How Does Fantasy Golf Work? [2020 Complete Guide]

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Looking to play fantasy golf and wanting to know how does fantasy golf work? If so you are in the right place!

Fantasy Golf can be a great way to compete against either friends or other people over the internet in private or public competitions and there is an array of choices depending on your preference when choosing the best fantasy golf sites.

We’re going to cover exactly how fantasy golf works, what is needed to get started as well as the different types of fantasy golf that exist.

What Is Fantasy Golf?

Fantasy golf allows golfers to implement their golf knowledge into competition against both friends and the public.

With Fantasy Golf you choose a roster of golfers that you believe are going to perform well whether it be for that day/tournament/season and score points based on the performance of your player or players.

How Does Fantasy Golf Work?

Fantasy golf works in a variety of ways depending on which of the chosen fantasy golf formats you choose to play which we will highlight later in this guide.

Typically, in most formats of fantasy golf each player will be assigned a monetary value based on their ability/form etc. The players aim is to select a roster of golfers within the confines of their salary cap.

This means that you may have players who are favourites such as Rory Mcilroy but you also have an underdog who costs less but you believe will perform well for your team.

Fantasy Golf Scoring Example

Now that you know how fantasy golf works from a selection perspective we will work through how to scoring works.

Each platform has their own fantasy golf scoring system but for this example we will choose our #1 chosen choice of fantasy golf sites, DraftKings. (Full DraftKings Review)

There are three key ways to score points on DraftKings.

Scoring is achieved through in hole scoring which means accumulating points based on a players success on a hole (ie. points for eagles and birdies and losing points for bogeys). There is also tournament scoring, which is where players achieve points based on their players final position for the tournament. (ie. first place gets most points.) Finally, points can be gained for bonuses such as a hole in one.

The below table is a summary of the points scoring for Fantasy Golf on DraftKings:

Per Hole Scoring
Double Eagle20
Double Bogey-1
Worse Than Double Bogey-1
Tournament Scoring
Bogey Free Round3
3 Birdies Or Better (Max 1 Per Round)3
All 4 rounds Under 70 Strokes5
Hole In One10

Different Fantasy Golf Formats

There are several different ways that you can play fantasy golf as there are several different fantasy golf formats.

These fantasy golf formats can range from season long competitions on a website such as or one time competitions to win prizes on a site such as DraftKings.

Three Different Fantasy Golf Formats

Format #1 – One and Done

The one and done format involves picking one golfer for each week of the season. Once you have picked a golfer you are unable to use them again throughout the season.

The player with the most points at the end of the season wins.

Format #2 – Daily/Weekly

The next format is to join a competition that starts for each day or week. This means that you start from a fresh start each time.

These formats have become popular through platforms such as DraftKings.

Format #3 – Let It Ride

The fourth format that we want to highlight is the let it ride format. With this fantasy golf format you will choose 3 players at the start of each week.

You will then accumulate points based on the performance of your golfers. Finally, you can only use each golfer a limited number of times throughout the season.

Conclusion – Is Fantasy Golf Right For You?

So now that we’ve answered how does fantasy golf work? It is time to decide if fantasy golf is right for you?

We believe that if you are a big fan of golf and watch it most weeks then it can be a great way to add some extra fun to the sport, especially if you can create leagues with some of your fellow golfers.

There is also so much flexibility in the type of contest that you join and we’d recommend that starting out you try one short term contest to get a feel for fantasy golf and then move forward from there!