PRGR Black Portable Launch Monitor: 2023 Review

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If you want to be a better golfer, then chances are you will know all about how golf launch monitors can benefit your game to give you an extra layer of insights so that you can focus on game improvement.

The problem that most golfers find when they are in the market for launch monitors is that they can be expensive, especially for the every day golfer. This is where budget alternatives come in and if you are looking to save money but still get the benefits of a good option then the PRGR golf launch monitor could be the perfect tool for you. 

During our PRGR launch monitor review we will discuss the product’s characteristics, as well as its strengths and shortcomings in a more comprehensive manner. Our research does not stop at PRGR’s. We assess other products on the market to determine if they are worth considering in comparison.

Let’s get started!

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PRGR Golf Launch Monitor Summary

If you’re looking to buy your first one but don’t want to spend a fortune but are in the market for something that is portable then the PRGR black pocket launch monitor is a great introductory option. The main reason for this is because it is so competitively priced compared to alternatives.

The major drawback of that to a certain extent despite getting great value for money you will really only get access to a basic array of game improvement data. For the everyday or occasional golfer this is great but if you are looking for something more robust or detailed then you may wish to try an alternative product.

PRGR Launch Monitor: In Detail


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If you are looking for a product that is good for basic analysis of the golf swing and provides accurate data on your swing path, club head speed, smash factor and club face angle then this could be for you. Sure it comes at a low cost and you won’t get access to premium features that you may otherwise find with more comprehensive solutions but it is extremely easy to use especially compared to others. 

In terms of the product itself this product sits as an ideal solution for beginner golfers who want to start to gain an understanding of key game improvement data as they become more invested in the sport. Compared to alternatives you may not be able to get into a full analysis of your game like you would with other products but it can act as a great way to monitor stats throughout the season.


Data Points

This product is able to track a wide range of data points of the ball flight such as smash factor, launch angle, clubhead speed/ swing speed, ball speed, smash factor, carry distance/ total distance. For many amateur golfers this will be more than enough in terms of data as it will give you basic game insights.

This will be great for practicing as you will be able to discover key information about your game such as total club speed and carry distances with all of the golf clubs in your bag from driver to sand wedge.

It may not be as comprehensive as alternatives but it is still great for those starting out.


As a doppler radar based launch monitor it is highly accurate. You will be able to measure both speed and distance when hitting the ball to an accurate level. What we love about this is that before products like this came along you would be looking at spending much more to get access to this level of accuracy surrounding your golf game data. It really is a market leader in it’s price range.


Compared to alternative launch monitors that come in at a higher price point, the PRGR has quite a basic user interface. However, what we do like about the interface is the fact that the data points appear in a large and easy to understand format.


Coming in at this price means that you do miss out on so much that you get with more advanced launch monitors such as SkyTrak or Flightscope Mevo. However, sometimes simplicity works and in terms of ease of use and setup the PRGR is a market leader. With no need for Wifi it is really simple to start tracking your shots to accurate data points.

Pros & Cons

Having talked about some of the main features and aspects of the product, now let’s talk about some of the better and worse sides of the device.



In terms of its place in the marketplace, it is priced reasonably so that any golfer can afford it. This means that not only is it accessible for golfers of all abilities but there is value for anybody. When you compare it to premium options which can be turned into golf simulators for personal use then it’s easy to see that this price is market-leading.

Ease of Use 

Understanding the PRGR and using it is very easy and requires very little learning curve. It is easy to setup and it is instantly clear which game data is which.


This product is extremely portable which means you can use it at home, at the driving range or even out on the golf course.


Despite there being many reasons why this is a great product it wouldn’t be normal if there weren’t any cons.

Basic Data

This device produces good results, but the data isn’t as comprehensive as many golfers would like, especially when you consider that other devices can provide this and with a higher level of accuracy.

No App

Unlike it’s competitors this is a no-frills product and as a result of that it comes with no app which may not suit all golfers who are looking for this benefit.


Flightscope Mevo

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flightscope mevo

Also, it might be worthwhile to take a look at the Flightscope Mevo. The Flightscope Mevo model has many features that are similar to the Rapsodo model described above, and is more comprehensive than the PRGR.

If you are looking for an option that not only is portable but also goes further in providing video playback then that really is where this stands out ahead of the PRGR.

Rapsodo MLM

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Rapsodo Golf

With their user-friendly interface and portable mobile launch monitor, Rapsodo hopes to gain a competitive edge against established brands in the golf aid market and sits in a similar bracket to the Mevo. (View comparison review here)

A Rapsodo launch monitor gives much of the key swing data you expect, like swing speed, ball speed, angle of attack and face angle, as well as club path on the backswing. Due to its simple user interface, this device is gaining popularity over other devices. 

PRGR Launch Monitor Review: In Summary

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To conclude the PRGR black pocket is a great option for you if you are looking to get your first portable launch monitor but don’t want to spend a fortune but are looking to improve your game by implementing improvements such as increased swing speed for extra distance (CBS Sports). If you play golf occasionally but when you do play it is essential for you to have some game data such as swing speed and ball speed then the PRGR black pocket will most likely fit the bill.

The portable launch monitor is really easy to use once you’ve gotten through the initial setup and is a great addition to any bag. If you are looking for something that can be used in line with a golf simulator then you may choose something for indoor use such as the SkyTrak or something more mid-tier such as the Flightscope Mevo.