hitting perfect shots.

How to grip a golf club: In Summary

Getting the perfect golf grip for yourself involves the dedication of not only understanding how to grip a golf club but also to practice.

  • Set your palms to face each other.
  • Set your left hand onto the club before the right one (assuming you are right handed).
  • The  left thumb should rest central to the top of the golf club’s shaft.
  • This should act as the guide for aligning the club face.
  • Now add the right hand below the left hand once you have set the club face.
  • The right thumb should rest central to the clubs shaft before the left hand.

This proper golf grip picture illustrates the process of gripping the golf club correctly:

You can also view a video demonstration through the below golf grip video:

How to grip a golf club left handed

One of the main tips for left handed golfers is the mirror technique. It basically consists of following golf advice for right handed golfers and mirroring it to apply it left handed.

Therefore, to grip a golf club left handed you would want to mirror the advice for the correct golf grip for right handed golfers.

Types Of Grip

You may have a strong or weak golf grip. A strong grip will lead to more of a draw of the ball whereas a weaker grip will lead to more of a fade of the ball. It is important to practice your grip carefully to avoid hitting a hook or slice.

Best Golf Grip Drills

The best way to get started practicing your new golf grip is to practice some golf grip drills when you next visit the driving range.

The below youtube video covers some golf grip drills that you can complete at the driving range to improve your golf game during practice.