Perfect Practice Putting Mat: In-Depth 2023 Review

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You can improve your golf game thanks to the Perfect Practice Putting Mat, whether you’re a beginner looking for your first putting green or an experienced player looking to hone their skills.

A practice mat allows you to work on increasing your putting accuracy as well as getting that vital speed training in so that you can work on improving your golf handicap. Additionally, what makes them great investments are the fact that they can be both affordable and easy to setup.

We put together this Perfect Practice Putting Mat review to help you make an informed decision on if this is the right indoor putting green option for you. We cover the features of this option, how it can benefit you as well as the full pros and cons in full detail. We also explore some possible alternatives. 

Perfect Practice Putting Mat Overview

Perfect Practice Putting Mat

Great All Round Putting Mat

  • Affordable
  • Built For All Abilities
  • Distance Markers
  • Ball Return

In summary the Perfect Practice Putting Mat is an exceptional practice mat that will allow you to use both sides of the mat, in true putting fashion. This product is one of the best ways to improve your putting game at home or on an outdoor putting green at a low cost.

The unique crystal velvet material on this mat is designed to mimic a real putting green to give  alife like effect when you are practicing your game. Additionally, with an autoreturn features and markers this mat is designed to make putting training as simple as possible. 


The next stage of our Perfect Practice Putting Mat review takes a look at some of the key features that you can expect to see with this mat that set it apart from the competition.

Distance Markers

The most common feature of the Perfect Practice Putting Mat is the fact that it comes with distance markets. This means you can easily see which distance you are putting from. Totaling 8 feet in length, you will be able to get to grips with both short and mid range putts while keeping track of your percentage makes at different key distances. 


The Perfect Practice Putting Mat is made from crystal velvet material which is high quality. This is designed to give a realistic feel as the last thing that you want to do is purchase an indoor golf green and then step out onto the course and get a completely different experience. 


The Perfect Practice Putting Mat is 8 foot in length and weighs only 6lbs which makes it both lengthy but also not too large that it isn’t portable. It also has a handy ball return feature built in which makes it easy to save time and hit more putts during a practice session.

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Train Track Design

Putting accuracy is a major issue for many amateur golfers. There is nothing worse than having a nervy 5 foot putt and slightly missing it. Even the pros miss these putts from time to time. The good news though is that by doing targeted practice you can improve your putt percentages made from these close distances thanks to the straight back train track design which is designed to improve the lines of your putts.


There are several different benefits that you will get from using this mat for your putting practice. Below we cover what they are so that you can see what some of the key putting stroke benefits you will experience are.

Realistic Feel Surface

These mats are one of the best options if you’re looking for something that truly feels like a real green surface. This is due to the surface materials that they use. They provide great value for money and usually you would be looking at paying a higher price for such a realistic feel surface. 

Speed Training 

With the perfect putting mat, you can improve your putting speeds so that you don’t either leave your putts short or hit them too long. With a life-like feel and also an uphill putt design you can get a real feel for how hard you should be hitting your putts when it comes to hitting them on a real golf course.

Improved Accuracy

Thanks to the ‘train track’ alignment lines and a smaller hole you can really focus on hitting straight putts that are lined up for the golf ball to go in the smaller hole. This will increase your consistency so that you hit them where you are aiming more often. Also thanks to the distance markers you are able to keep records of your accuracy percentages from a range of distances ranging from short to mid range putts up to 8 feet. 


There are also alternative options on the market that might also take your interest for different reasons. Below we cover a couple of our top picks for putting mats for both beginners and advanced golfers.

PuttOut Pro Golf Putting Mat

Probably one of the best putting mats on the market for the amateur golfer, the Putt Out Pro Golf Putting Mat has everything you need. Having the hole in the machine makes it a little different from most on the market today and this feature is designed specifically with putting drills for beginners in mind. 

Putt-A-Bout Grassroots

The Putt A-bout Mat is an excellent putting mat for players of all abilities. It measures 3 feet by 9 feet, which makes it larger than the majority of putting greens on the market to date.

There’s a built-in hole that’s super handy for beginners to aim at. However, there are a bunch of holes around it for advanced players to try different putting angles and locations.

Perfect Practice Putting Mat Review: In Summary

To conclude our Perfect Practice Putting Mat review, for golfers of all abilities the Perfect Practice Putting Mat is a great addition to a selection of golf training aids for home putting stroke practice. It’s surface will allow you to get a consistent feel for what putting on an actual green feels like without spending as much as premium choices.

It also comes with a design that is aimed at working on key putting areas such as putt speed, putting lines and a distance marker which makes it a great tool to do targeted practice with instead of just randomly hitting putts into a hole. If it’s good enough for PGA Tour golfers Dustin Johnson ( & Marc Leishman then it is sure to be able to help golfers all over the world!

Perfect Practice Putting Mat

Great All Round Putting Mat

  • Affordable
  • Built For All Abilities
  • Distance Markers
  • Ball Return