2023 Lag Shot Golf Swing Trainer: Detailed Review

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When it comes to training aids it can be hard to know exactly what the best product is and what is going to work best for your golf game. There are so many options on the market, especially for swing trainers and they all have different use cases.

If you are struggling to find a consistent golf swing then you will likely want something that will ensure you can hit the golf ball as you intend more often than not. Having this in place will allow you to train your muscle memory on what is needed to hit the ball both far and accurate.

In this Lag Shot Golf review we will cover a great option that can help you to achieve this consistency and lower your golf handicap. It is a unique product that many golfers have found success with and you could be next. We will discuss the use cases and exactly how the Lag Shot can help your golf swing.

Lag Shot Golf Review: Quick Summary

lag shot golf swing trainer

Lag Shot Training Aid

Great For Training Shot Consistency

  • Heavy 7-iron
  • Flexible Shaft
  • Improves Swing Tempo
  • Helps Distance & Accuracy

What Is Lag Shot?

The Lag Shot Golf comes with a really flexible shaft and is a 20 ounce 7-iron that you can hit with. Compared to a typical 7-iron, this comes with a shaft that is thicker and it will feel heavier.

Sometimes out on the golf course you can get away with bad technique. For example how often have you hit a technically bad shot but seen a good result. However, this doesn’t breed consistent golf and eventually you get found out. 

Likewise, the Lag Shot training aid will find weaknesses in your golf swing thanks to it’s clever design. Some of the ways that it does this is by forcing you to use your body more on the downswing and pause your arms at the top of your backswing. To add to this you will be able to hit more golf shots accurately with a square club face. This is because it forces you to have better use of your hands and wrists when you have impact when you hit balls. 

How To Use This Swing Trainer

The best way to use the Lag Shot would be to add it to your golf bag for use at the driving range. This way you have a hittable training aid on you at all times and can easily work on your game. If you are looking to go one step further and get into the finer details of your swing then you may be interested in adding a launch monitor.

By using the drills that come with the Lag Shot club you will be able to hit balls with purpose at the range. Instead of just hitting shots aimlessly you will have a designated training club that you can work on key elements of your game on. For example the training tool will provide drills that allow you to square the club for accurate shots.

How This Training 7 Iron Helps

When you use this practice aid you will see several different benefits, no matter what your level of golf ability is.

Firstly, with this training aid system you will learn to swing on a better swing plane without any complicated swing actions or thoughts that hinder the end result. This is essential in providing a solid platform for your game to improve.

Overall as you learn to use the Lag Shot, your swing tempo will improve, rhythm will improve, and your clubhead speed and carry distance will improve. Whether you are looking to add yards off the tee, more driving accuracy or more greens in regulation then the Lag Shot helps.


  • Lag & Tempo Benefits – With this product if you put the time in you will see benefits with your lag and swing tempo. Knowing that you have confidence in your golf swing will make you feel more assured and faithful that you can go out and shoot better scores.
  • Drills Available – It couldn’t be easier to get setup with this practice golf club. It is a hittable club and when you purchase directly from Lag Shot Golf you get access to a wide range of practice drills and training videos that you can do with the club by your side.
  • Durable – One thing that will become apparent to you very quickly after using this product is that it is made from high quality materials. This means that it will last you a long time and will be able to act as an assistant to you when you want to practice at the range.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee – Something that is great with this product is that it comes with a money back guarantee if you don’t like it which takes away pressure of the cost of the product.


  • No Quick Fix – Just like any golf training aid, to see success with less slices and more accurate shots you will need to put the hours in at the practice range. If you are expecting to the Lag Shot 7 iron for 10 minutes and all of a sudden see yourself turning into a scratch golfer then you are likely to be disappointed.
  • Price – Now we must stress that compared to other items and comparable products it really isn’t a steep price to pay comparatively. However, it is still a significant outlay and investment in your game.


Orange Whip Golf

orange whip

Orange Whip Golf Trainer

Read our full Orange Whip Golf review

  • Counterweight Training System
  • Built For Beginners & Experienced Golfers
  • Lightweight
  • Builds Swing Tempo

If you are looking for a comparison product then we would recommend the Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer. It is slightly different from the Lag Shot training aid in the sense that it isn’t a hittable golf club. It works as a club with extra length and an orange ball attached to the end of it. Similarly to the Lag Shot it works to build muscle memory in your golf swing and find a better golf swing tempo that can aid consistency.

The Orange Whip is great as a choice no matter of your ability and can act as a great beginner training aid. Additionally, it is worth noting that as you don’t require the ability to hit the golf ball you can better use this product at home as compared to at the driving range if you don’t have a home golf simulator.

Lag Shot Review: In Summary

In summary, as a swing trainer the Lag Shot will be a great addition for better consistency. Ultimately though it will still come down to hard work to be able to get the results that you desire. Our recommendation would be to purchase the club and then add it to your bag for practice at the driving range.

Too many golfers simply buy training aids and then throw them at after one use claiming that they don’t work. The great thing about this product is that there are so many drills that you can do and it is one of the best golf training aids for lag, especially as it is a hittable golf club. By taking the time to learn and also put the drills into practice you can really start to see benefits in your golf swing.

lag shot golf swing trainer

Lag Shot Golf

Great For Training Shot Consistency

  • Heavy 7-iron
  • Flexible Shaft
  • Improves Swing Tempo
  • Helps Distance & Accuracy