World’s Most Expensive Golf Balls: Top 6 Picks for 2023

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Golf balls are obviously critical during a round. However, it is hard to know where to start when purchasing them. They can all perform differently and give different levels of feel and sound.

They also come in different price ranges, with the most expensive golf balls being much more expensive and made with much higher quality materials with performance in mind. In this review, we will look at the most expensive golf balls per dozen. Then, we will discuss their capabilities so that you can decide which of these models would be the best for your game.

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2023 Quick Picks: Most Expensive Golf Balls

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Are Expensive Golf Balls Better & Worth The Money?

Some people will always be in the market for cheaper products. However, choosing a cheaper option might hinder performance out on the golf course especially if you are using golf balls that aren’t necessarily suited to your golf game.

By investing in the most expensive golf balls, you will be using golf balls with high-quality materials. That will let you reap the benefits of enhanced feel and control on your shots which is not always easy to achieve with cheaper balls.

If you are serious about your game and don’t have a strict budget in place, then investing in leading brands such as Titleist, Callaway or Taylormade who use their extensive resources to develop state of the art technology in their golf balls could be a smart choice for you.

Most Expensive Golf Balls In 2023

Below we go into detail about the best golf balls that cost the most money per dozen.

Dixon Fire Golf Balls

Dixon Fire Golf Balls

  • Great Design
  • Premium Performance

Dixon Fire golf balls are one of the most premium golf balls made. The reason for this is because they offer both great performance and style. As you’d expect for a golf ball in this price range, these golf balls are made of very high-quality materials. This ensures that they can stand the test of time. In addition, they’re designed to perform well throughout many rounds.

Golfers who choose Dixon Fire Golf Balls can be of any skill level. These golf balls are perfect for beginners and avid players who want to take their game up a notch. It comes with a dimple pattern that will aid good ball flight and ball speed. However, be warned that you will have to spend some money to use them. But if you have the cash, then, by all means, go for it.

Titleist AVX Golf Balls

Titleist AVX

  • 3 Piece Golf Balls
  • Great For Short Game

If you are looking for premium 3-piece golf balls then the Titleist AVX will be a great option. Titleist golf balls are made with high-quality materials, as can be seen by another option that makes this list, the Pro V1. However, where the AVX golf balls stand out is with the feel that they provide. If you are looking for something that gives you a better touch with your short game shots to help you put up better scores, then the AVX golf balls are a great option for you.

XXIO 2023 Eleven Golf Balls

XXIO 2023 Eleven Golf Balls

  • Great For Slower Swing Speeds
  • Emerging Brand

Most high-priced golf balls are aimed at golfers with a mid to low handicap. This is because they play more often and in turn are more likely to be able to invest in expensive golf balls. However, if you’re a higher handicap golfer or have a slower swing speed, investing in this golf ball is a smart choice.

As a newer brand, the XXIO might require more of a leap of faith than established entities such as Callaway or Titleist, but they are well worth trying if you want to try something new that can offer great performance and a soft feel.

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball

  • Leading Brand
  • Great For Golfers Of All Abilities
  • High Performance

Next, we have a name that needs no introduction to the world of golf: Titleist Pro V1. They claim to provide the #1 golf ball in golf, and you can see why they make that claim with how many golfers use this ball and feel that these are the best balls on the market overall.

If you are an established golfer, this is a great all-around high-performance golf ball that will help your game. However, if you are a beginner or just getting into the sport, then consider this ball as an option if you want something durable and consistent, which will help your overall ball speed. It also has a softer feel than the Pro V1x, making it a better option for those starting from the Titleist roster.

Additionally, compared to some other options on this list, the Pro V1 is slightly cheaper yet much more well recognized.

Alternatively, you may wish to opt for their companion golf ball, the Titleist Pro V1x golf ball, which is the same ball, but aimed at those golfers with faster swing speeds, probably lower handicap golfers that want to generate long distance off the tee with lower long game spin.

Read our full Titleist Pro V1 Review here

Srixon Z Star Golf Ball

Srizon Z Star

  • Reduces Drag
  • Great For Short Gme

With a 338 dimple design, the Z Star is designed to help golfers reduce drag. The extra spin that comes from that low drag motion helps add an extra level of performance on shots with a wedge in hand. If your short game is lacking, then the Srixon Z Star would be a great option for you to try.

They may cost much more than their soft feel golf ball, but they will definitely help your short game and provide both feel and spin when connecting with the golf club.

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball

Callaway Chrome Soft

  • All-around Option
  • Great Durability

We couldn’t complete this list of golf balls without Callaway’s option, the Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball. Unlike the much cheaper Supersoft variety, this ball is made to be as durable as possible. The Chromesoft ball is great for mid handicappers who want something all-around and will help their game in all aspects of the game.

The Chrome Softball is especially good for those golfers who putt well, as it helps you stop that ball on a dime in the same way it does off of your tee.

To Conclude

In summary, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to what golf ball you should buy. That choice is completely yours and will depend on many factors, including your budget, skill set, and what suits your game and exact needs.

If you are in the market for some more affordable golf balls or looking for used golf balls, then this list isn’t for you.

However, if you don’t lose golf balls often and want something made with great durability, then choosing the most expensive golf balls might make sense for you from the Dixon Fire to the Titleist Pro V1, they are all good options. However, if you have a slower swing speed or are a higher handicap, then consider the XXIO 2023 Eleven Golf Balls as most others on this list are aimed at the mid handicap golfer who might be more established.