How To Correct A Golf Slice [Simple Steps To Stop Slicing The Ball]

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Slicing a golf ball can be one of the most frustrating things to happen when playing a round of golf and believe it or not is an issue that doesn’t only affect beginner golfers but also experienced golfers too. This problem leaves many golfers wanting to know how to correct a golf slice.

Golf is notoriously difficult game to play, as PGA Pro Charlie King stated, “Thank goodness golf is hard, because that’s why I have a job.”

So we’re guessing you’re reading this because you want to learn how to correct a golf slice and cut this bad habit out of your golf game?

By following the steps covered in this post you can avoid the frustration of slicing your golf ball into the trees each time that you go out to play!

Firstly, what is a golf slice?

golf ball slice in trees

Before you learn how to correct a golf slice, it is important to understand what a golf slice is and what causes is to happen in the first place.

Essentially, a slice is any type of shot that curves hard to the right airborne (for a right-handed golfer.)

During a round a golf slice can be catastrophic as it reduces performance across many aspects of a golfers game. For example golfers may find themselves in the woods after hitting a slice. Other negative impacts that you may experience include reducing shot distance, reducing shot accuracy and all round golf scoring efficiency. 

Due to these reasons every golfer wants to know how to correct a golf slice.

By correcting a golf slice it allows players to improve their handicap and general game play which in turn makes playing golf more enjoyable.

Main Reasons For Golf Slice

When you are left wondering how to correct a golf slice it’s important to firstly know the reason why you need to correct to a golf slice in the first place.

There are many reasons behind a slice as with other issues such as golf shanks which we’ll cover below and include:

  • Incorrect Golf Grip: Not having the correct golf grip for you. You may have a weak golf grip.
  • Incorrect Golf Swing: Hitting the golf ball in the incorrect position.
  • Incorrect Weight Balance: Having the improper balance of your weight. This is caused when you are not shifting your weight and balancing properly from the back foot to the front which then causes a slice.
  • Open Clubface: Having an improper golf swing can cause a golf slice.

These are some of the main factors that we find for golfers who slice a golf ball. Before fixing the problem it is compulsory to understand these to allow you to move forward with improving your game.

Another common issue that golfers find is that they hook the golf ball. We compare a hook vs slice here.

How to correct a golf slice

Now that we have covered the main reasons for a golf slice, we can look at exactly how to correct a golf slice.

The solutions for correcting your slice are the following:

Solution #1: Correct Grip

Solution #2: Correct Weight Distribution

Solution #3: Correct Swing

Solution #4: Upgrade Equipment

The next step to fix your golf slice is to look at your equipment. It is certainly important to ensure that you have equipment that can help eradicate this issue from your game, especially off the tee. We’d recommend either looking into getting a really forgiving driver or a driver that is specifically designed to help golfers who slice the ball.

By having forgiving equipment that is also the right length you will be better placed to stop slicing the ball.

Solution #5: Practice At The Driving Range

We’d recommend getting down to your nearest driving range and putting in some practice as it is the repetition that will lead to consistent improvements in your golf game.

The below video highlights some simple golf drills to improve your golf swing which in turn will reduce your golf slice:

  • Always try aim the golf ball to straight forward positions.
  • Before you hit the golf ball, set the position of ball accurately. This will increase your chances of hitting the desired shot.
  • Check out our guide on how to grip a golf club as a proper grip will help you to maintain the position of the club face which in turn eliminates the golf slice. This is perfect for if you are looking for how to grip a driver not to slice which will help with fixing a slice off the tee.
  • Keep your right elbow as close to your body as you can. Initially, you may feel some discomfort with it but it will help your swing improve and remove the golf slice.
  • Balance your weight properly and transfer it correctly from back to front foot while swinging the golf club.

The below video summarises some of these steps on removing your golf slice.

Bonus Tip: Practice your golf swing at the driving range

We’d recommend getting down to your nearest driving range and putting in some practice as it is the repetition that will lead to consistent improvements in your golf game.

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Correcting a golf slice: In Summary

By having a full understanding of the main reasons for a golf slice and knowing what is needed to be done to correct the causes you now have a full understanding of how to correct a golf slice.

As you can see a slice doesn’t have to last forever and can be a common mistake, especially for beginner golfers. By getting down to the driving range and getting in plenty of practice you will be able to increase your chances of reducing your number of slices per round dramatically.