Room Size for a Golf Simulator: A Comprehensive Guide

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You may be in the market for a golf simulator but don’t know where to start as you’ve heard that they can take up space in the house. It’s true that you will need to dedicate space in your house if you are going to install one but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are out of options if you are low on space.

In this guide we answer the question ‘how much space is needed for a golf simulator?’ and look at a range of options depending on your own space requirements.

How Much Space For a Golf Simulator?

When considering how much space you need for a golf simulator you should consider a range of factors. It is worth considering the number of people that will be using it at one time when thinking about the space needed. As an example, a very small golf simulator could take up about 200 square feet, while a large one will take up about 500 square feet. Please check the user manual of your simulator if you want to find out how much space you require to run your simulator.

Simulator For Large Spaces

SkyTrak is better if you have a large space. This is because SkyTrak is more realistic and you will likely buy the full simulator experience with a mat, net and screen. In general Skytrak is suitable for regular golfers due to the higher product cost which is more of an investment than many beginner golfers would like to make.

Simulator For Small Spaces

Optishot 2

  • Budget Solution
  • Get Basic Game Data
  • Play Real Courses
  • Includes Mat & Net

The best indoor golf simulator for a small space would be the Flightscope Mevo or the Optishot 2. It is portable and easy to fit in a small area. In terms of what you get the only problem is that it does not come with a hitting mat so you will need to purchase that separately. However, these options are portable and easy to use so are great for beginners, especially those lacking space.

Different Space Requirements

Below we cover some of the different space requirements that you will need to consider when scoping out space for a home golf simulator setup.


Golf simulators should be placed on level ground, not on an incline. There should also be a good amount of room around the golf simulator so that people don’t run into it and potentially get hurt. Generally, there should be enough room for at least 1 person around the outside of the simulator and about 5 foot between the outside wall and the golf simulator.

Golf simulators are very heavy, weighing up to 1000 pounds. When deciding flooring for your simulator, keep in mind the fact that a golf simulator will be very heavy and will probably need to be on a hard surface because of this. Carpet or wood floors are not recommended for this reason.

Ceiling Height

The ideal room height for a golf simulator is 8 feet to allow for a full swing. However, a golf simulator can be mounted on an elevated platform if the room is not tall enough. Make sure that you use sturdy supports. The width of the room should be at least 8 feet, and the room should be at least 10 ft deep so that people have enough room to use the simulator.

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Room Width

The ideal width of the room would be about 10 feet (5 feet between the simulator and both walls). You want to make sure that there is enough room to do a full swing with your driver to the max.

Golf Simulator Features

The golf simulator market is growing fast, so much so that they are finding there way into popular entertainment venues (Baltimore Sun). When you decide to create a home golf simulator there are several pieces of kit that you will looking to purchase to complete the setup.

Firstly you have the launch monitor which is the device that you will use to track your swings and game data. Secondly, you will want a golf hitting mat (which is much different than hitting off grass) to strike your shots from. Thirdly, you will want a net to hit your shots in to.

Additionally, you may want to project your shots onto a projector screen so you may look to purchase both a projector and a screen to hit your shots into to give a more realistic shot experience. Finally, if you haven’t got one it will be important to have a laptop.

Popular Locations For A Golf Simulator

There are a few different locations within the house that you will want to consider when deciding on where to create your setup.


When people are looking to create a simulator at home they could be looking for a range of types of setups. These might include a full setup with an impact screen and enclosure to a more hybrid model which utilizes a net and a laptop.

We cover these range of options which cover a range of budgets and needs in our guide of the top golf simulators.


If you’re low on space or looking to save money then you might want to choose something more compact. These options are typically cheaper than a more full setup but can still offer great performance and an opportunity to play the game year round.

We cover the best garage golf simulators which showcases a range of choices that are suitable for a range of use cases.

Best Simulator For Large Spaces

Below we give an overview of some of the best golf launch monitors on the market.


The SkyTrak is a comprehensive launch monitor which can be used to create your own home golf simulator setup. It provides you with all of the key data points that you will be looking for as well as access to a wide range of game modes.

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Best Simulator For Small Spaces

Flightscope Mevo

Flightscope Mevo is a portable launch monitor that is ideal if you are looking for a high level of accuracy no matter where you are looking to practice your game. You also have the option of the Mevo Plus (which has been featured at leading events (Golf Digest)) if you are looking for a launch monitor that is portable but you can create a golf simulator with.

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Rapsodo MLM

If ease of use with a nicely branded interface is what you are looking for with access to a range of data points then you are likely to love the Rapsodo MLM with it’s great mobile experience.

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Another alternative is the SwingCaddie SC300. This package comes in at an affordable price, allowing you to get accurate swing data on many of the key data points such as ball speed, carry distance, launch angle, and swing speed. With an easy to read display it is easy to see exactly where your game improvement areas are.

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A more expensive alternative that is often used by the pros is TrackMan. Coming in at a much steeper price you will get the most comprehensive data in the most accurate format. The main issue for most every day golfers is that the price is just too steep, especially with so many more affordable alternatives on the market.


The PRGR Launch Monitor is a great introductory launch monitor thanks to its price. It will give golfers of all abilities to ability to track key game data at an affordable price. You may not get comprehensive data like with some of the other alternatives but you do get access to what you need.

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In Summary

To conclude, a launch monitor can be handy for golfers wanting to improve their game and certain ones will allow you to create an indoor golf simulator. The decision on whether or not to invest in one can often come down to the space that you have in your home. However, as a concept as golf is a sport that is not as easy to master as it may seem, and the data measured by these launch monitors may help you achieve a new level of performance that you otherwise wouldn’t achieve by playing sporadically.

The data you can expect to see with a good launch monitor is the following: Distance, Swing speed, Ball speed (carry), Spin rate (rpm). This data will be presented to you immediately after you have finished your swing and can act as a great way to get insights into key game improvement data.

With a range of options at your disposal , it’s not hard to take advantage of the benefits provided by these devices no matter what your budget is. Nowadays they are relatively affordable compared to other advanced equipment thanks to technological advances. The benefit of this for most people is the fact that you get the freedom to play and practice anywhere, any time.