The 7 Best Left Handed Golf Tips (you’ll Love #3!)

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percentage of left handed golfersAre you a left handed golfer looking for left handed golf tips? If so, you’re in the right place as we know that golf can be hard for you ‘lefty’s’ with the majority of the game being taken up by right handed players. In fact, only six PGA professionals play left handed. That’s why in this post we’re bringing you the very best tips for left handed golfers that are sure to improve your game.

By following these left handed golf tips you can definitely improve your golf handicap and break 100, 90, 80 or 70 in future rounds.

Let’s get started:

Our 7 Best Left Handed Golf Tips

Tip #1 – Getting the equipment right

left handed golf clubsThe first of our left handed golf tips is to simply find the best left handed golf equipment. This is critical for left handed golfers.

This is because most equipment is made for the traditional right handed player.

In the past this has seen many people who are left handed take up the game with right handed equipment even though it wouldn’t play to their strengths as a natural left hander.

Fortunately, there are plenty of high quality left handed golf clubs out there for a left handed golfer no matter what their level of golf ability is.

Additionally, a huge mistake that we see amateur golfers make is to not invest fully in their golf equipment.

Having poor equipment can often lead to playing at a lower level than you otherwise could reach. In turn, this can lead to a loss of motivation and appetite for the game.

This is why if you’re serious about improving your golf handicap you should invest in a good set of equipment to give you the best possible opportunity.

Tip #2 – The Mirror technique

left handed golfer mirror techniqueThe most important thing to remember for left handed golfers is that the swing should be a mirror image of what right handed players are doing. Therefore, when practicing your swing and hearing advice which will likely be tailored specifically to right handed players you should simply mirror that for your game.

By applying the correct technique when playing golf left handed you can add key aspects to your game that are essential such as knowing how to hit a golf ball straight left handed.

Tip #3 –  Get The Correct Left Handed Golf Stance

Linking to the mirror technique as highlighted in tip #2, it is imperative to get the correct left handed golf stance.

The below video highlights the exact steps that are needed to get the correct left handed golf stance and improve your chances at improving your scores as a left handed golfer.

Tip #4 – Study the pro’s

With so few left handed professionals on tour it can be hard to know where to look for inspiration for left handed golf tips. However, the fortunate thing for left handed golfers is that they don’t have to look far due to one of the most talented and successful players of the past 20 years, Phil Mickelson.

He is renowned for not only possessing a huge drive but also a magic short game which makes him one of the most exciting players to both watch and study.

The below video highlights just one of the many lessons that we can learn from studying Phil’s game:

Tip #5 – Find a left handed professional golf instructor

golf instructorAnother reason why many golfers play right handed (despite potentially being left handed) is due to most golf coaches being right handed.

What we’d recommend is that if you are left handed and you want specialist left handed golf tips then it is best to find a specific left handed instructor.

This is most suitable because they not only play the game in the same way that you would but they can coach you based on their own particular style, without relying on the mirror technique.

Where to find left handed golf lessons

The best place to find left handed golf lessons would be to either search google locally for golf lessons and filter through or use a dedicated service such as golf lessons on and find a specific instructor to suit your needs.

Tip #6 – Practice both your short and long game

Another important left handed golf tip is to focus on your all round game.

One of the biggest mistakes that new golfers make it only focusing on their long game when they go to the driving range whereas low handicap players know that the short game is just as if not even more important.

So our final piece of advice is more of a general golf tip, which is why we want to leave you with the below video which has short game secrets from ‘lefty’ himself, Phil Mickelson:

Tip #7 – Practice left handed golf drills

Now the final of our left handed golf tips is to practice left handed golf drills. By practising golf drills specific to left handed players you can be sure that the drills are specific to your needs.

The below video highlights a left handed golf drill that can be completed to achieve a crisp contact on wedge shots:

Summary Of Our Left Handed Golf Tips

So there we have our best tips for left handed golfers. By following these you can improve your golf handicap and make the game more enjoyable to play at the same time. Drop us a comment and let us know what your favourite left handed golf tip that we have highlighted is and why.

You can also find some of our best left handed golfer resources below which will help you when it comes to find left handed golf clubs and other equipment.

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