How To Organize A Golf Bag? [Complete Guide]

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How many times have you been out on the golf course feeling frustrated because your golf clubs are stuck in a cluttered mess and you’ve got no idea where the golf club that you need is. This can be quite frustrating for players, especially those who are just starting out in the world of golf.

Golfers need to have a well-organized golf bag, or else they risk forgetting their clubs in the rough or spending time looking for the right one. But organizing a golf bag can be difficult without knowing what the setup of an actual golf bag is. 

In this guide, we will give you tips on everything from where to put your clubs to how you should arrange them most efficiently and effectively. This will help you with excelling on the course and having a clear mind on each and every shot.

How To Organize clubs In A Golf Bag

Organizing your golf bag involves dividing clubs evenly so that they don’t get tangled. It also involves good storage of other equipment such as golf balls, tees and other items such as a rain jacket. The last thing you want to be doing out on the golf course is struggling to find your equipment.

Being organized is the key to good golf and will allow you to have clarity whilst you are out there on the golf course.

The steps that needs to be taken that we go into more detail about below are the following: Emptying your golf ball, sorting the clubs, placing common items such as golf balls and tees in accessible pockets and then placing valuables and accessories in smaller or less visible pockets.

How To Organize A 14 Slot Golf Bag: Step By Step

Below we cover how to organize your golf bag step by step. These tips will help you with a structured and organized golf bag. For each section, we go into detail about why they are an essential of good bag organization.

Step 1: Start With An Empty Golf Bag

If you are starting with a golf bag that is cluttered with a wide range of gear already in it then you will want to start from scratch. This can form part of a wider clear-out and will help you to picture what is needed and where.

Step 2: The Golf Clubs

golf clubs

Obviously, a golf bag will be the place where you carry your golf clubs. There are some best practices that you can follow for dividing your golf clubs to ensure that you have the best club organization possible. Laying your clubs on the ground by length is one the best ways to start as you will get full visibility of your clubs and this will allow you to place them in one by one.

Drivers & Woods

As the tallest clubs in your bag you will want to have your drivers and woods at the back of the bag in the single pocket. This will enable you to have good visibility of them and ensure easy access without obstructing your irons.


The next golf clubs that you will want to store are your irons. You will want to split your irons out between your short irons and long irons. This is because they differ in size from longer clubs to shorter clubs as well as distance that they will carry. It will make for quicker access to your irons if you store them this way.

Wedges and Putter

Finally you will want to have your putter at the front of your golf bag along with your short game wedges such as the pitching wedge, sand wedge and lob wedge (closest to the straps). This will allow you to easily access all of the golf clubs that will make up your short game while you are out on the golf course. 

Step 3: Common Items Such As Golf Balls & Tees

There are certain items in your golf bag that you will want to be able to have quick access to. These include items such as extra golf balls (these could be used golf balls), ball markers, extra towels and your tees. You will want these to be in easily accessible pockets and in your most accessible front pockets as they will allow the best access in your golf bags. 

Step 4: Accessories & Valuables

 You will also have other items in your stand bag such as a rain gear such as a rain jacket and rain gloves, rangefinder, keys, mobile phone etc. These will want to be prioritized in other pockets such as side pockets at the side of the bag. You will want the items that you are most likely to use on the golf course in easy to reach pockets. Items that you won’t need on the course such as a phone, first-aid kit and keys can go in smaller, hidden pockets.

It is important to not overpack as this can add to your average golf club and golf bag weight.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Dividers Do Golf Bags Come With?

Golf bags can come with several different dividers (GolfWRX). Each bag will be different but a beginner bag would have 4 dividers at the top. They will be divided between a two full length dividers at the front and back of the golf bag with a split divider in the middle of the bag. A professional golfer may have more dividers in their bag.

Where Should I Store Golf Balls In A Golf Bag?

It is worth ensuring that golf balls are in an easy to access location in a cart bag. This is because there is a good chance that you may need spares during a round of golf. A good location to store golf balls in a golf bag would be in the front pockets.

How Many Clubs Are Allowed In A Golf Bag?

The number of golf clubs allowed is a maximum of fourteen golf clubs under the official regulations. You can carry less than this but would be penalized in official competition for carrying over 14. 

How Many Clubs Are In A Golf Set?

When purchasing a golf set, the number of golf clubs can range. For example the Callaway Edge Set only has 10 golf clubs. However, the Callaway Strata Complete Set comes with 16 which gives you options in terms of prioritizing which ones to include in your bag. We compare them here.

In Summary: How To Arrange Clubs In A Golf Bag

It is well worth taking the time to keeping your bag organized properly. Taking good care is a great way to ensure that your golf equipment will be durable and save money in the long run. Additionally there are numerous benefits that you will see and feel when you are out on the course. These range from being able to get to your golf clubs quicker, making less mistakes in golf club selection as well as having access to key items that you may need to grab quickly such as spare golf balls or a rain jacket.