How Much Do Golf Clubs Weigh? Unpacking the Averages

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Carrying your golf clubs around a golf course can be a struggle at times, especially if you don’t factor in the weight of your golf clubs and what goes into the overall weight of a complete set.

By knowing how much golf clubs weigh, you will be able to pack the right golf clubs and accessories for your golf bag and have proper expectations for when you head out to play around. Additionally, it is beneficial for shipping golf clubs and getting the right shipping costs for your set of golf clubs.

In this article, we answer the question ‘how much do golf clubs weigh’, and explore some of the variables that affect the overall average weight of golf clubs.

How much do golf clubs weigh?

The total average weight of your golf bag will depend on what type you choose as well as whether or not it has any accessories attached to it. However, on average it is reasonable to assume that a average golf bag with a full set of clubs will weigh between 30 pounds – 35 pounds (13.5kg – 16kg).

Some of the factors to consider when choosing the best golf clubs to buy include additional features of the golf bag sets such the number of accessories, including umbrellas, golf balls, and raincovers; the size of the bags themselves; and how many golf clubs are in the golf bag.

How Much Do Individual Golf Clubs Weigh In A Set?

Individual golf clubs can vary widely in weight, but the average weight of a club is around 0.73lbs. A full 14 club set will weigh around 10lbs.

The weight of individual golf clubs can vary depending on the types of golf clubs. For example, drivers are typically more lightweight than other clubs in order to enable fast club head speed for long drives. However, irons and putters can be heavier in order to provide more control. The weight of a golf club can also be affected by the golf brands and material it is made from. For instance, steel clubs are typically heavier than their graphite counterparts.

The weight of a golf club is important to consider because it can affect your swing speed and the distance the ball will travel. If you have a lighter club, you may be able to swing it faster and hit the ball further. However, if you have a heavier club, you will have more control over your shots. Ultimately, it is up to the individual golfer to decide what weight works best for them.

Key Factors That Affect Golf Club & Golf Bags Weight

In this section, we will explore some of the key factors that affect golf club weight. This will help you understand what factors you should consider when buying your golf club set and the important role it plays in the overall weight of golf bags.


Golf clubs that are made with a graphite shaft are lighter to carry than clubs with steel shafts because they have less weight per unit length. However, even though the clubs are lighter, they cost slightly more, so it is important to consider this. Overall, a professional golfer typically prefers a steel shaft despite the weight difference.


The height of the golf clubs will have an effect on how much they weigh. For example golf clubs for a tall man are likely to be heavier than junior golf clubs due to the sizing difference.

Number Of Clubs

The overall weight of your golf clubs will be affected by the number of clubs in your golf bag. For example, if you carry a maximum of 14 clubs, you need to consider the extra weight of those additional clubs. This means that if you only use 10 clubs, you may find yourself with fewer choices, but you have reduced the overall weight you need to carry.

Golf Set Choice

The brand that you choose to buy your golf clubs from also affects the weight of golf bags. This is because design or brand may use different materials to make their clubs, for example, beginner golf clubs and senior golf clubs will be more lightweight. In some cases, this could mean that the heavier golf club set option is actually lighter than a competitor’s, but each brand will be different and so it is advisable to carefully consider your options and do your research thoroughly.

Golf Accessories

If you decide to add anything else to your golf bags besides just your golf clubs, these things could affect the bag weight. For example, a bag will weigh more with a range of golf accessories (view a range of choices by clicking here) such as an umbrella, rain cover, clothes, footwear, drinks bottles, snacks etc as these all contribute towards adding up the weight of your bag.

When carrying golf bags around the golf course for 18 holes, you should try to keep everything light and compact to not have a difficult time. Heavy clubs can affect your performance as it may cause you to tire more quickly than usual.

Changing the weight of golf clubs

The best way to change the weight of your golf clubs would be to consider lightweight golf clubs to begin with. However, you can also add or remove weight to any golf club in your set to tweak its swing weight. Adding weight is done by using lead tape, which you place on the face of the club (SouthamptonGolfClub). Removing weight from a wood or driver can be difficult without damaging it, but you could try removing grip and regrip the golf clubs or sanding off paintwork.

In general, though, changing the weight of a golf club is something that should really only be done by a professional golf club fitter as it can make the golf club unbalanced and therefore dangerous when used. 


Is There Anything Else That Affects The Weight Of A Golf Bag?

The weight that you will be carrying in your golf bag will depend on the type of equipment that you have as well as any accessories. As well as the golf clubs themselves, the key variables are mainly accessories including clothing and golf balls.

What is the heaviest golf club?

The heaviest golf club in a bag is the driver. A driver has the biggest club head of any of the clubs in a bag, as it is the longest.

What Is The Best Way To Ship Golf Clubs Cheaply?

When you work with an affordable company such as ShipSticks, you can easily send your golf clubs and golf bags anywhere in the world with ease and at a reasonable price. This can help you to avoid an airline baggage fee and save money on shipping costs.

What Is The Height Of A Golf Bag With Clubs?

A golf bag will be around 50 inches tall or 127 centimeters tall when it is fully stocked with all of the clubs and other equipment that you need to take on your golfing trip. The longest club will be the driver.

In Summary: How Much Do Golf Clubs Weigh?

In summary, the total weight of your golf bag will depend on what type of golf clubs and golf bag that you choose as well as whether or not it has any accessories such as golf balls attached to it. However, on average, it is reasonable to assume that an average golf bag with clubs would weigh between 30 pounds – 35 pounds (13.5kg – 16kg).

It is important to remember that an organized golf bag can make your experience on the golf course much more enjoyable. It will make it much easier for you to find what you are looking for when you have everything in one place. It will help you to focus on the game instead of worrying about whether or not your clubs are in order!