How To Stop Topping The Golf Ball (The Ultimate Guide!)

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How To Stop Topping The Golf Ball Main ImageAlong with correcting correcting a golf slice, many golfers want to know how to stop topping the golf ball.

Topping the ball as the name suggests is when you hit the top of the golf ball and it goes along the ground unintentionally. Golfers also hit ‘thin shots’ which is where they will strike the ball closer to the equator instead of the desired area which is the bottom of the ball.

It is a huge problem for many golfers and can add many shots to a golfers round if not diagnosed correctly. This is because topped golf shots or thinned golf shots can cause the ball to travel further than intended which isn’t always a good thing when around the greens.

However, you don’t need to worry anymore as we’ll cover how to stop topping the golf ball in our guide below!

How To Stop Topping The Golf Ball – Overview

As mentioned, topping the golf ball is major problem for many beginner golfers, but certainly not something that is impossible to fix.

To fix the issue it is essential to understand exactly what is causing the problem in the first place.

We will go into full detail on the two major causes of topping the golf ball along with the simple steps needed to fix them.

Additionally, we will cover some really simple golf drills where you can get familiar with hitting clean shots from the sweet spot of the club.

What Are The Main Topping Golf Ball Causes?

Before we cover how to stop topping the golf ball it is important to know the main causes.

The desired area that a golfer should strike the golf ball is at the bottom of the ball. When it hits other areas such as the hosel for example this can cause disastrous results such as a shank.

However, during a round many amateur golfers will make mistakes such as topping the golf ball due to a lack of technique and consistency.

When golfers don’t strike the bottom of the golf ball and they strike either the middle or the top of the ball instead they will either thin or top their shot which results in a less than desired result.

Golfers striking the ball in the incorrect position can be caused by several factors which include the following.

Cause #1: Having An Incorrect Stance

Signs of incorrect golf posture in amateur golfers can be found in a couple of key areas.

The key areas where golfers commonly make mistakes with their posture which leads to topping the golf ball include bending the knees too much.

A golfer only requires a minor flex of the knees when swinging the club.

Additionally, having a back that is too bent for the swing leads to poor posture and which causes topping the golf ball.

By bending the back, a golfer will be reaching for the golf club from too far away and have a curved spine.

Cause #2: Having An Incorrect Swing

The second main topping golf ball cause that we want to highlight is having an incorrect swing. By fixing your golf swing you will be able to stop topping the golf ball and hit the ball in the correct position which will ensure the ball go the desired direction and length.

A common mistake that golfers make is to either swing too fast or take their eyes off the golf ball.

When golfers make either of these two mistakes they lose control of their swing and lose golf balls. This can add time to a round of golf.

Control is lost from the extra speed and control is lost from positioning of the golf club when the eyes move away from the ball.

By focusing on a smooth controlled swing while keeping eyes on the golf ball golfers are able to stop topping the golf ball so often.

The below video highlights these topping golf ball causes in more detail:

Drills To Stop Topping The Golf Ball

The best way in golf to start your journey to stop topping the golf ball is to practice specific drills that focus on this area of the game.

The below video highlights some specific drills to stop topping the golf ball that you can do next time that you go to the driving range:

As stated in the video, by doing a golf drill where the ball is positioned slightly in front of the front foot with the ball slightly tee’d up it is possible to practice hitting the bottom of the ball and ensure that it isn’t topped.

It will then be possible to take the confidence from the driving range straight to the golf course ready for your next round!

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