Average Cost to Regrip Golf Clubs: 2023 Pricing Guide

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There is a lot of precision required in golf. But if your grip on the club starts to wear out, it can be hard to get the same precision you need for a good swing.

The best way to fix this problem is by regripping your golf clubs with new material. This will give you more confidence in yourself as well as help you achieve better results in your game.

There are many ways to do this, but the different methods have costs associated with doing it DIY or going somewhere to get the golf club grips fixed. In this guide we answer the question ‘How much does it cost to regrip golf clubs?’ so that you can understand the average golf regripping cost.

How Much Does It Cost To Regrip Golf Clubs?

The average cost to regrip golf clubs will vary between $60 and $200 depending on how you are regripping your clubs. The cost will be lower if you are doing it yourself with cheap grips and a DIY golf regripping kit. However, if you want premium golf club grips such as Golf Pride and choose to regrip your clubs at a golf store, the cost will be higher.

Average Cost Chart

The below chart showcases the average cost for golf club regripping across various methods:

Premium Grips at a Golf Shop$200
Premium Grips and completing it DIY$150
Cheap Grips and completing it DIY$60
Cheap Grips at a Golf Shop$100

Why Is Regripping Your Golf Clubs Necessary?

Because grips provide stability and control, they are an essential part of any golf club. Having a proper golf grip in general is an important part of the game. This can be especially important when your hands are sweaty or the weather is wet. Over time, the grip on a golf club can start to wear down, which can make it difficult to swing the club correctly.

Additionally, gripping your clubs can be a confidence booster. If you know that your grips are going to be the same every time you swing, it will make it easier for you to concentrate on your game on the golf course instead of worrying about how good your grip feels.

When Is It Time To Regrip Your Golf Clubs?

If your old grips start to feel hard or slippery, it may be time for a new set of golf clubs. A regular golfer who plays several times a week often need to regrip their clubs yearly. However, if you’re a really frequent golfer who always wants your golf clubs in top condition, you might want to regrip more than once a year or even every few months. For a beginner player, it might be every several years before you need to think about regripping.

Is It Possible To Regrip My Own Golf Clubs & How To Regrip Clubs Yourself?

If your golf clubs have been used, there is a chance that the grip and adhesive may be worn down or damaged. Golf clubs can be regripped on your own, but it’s not recommended.

If you do want to regrip your clubs yourself, the below steps can be helpful in learning how to regrip golf clubs:

  1. You must first remove all of the existing grip and adhesive from your own clubs before regripping them. This provides a clean surface for the new adhesive to adhere to.
  2. There are many ways to remove the old grip and adhesive, but one of the most popular methods is using a heat gun. Be very careful when using a heat gun because it can damage the shaft or club head if not used correctly.
  3. After the old grip and adhesive have been removed, you can then apply the new adhesive.
  4. Apply the adhesive liberally to the shaft of the club and then put the new grip on top. Be sure to press down firmly so that the grip sticks securely to the adhesive.
  5. Wait until the adhesive has dried completely (usually around 24 hours) before using the club.

As we’re sure you can tell from these steps, it is a delicate process. If you’re not experienced with removing and reattaching golf grips, we recommend that you leave it to a professional.

To get my golf clubs regripped, where should I go?

Golf clubs are generally regripped by a local golf club or golf shops such as Golf Galaxy. They have the necessary equipment and knowledge to complete this process quickly and efficiently without mistakes.

Having peace of mind that your golf clubs are in the hands of a professional is important when looking for a quality service.

Does Regripping Golf Clubs Actually Help?

Golf clubs are designed to last a long time and can become worn down over time. As grip wears, the club is gripped tighter and players suffer from arm and wrist tension. This can impact your game.

Regripping your golf clubs will be noticeable to the touch and feel of the grip, which will create an improved swing. The club can then be used in a more relaxed manner when gripping the club – adding consistency to your shot-making abilities.

Furthermore, not only will you ensure that your equipment is in the best condition but you can improve your scores with a better grip on the club and lower your overall golf handicap.


Should You Regrip Your Golf Clubs?

Regripping golf clubs is an investment in an individuals golf game game. For an average golfer it can be done every 2-3 years, but if you play often it may make sense to regrip your clubs more frequently due to the extra wear and tear.

How Do I Know When I Need New Golf Grips?

Golf grips are rubberized, and they will have normal wear or become loose over time. It should be quite easy to tell when you need new golf grips. When the grip begins to slip, it is possible that your golf clubs need to be re-gripped with new grips.

Is There A Way To Prolong The Life Of My Grips?

To extend the lifespan of your golf club grip, you should take precautions such as using mild cleaning detergent and water to clean the grip and club, avoiding contact with harsh chemicals. By rinsing off residue with a bit of clean water before storing them in a cool and dry environment you will be able to keep your golf grips in good condition.

In Summary

Golf club regripping is an inexpensive way to improve your swing and overall enjoyment of the game, but it’s important that you have a pro take care of this for you. Although it is something you can do yourself, if there are any issues with your grips or adhesive then the whole job will have to be redone.

If you are on a budget then you may prefer to have your golf clubs regripped using a regripping kit and doing it yourself at a cost of around $60. However, if you are willing to spend more at a golf shop or want premium new grips then you could spend up to $200 as the average golf regripping cost.

By spotting the signs of wear on the grip of your club, you can save yourself time, money and headache by getting them regripped before they cause any long-term damage. Some of these signs include an area that is beginning to peel or check, a loose grip, and an adhesive that doesn’t stick.