Optishot 2 Home Golf Simulator: 2023 Review

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You may have heard that virtual golf simulators are growing in popularity nowadays. However, you may also have heard that they can be quite expensive. However, with new technology always emerging there are cheaper options coming onto the market. That is where this Optishot 2 golf review comes in.

We’re going to review a product where you can get the full golf simulator experience at a fraction of the cost of some of the bigger name brands that cost much more such as SkyTrak.

In this comprehensive guide you will see exactly what the Optishot 2 does and what the features and benefits are. Additionally, we’ll go into detail about the pros and cons of choosing this against an alternative product.

Optishot 2 Review: Quick Summary

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The Optishot 2 is a great way to learn to play golf at home.

Any golf simulator is likely to be a reasonable investment for most people, however if you are looking for one without spending much money then the Optishot 2 golf simulator system is a great way to play and improve your game from home if you don’t want to spend a lot of money.

What you get is a access to an affordable system in which you can track your swing and ball data, have the ability to prepare and also play at (at least) 15 real golf courses. Not only that but it is really easy to set up with their software.


  • Affordable
  • Easy To Setup
  • Multiplayer Availability
  • Leading Golf Courses Around The World
  • Infrared Sensors Track Ball Data


  • No Frills
  • Limited Swing Information
  • Pay Extra For More Golf Courses

Product Overview

We’ll now go into more detail about the Optishot 2 and what the Optishot 2 comes with. In this section we will provide further details on how this affordable home golf solution could be ideal for you.

Before we start though, you can check out the full Optishot video here:

As you can see where this product shines is in the fact that it allows you to swing your clubs at home with real golf and improve your game. You’ll get a great user experience with one of the best cheap simulators on the market, and it doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars!

What You Get

what you get

Optishot 2 comes with the following:

  • Infrared Sensors Optical Swing Pad
  • Optishot 2 Golf In A Box Software
  • 2 Foam Balls
  • 10 Foot USB Cord
  • 2 Adjustable Rubber Tees
  • Quick Start Guide

Additional products with

  • Hitting Net
  • Hitting Mat

Product Features & Requirements of the Optishot 2 Golf in A Box

The below is a summary of the specifications for the Optishot 2.

Mat Size4 x 5 Feet
Net Size7.5 x 8 x 3.5 Feet
Net Weight28 LBS
Computer RequirementsWindows 7+
256MB Graphic Card
3GB Hard Drive


Mac OS 10.8+
Intel Core Duo 2
3GB Hard Drive
Golf Courses15 Included (See Here)
Number of PlayersUp To 4


Now that you know exactly what you’ll be getting by choosing the Optishot 2 let’s explore what some of the key benefits are of choosing this product for your home set up.

Benefit #1: Year Round Fun

The first thing to note is that unless you live in a place that has great weather year round then unfortunately golf is likely not accessible for 365 days of the year. That was until products like this came along.

No matter whether it is raining outside or there is a snow storm you will still be able to either work on facets of your swing or take part in 18 holes with this by your side. Also thanks to the small nature of this product it would be one of the best garage golf simulators as it won’t take up too much space.

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Benefit #2: Play With Friends

Where the Optishot 2 really stands up as a great affordable option is the fact that you can access so many different multiplayer modes in your own home. This is great for hosting gatherings or training with friends on how to improve your game.

This just goes to show that you don’t need to rely on going to the range or course to enjoy golf with your friends.

Benefit #3: Cost Savings

Something that you might not have expected to see on this list of benefits is the fact that with this platform you can actually experience cost savings (despite the initial investment). If you use this to prepare your game for full rounds you can save a small fortune on the cost of going to the range.

Additionally, playing the odd round here or there at home on the simulator oppose to the course will save on green fees. (Although you should still head out to real courses too of course!)

Benefit #4: Track Key Data

Although maybe not as comprehensive as other packages such as the SkyTrak this product really is a great entry product for allowing you to track key information and get a full simulator experience at a bargain price. If you are a mid-handicapper looking for ways to track this regularly without breaking the bank (compared to alternatives) then this product is for you.

Game Modes

So what kind of simulator games are there within Optishot 2? In this section we cover all of the difference types of game modes you can experience within their software.

Play Mode

If playing at different golf courses around the world is your thing then you will most likely be attracted to this mode feature of Optishot 2.

There are 8 Different Game Types you can use within this mode. These are accessible for both single and multiplayer use.

They are:

  • Stroke Play
  • Better Ball
  • Match Play
  • Best Ball
  • Stableford
  • Skins
  • Alternate Shot
  • Alternatively you can create your own custom game lengths

As we’ve stated above it comes with 15 courses that come with the basic package as well as the option to upgrade to some of the leading golf courses in the world such as Pebble Beach Golf Club.

Here is some gameplay of the simulator at their famous 7th hole:

Practice Mode

If you are looking to strike a balance between just playing on and wanting to use this as a home practice range then you are likely to be interested in what this mode has to offer.

Within this mode of the Optishot 2 Software you will have the ability to practice at the practice range or practice your swing at any of the golf holes included within the software as a practice hole.

Not only that but with Optishot you can track your practice data and work on your accuracy with game modes focused on hitting specific targets on practice greens. You can also work on your long game too by gathering all the vital launch monitor swing data that you need to know where to improve your drives. Using the simulator you will be able to track your club speed and ball speed on a regular basis. As you may know swing speed is key when increasing the speed of ball flight. That is why this time practicing is so crucial!

Take a sneak peek inside their driving range feature here:

Setting It Up

What makes this Optishot golf in a box simulator such a great product in the marketplace is the fact that it is really easy to set up and get started, especially compared to more expensive but detailed products.

The Optishot 2 golf simulator can be set up easily for home use. You can get started with their software really easily and it can be installed onto your computer as it is both Windows and Mac compatible and easy to plugin with the USB cable.

As it is such a compact system it is possible to setup in the living room or a more dedicated space within your house. The main thing to note is that you’ll need a minimum ceiling height of 8 1/2 feet.

Alternatives To The Optishot 2

As we’re sure you’re aware the Optishot 2 isn’t the only golf simulator package for the home on the market. Below we’ll cover what some of the key alternatives are and how they differ.

Rapsodo R-Motion

Flexible Option

Where the Rapsodo model differs from Optishot 2 is that it can double up to track key launch monitor swing data on the golf course such as golf club head speed. This is a great use case. If you really want to get into the nuts and bolts of your game data beyond just using it at home via a simulator then the Rapsodo R-Motion may be a better choice for you.

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More Comprehensive Data

If you are looking for one of the best launch monitor solutions and are willing to pay extra dollars for it then you may want to try out a SkyTrak golf simulator instead of the Optishot 2. Although the initial outlay will be significantly more than here you will get more key data and better graphics than with a more basic solution such as Optishot.

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Video Golf Game Like Experience

If you’re looking for a really basic set up then you may be interested in the Phigolf product. It doesn’t give you the full experience of using your own clubs using a mat and net to simulate real life. However, it does give you the ability to play leading courses through the WGT platform.

It comes with a weighted club which is designed to simulate real life golf swings. Using this oppose to a whole bag is a great space saver while still giving you the opportunity to compete online.

This option is not as comprehensive as the Optishot 2 but is cheaper and provides an opportunity for fun interactive golf.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Accurate Is Optishot 2?

The Optishot 2 is less accurate than more expensive options on the market. However, it provides an affordable alternative that gives players who are on a tighter budget the ability to perform or practice drills to a reasonable degree of accuracy.

Is Optishot Worth The Money?

The Optishot 2 is a reasonably priced option that lets players practice or simulate play at real-life golf courses for a fraction of the price of more expensive alternatives.

Optishot Golf Simulator: In Summary

To conclude this Optishot Golf review we’d say that you should really consider this product if you’re looking for a way to play golf year round. We’d highly recommend this simply for pure value for money it really does hold it’s own and gives access to the sport to more people than ever. Expensive specialized golf simulators still exist and have their place but for most people looking for a practical solution then the Optishot 2 will be more than enough. (You can read our guide on the average golf simulator costs)

Obviously, looking at the price of this it is important to weigh up whether investing in a golf simulator is right for you. This is because even those this is one of the most affordable options you will find it still represents a reasonable investment.

Overall though, we’d say that if you’re looking firstly to save money and secondly have a way to gain access to golf courses either individually or with friends then this is a great option. Alternatively, if you are looking for a simulator package that focuses on game improvement and giving you the comprehensive data that you are after then you will retrieve a certain level of swing data with this product but even more with a more comprehensive product such as SkyTrak.

Which option you choose really does come down to preferences and your own individual buying criteria.