Phigolf Indoor Simulator: Detailed 2023 Review

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Do you want to learn how to play golf at home? If so, our Phigolf Golf Simulator Review could be just what you need if you are interested in playing with a golf simulator but are on a budget!

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Nowadays many golfers want to be able to have more than just playing outside on real golf courses, they also want the ability to play real golf courses with golf simulators. However, historically the cost has always been too much for most recreational golfers. Thankfully, this isn’t the case anymore and they are much more accessible thanks to products such as PhiGolf.

In this Phigolf review we will cover the different features of the Phigolf golf simulator and how you can take advantage of them to improve your golf game. We will also cover the features, benefits and pros and cons in this review. Finally we will compare the Phigolf against several alternative products.

Quick Summary

Phigolf Mobile and Home Smart Golf Game Simulator with Swing Stick - WGT Edition

If you're looking for a home simulator that is easy to setup and a space saver then the Phigolf could be a good fit for you.

  • Great price
  • Sensor technology
  • Track a range of swing data point
  • Play real life golf courses
  • Easy setup

What is the Phigolf Golf Simulator?

Having the Phigolf Golf Simulator makes it possible to play simulation golf from the comfort of your own home. The simulator provides many features, including a variety of golf courses, that gives a life-like feel of playing some of the leading golf courses in the world. 

It simulates the grass and terrain found on a golf course using computer-controlled technology. The product comes with the Phigolf Swing stick with a Phigolf sensor attachment. These sensors capture data when you swing the golf club. The result of this is the fact that you will be able to see your swings turn into real life like shots on the golf screen thanks to their leading WGT simulation software. Additionally, thanks to their high-quality sensors they can capture relevant swing speed data which is displayed on the display screen.

The below video shows the product in action:

Game Modes

When you choose the Phigolf Simulator you get access to a wide range of different game modes so that you will never be bored. You will be able to play classic stroke play across a range of the most famous courses in the world. This can be played in both single player mode and multiplayer mode. Compared to alternatives such as SkyTrak or Flightscope Mevo+ this gives you and friends the ability to play rounds from home at a fraction of the price.

If you prefer to dial in your game with a range of drills then you will likely want to try out some of the different practice modes that are available. These range from the classic driving range mode to nearest to the pin and putting challenge modes.

Golf Courses

With the WGT app you will get access to famouse courses such as Wolf Creek golf course, St Andrews and Bethpage Black with realistic graphics. For an additional small subscription charge you can gain wider access to more courses from the WGT catalog of courses such as Pebble Beach and St Andrews.

Data Points

More and more golfers nowadays are looking at ways to learn about the ins and outs of their golf swing. Like many comparable platforms Phigolf also gives access to key data points and club data within their Phigolf App. The main data that Phigolf provides are the following: carry distances, face angle, ball speed, club speed, club path, attack angle and swing tempo.

Phigolf Review: Our Ratings

8.9out of 10

Ease Of Use9
Game Modes9.1

Overall we give the PhiGolf Golf Simulator strong ratings and an overall rating of 8.9/10 as it makes fun indoor golf accessible to amateur golfers of all abilities. Sure it may not be as comprehensive or as accurate as alternatives but for the price it offers great value for money.


From our experience, below we highlight some of the reasons why you will love the Phigolf simulator.

Fun Simulation Game Modes

The Phigolf WGT edition is designed to allow you to play in both practice mode for practice sessions or competitively on the golf course. With a range of game modes including both stroke play you will never be bored and always be able to practice your game. Thanks to their WGT simulation software you can play real courses both with friends or online against other golfers. Not only that but with the Phigolf app you can play a round of golf in a fraction of the time that it would take to complete a normal round. With Phigolf you can complete 18 holes in 30 to 45 minutes (compared to 4-5 hours on a real golf course).

Our Rating: 9.1/10


As they uses sensor technology which doesn’t require the use of actually hitting physical golf balls and the other items that would be associated with a full simulator cost such as a hitting net, screen or mat they are able to keep the costs down and in turn the price low. For the price this can offer a budget alternative for those golfers wanting a fun golf simulation fix from home.

Our Rating: 9.9/10

Ease Of Use

The major benefit of getting access to leading software such as WGT is the fact that you can easily set up your system with a reliable platform that you can trust. Additionally, without the need to create a full simulation setup you can be up and running much easier than if you were to invest something more comprehensive.

Our Rating: 9/10


However, compared to alternative golf simulation choices it is important to factor in some of the things that we don’t like.

Less Realistic & Accurate

As you won’t be hitting a physical golf ball unlike if you had a full setup with a product such as SkyTrak or even the budget Optishot 2 there is reason to find this product less realistic. If you’re looking for something that is going to be for serious golf training then this probably isn’t the product for you. The graphics are perfectly respectable from WGT but using a sensor to simulate shots won’t have the same effect as hitting a physical golf ball.

Our Rating: 7.7/10

Phigolf Golf Simulator Review: In Summary

To conclude our Phigolf review, if you love playing the game of golf but can’t always get to a physical golf course and don’t have the budget or space for a golf simulator then you are likely to want to look at alternative solutions. This is where a product like PhiGolf comes in. Even if you are low on space and don’t want to spend much money, you are able to practice your swing and play real golf courses from around the world with your smart tv.

If you’re looking for a golf simulator under $1000 then this certainly should be high on your list as you will need to be creative in finding comprehensive simulation solutions at this price point. You will be able to find a better indoor golf swing trainer than this product but it will likely cost you much more.

If you’re looking a full setup so that you can practice golf training with access to track more data points then you will likely want to invest in a complete launch monitor as you will be able to gain more insights than with a product such as Phigolf.

Phigolf Mobile and Home Smart Golf Game Simulator with Swing Stick - WGT Edition

If you're looking for a home simulator that is easy to setup and a space saver then the Phigolf could be a good fit for you.

  • Great price
  • Sensor technology
  • Track a range of swing data point
  • Play real life golf courses
  • Easy setup