Golf Swing Speed Chart [2023 How To Increase Distance Guide]

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golf swing speed guide main imageOne of the keys when looking at golf driver distance is looking at golf swing speed.

Swing speed in golf is so important when it comes to the distance that you are hitting a golf ball. Achieving a fast club head speed isn’t something that happens overnight and can take time and plenty of practice at the driving range. To accelerate your increased club head speed there are several golf drills that you can complete to make this happen.

In this post, we will cover the exactly what swing speed in golf is, why it is important and what are the best drills to increase club head speed so that you can be on your way to hitting further distances as soon as possible.

By practising these club head speed drills on a regular basis you will be able to hit longer drives than ever with your increased club head speed and improved drives.

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What Is Swing Speed In Golf?

Golf swing speed can determine how far your shots carry. It refers to the club head speed that golfers generate. Typically the faster the swing speed, the further the shot will travel. Beginners typically have slower swing speeds and long drive professionals have the fastest swing speeds.

Every golfer would love to add extra yards to their game in their pursuit of shooting lower scores. Once you have purchased the ideal driver for you whether you then you may be looking at how you can get the maximum performance out of your driver. There are several ways to do this but one of the most critical ways to hit your drivers further to improve golf swing speed.

This is because there is a direct correlation between driving distance and club head speed. This extra club head speed and in turn extra distance can help you to get your tee shots further down the fairway meaning you have less distance into the greens.

Swing Speed Tools: Quick Picks

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Golf Swing Speed Chart With Distances

The below golf swing speed chart shows the different speeds golfers of different abilities generally achieve and can give a general outline of club head speed vs distance.

The pro golfer swing speed on the PGA Tour is vastly faster than for an average golfer, hence their greater distance. As you can see from the above, an average golfer will have a swing speed around 25% lower than a pro golfer swing speed and around 40% lower than a long drive golfer.

golf swing speed chart comparison

When you see these stats it is little wonder that professionals hit the ball great distances not only with their driver but other clubs as well.

This can leave people wondering how to increase club head speed as they see it as a great way to cut shots off their game. Below we highlight how club head speed is generated and how you can add more golf swing speed to your game.

What Is the Average Swing Speed Of A Golfer?

You may be wondering what your own club head speed is and where this stands against other golfers. For reference, the average pro golfer swing speed on the PGA Tour is around 113 MPH for drives (SwingmanGolf). Increased club head speed is a contributing factor to the extra distance that you will see from PGA Tour professionals from the tee. Golf ball speed can be a key factor for you too!

It is reasonable to expect a good club head speed for a male golfer to be above 90 MPH as this would be the typical range for a non-professional golfer who can carry the ball over 200 yards consistently.

What Is The Average Swing Speed For Women?

On the LPGA Tour the average women’s golf swing speed is slower than on the PGA Tour. The average swing speed is 94 mph which means that on average a PGA Tour player will swing 20.2% faster than an average LPGA Tour player.

In his book 10 Things You Thought You Knew About Golf Clubs, the author states that the average women’s golf swing speed for an amateur is around 65 mph. This means an average male golfer swings around 40.6% faster than an amateur female golfer on average. This is why it is important to take this in consideration if you are looking for the best women’s driver as it will help you to get optimal distance off the tee.

swing speed difference by gender

The reason for the decreased swing speed vs distance compared to men can be attributed to women on average having less upper body power than men which is a swing speed cause.

These findings correspond with our driver distance findings which show there is a closer correlation between key driving stats for PGA and LPGA tour players than for amateur male and female golfers.

What Is The Average Swing Speed By Age?

For example if you are wondering ‘What is the average swing speed for a senior golfer?’ the answer will be different as your swing speed gets slower as you get older and will require you to purchase a specific driver for seniors for optimal performance.

How To Increase Club Head Speed In Golf?

To improve your swing speed there are four different key factors that you should focus on. By following them you will be in a great position to get 120mph swing speed like the pro’s. These factors are:

  • Golf Equipment
  • Technique
  • Mobility
  • Physical Fitness



Let’s start by looking at some of the low hanging fruit which is the golf equipment that you own and how this may have an effect on your game. This is because every golfer is different and different gear will work better for different players. This can be the case for your whole bag from driver to wedges to putter. However, the main club which will see benefits from enhanced club head speed will be the driver.


swing speed driver
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Picking a great driver for distance such as the Callaway Epic Flash Driver that is designed for achieving great distance and consistency. Doing this would provide a great addition if you are looking to increase driver distance and to practice your drills to increase club head speed.

It is also worth considering your skill level. This is because beginners have a slower swing speed and would be better off looking for a specific driver for high handicappers. However, a driver for mid handicappers is better suited to somebody who has played golf for a while.

These clubs will give you the maximum advantage when looking to add distance to your tee shots. They will also give you more confidence with your swing when looking to add club head speed to your golf swing on your drives.


swing speed shaft
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Our first bonus tip to increase club head speed is to pick a great driver shaft for distance such as our top pick the Accuflex Assassin II World Champion Long Drive Golf Shaft.

This is because these golf driver shafts are designed with increasing club head speed in mind and are often more flexible and lightweight than the shaft on your original golf driver, especially if it came as part of a set or is a mediocre driver.

Our second extra club head speed tip is to ensure that you measure your driver shaft length. We believe this is important to increasing club head speed and increasing driver distance because not only will you be able to have better distance control but you will also be able to develop more confidence by having the correct length driver shaft for you.

Additionally, you may look to increase your club head speed by using weighted golf clubs in practice along with a specific overspeed training program.

Swing Technique

swing technique icon

The second element to focus on is the golf swing basics as it doesn’t matter how many drills you complete or what equipment you have if you swing technique is not right. Therefore by perfecting your technique you can give yourself a solid foundation to improve your swing speed in golf.

Before we look at some of the best drills to increase club head speed we need to look at technique and what golfers can do themselves to improve their own swing speed. By adopting great technique you can still improve your club head speed.


Firstly, rotation is important to generate club head speed in golf. By having a nice, smooth full rotation which focuses on the movement of the shoulders and hips you will be able to generate as fast of a swing speed as possible.


The second way to generate club head speed with technique is to focus on the downswing. Too many amateur golfers try to hit the ball as hard as they can which leads them to having a wild backswing and downswing. However, it is also important to note that most of the acceleration is generated between when the downswing has reached hip high to the actual impact of the ball.

Therefore, it is important to focus on both of these elements when looking for the best drills to increase club head speed.


swing speed mobility icon

Thirdly, the mobility of a golfer can affect their swing speed when it comes to golf. Golfers with poor mobility are more likely to pick up golfing injuries and have reduced athletic performance. However, thankfully it is possible to increase mobility by doing the right stretches.

Using specialist golf apparatus for mobility such as Stick Mobility is a great way to know that you are on the right track at having the mobility needed to perform to a high level on the golf course.

Stick Mobility provide the following video which shows you exactly how their product can help you to increase your mobility:


swing speed fitness icon

Fitness plays a key part when looking at how to increase swing speed. It’s no surprise that since Brooks Koepka went on a bulking diet and added muscle he shot upwards on the driving distance charts.

Therefore, when looking to increase swing speed it is a good idea to work on being fit as it can only help. Now, yes there are anomaly’s such as John Daly or times when you see skinny players hitting the ball great distances but nowadays on the PGA Tour most golfers incorporate a strict workout routine into their diaries.

Important Swing Speed Muscles

Some muscles are more important than others when it comes to swing speed in golf and looking at ways to increase it. As with all fitness, having a good all round fitness is important but some of the most important muscles for your swing are:

  • Glutes
  • Abdominals
  • Back
  • Forearms
  • Wrists

The reason that these are so important is because of the rotation that is required for the swing and then the power that this will allow you to generate on the downswing.

Exercises To Increase Club Head Speed

Some of the best exercises to increase club head speed are the following:

  • Squats – for developing back and glute muscles
  • Rotational Lunges – For developing back, glutes and hips
  • Bench Side Steps – For developing hips and glutes
  • Bench Press – For developing arms and strength
  • Medicine Ball Ab Rotation – For developing abdominals

As you can see, several of these exercises focus on the importance of rotation which is pivotal when looking at the golf swing.

How Do I Track My Club Head Speed?

Tracking your club head speed can be achieved by using a swing speed tracker as this will allow you to see your progress as you practice improving your swing speed and the ball speed.

As your swing speed changes it can affect a range of things that will affect your performance on the course, including the best driver loft to use. This is why it is essential to stay on top of measuring your club head speed to distance and we would recommend tracking it regularly.

Using a tracker is easy to use and is shown in detail in the video below:

What Are The Best Drills To Increase Club Head Speed?

Drills To Increase Club Head Speed Main Image

A great way to speed up your progress when looking at the importance of club head speed and trying to increase it is to focus on the best drills to increase club head speed.

Drills are a great way to focus on isolated parts of your game whether it be driving or putting and this is no different when focusing on golf swing speed.

Additionally, you may wish to invest in a swing trainer to help such as the Orange Whip Swing Trainer.

Below we highlight our top drills to increase club head speed that you can practice at the driving range. By following these you will be well on your way to incorporating longer shot making into your golf game with faster swings.

#1: Imitating Golf Swing Drill

Our first club head speed training drill involves no golf club. This drill is designed to give you a better feel for swinging at a faster rate than you are normally used to.

To complete this drill follow the below steps:

Step 1: Take your normal driving stance
Step 2: Ensure that you have are not holding a golf driver
Step 3: Hold your hands in front of you, imitating your driver grip.
Step 4: Swing your arms back
Step 5: Follow through imitating a golf swing while focusing on speed and rotation.

It is that simple.

However, the key is to remember to focus on form and technique while increasing your swing speed.

In a similar way that form is important in gym workouts, it is also with golf drills. With this particular drill we would recommend doing 4 sets of 6-8 repetitions and increasing speed with each set.

#2: Repetitions Drill

Unlike our first club head speed training drill, our second does involve using a golf driver. However, you also won’t be hitting a golf drive with this drill.

To complete this golf drill simply follow the below steps:

Step 1: Take your normal driver stance.
Step 2: Ensure there is no golf ball and get in position to take a practice swing.
Step 3: Focus on swinging the golf club with a ‘whoosh’ noise through the air in between where you would normally strike the ball and where the driver follows through.
Step 4: Focus on more repetitions ensuring that you are focusing on form and increasing the speed of the swing.

#3: Weighted Trainer Drills

Our third club head speed training drill involves purchasing an affordable weighted golf trainer such as the SuperSpeed Golf System.

The purpose of this club is to allow you to practice the tempo of your swing and will come in handy specifically when doing the above drills.

#4: Focusing On Grip Drills

Our final drill to increase club head speed is to go back to your golf grip.

When doing your golf drills you will see the benefits of a correct golf grip in the results of your practice.

The correct grip will allow you achieve maximum performance and swing optimally.

Can I Practice My Swing Speed At Home?

If you want to spend more time on your game beyond the practice range then investing in either a launch monitor or a golf simulator would be a great investment. This would allow you to gather game improvement data and play real courses with simulation software whenever you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a slow swing speed in golf?

A slow swing speed is a swing that is considered lower than the average swing speed, typically 80 mph or less is considered a slow swing speed.

How fast should I swing a 7 iron?

The average amateur golfer should aim to swing their 7 iron around 75 mph. However, to cover a 200 yard distance, the swing speed would need to be much faster at around 95-100 mph.

Is 100mph swing speed good?

Yes, this is an above-average swing speed for the amateur level and it should come as no surprise if you are seeing extra distance in your game. Most amateur male golfers swing speed fall in the 80’s to 90’s.

How Fast Is Tiger Woods swing speed?

Tiger Woods’ average swing speed clocks in at 120 mph which would correlate with him being a historically long driver of the golf ball on the PGA Tour.

In Summary

In summary, swing speed in golf is a hugely important factor when it comes to how far the ball travels. As we discuss in our guide which looks at driving distance there is a direct correlation between distance and improved scores on a golf course. However, it is important to note that this shouldn’t come at the cost of other areas of the game such as the short game which can account for many shots during a round.

By applying some of the golf swing speed tips that are found throughout this guide, you can be sure to improve your swing speed vs distance and improve your scores when you step back out onto the golf course.