The Cost of Golf Simulators: 2023 Pricing Guide

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You may have heard that home golf simulators don’t cost as much as they always historically have and nowadays they are much more accessible to the average consumer. With advances in technology it is now possible to play golf 365 days a year from the comfort of your own home. If you are interested to add one to your home setup then you may be asking yourself ‘how much is a golf simulator?’. 

If so you’re in the right place and in this guide we will cover a range of different price points, what separates a budget simulator from a premium simulator and what options exist in the market to get you started.

How Much Is A Golf Simulator?

The cost of a home golf simulator for indoor golf can range from anywhere from a budget simulator at $199 to a top end premium option that costs upwards of $50,000. Although most golfers looking for a home golf simulator will likely pay between $1,000 to $5,000.  

You may now be left wondering what the differences are and what makes a cheap golf simulator different from a $50,000 golf simulator. This is a fair question as it really is a wide cost range between the two. What we’d say is historically the more expensive and premium options we’re more common place whereas now there are more affordable out of the box solutions that are portable and can replicate a premium set up in a small confined space such as the home. 

Below we highlight what you would expect to find at both the cheaper end of the market and what you can find at the top end of the market. 


Which type of best golf simulator you choose will all depend on your own exact needs and probably most importantly what your budget is. Below we highlight what the best options are and what makes up each different type of golf simulator.

Budget Golf Simulators: Best For Garage Use

At the cheapest end of the market you will find out of the box solutions such as the best value golf simulator, the Optishot 2. This kind of setup is just about as cheap as you will find and give you options (albeit not luxury) to play year round at a cheap price.  You will create a simulator in your garage when you choose something cheaper.

However, if you are looking for a more professional option then there are a range of great options that incorporate new golf launch monitor technology.

skytrak budget

SkyTrak Simulator Package

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Mid Range Golf Simulators: Best For Home Use

In the mid range price tier you are likely to invest more in a golf simulator set up for your home and likely be looking at costs of upwards of $5000 to get exactly what you are looking for.

In the budget price tier you will likely save money on the accessories such as the hitting mat, net and golf simulator projector. Whereas in this price tier you will likely invest more money into a more premium solution as you can use one of the best launch monitor systems such as SkyTrak at both price points. The advantage of spending more on premium equipment is both longevity of the equipment and the higher quality equipment offering the ability to create a more permanent home set up.

Premium Golf Simulators: Best For Commercial Use

In the more expensive price range you will find the kind of golf simulators that you typically find at specialized golf simulator venues. These kind of setups are more turn key, cover a larger space and offer detailed statistics with a wide range of golf courses to choose from.

If you are looking at spending over $10000 on a golf simulator then you are likely going to be in the market for either more detailed data around your game or are looking for a setup to cover a larger indoor space or even create a dedicated room to your indoor golf playing.

What Makes Up The Home Golf Simulator Cost?

There are so many different factors that add up to the overall golf simulator cost. Below we cover what they are so that you can decide what is essential and where you may want top quality and what other parts you may be able to save money on as part of your golf simulator package.

Launch Monitor

Golfers love getting data about their golf game. This kind of data can range from key data about carry with the driver to ball speed. Which launch monitor you choose will determine the level of statistical data that you get access to. This is really where the higher priced premium launch monitor and best golf simulators shine compared to their budget alternatives. For example with a basic setup you will likely only receive basic metrics compared to the more detailed insights  about ball flight that you will find on luxury offerings.

The launch monitor and technology behind the golf simulator is most often the biggest difference in cost between the low end and high-end golf simulators. To add to this with a high quality golf simulator package you are much more likely to find consistently accurate feedback with more built in lasers and cameras compared to budget systems.

For us a great all round system that comes at a reasonable price is the market leading option from SkyTrak as well as cheaper alternatives from brands such as Flightscope & Rapsodo.

Golf Launch Monitor Software

When you play on a simulator you gain access to a range of golf courses from around the world at the comfort of your own home. This is thanks to specialist software for launch monitors. However, this often comes at an additional cost, especially if you are looking for more courses and the best courses, graphics and game play possible. This is where choosing a budget option such as the Optishot 2 golf in a box shines as you gain access to a range of courses built in. Whereas if you are looking to use a system such as the SkyTrak system you will probably want the World Golf Tour package or The Golf Club package which will cost several hundred dollars for the year as an add on.

Golf Net

Below we do give another option which some golfers opt for which is the projector and screen route. However, it is much more commonplace for amateur golfers looking to create a setup on a budget to purchase a golf net and hit the ball into that from a hitting mat. In this case instead of projecting the golf ball and golf course onto a screen you will view the shots on your PC/ tablet after hitting the ball into the golf net. This is a much more cost effective option and may be better for you if you are low on space or ceiling height.

Projector and Screen

To get full visibility of your shots you will want to purchase the right golf simulator projector and impact screen for you. By choosing a product that is both high quality and suitable for your own specifications you can ensure that you have no problems as you look to improve your game. Additionally, using an impact screen offers a higher quality experience than just using a golf net and laptop to view your shots. 

Golf Hitting Mats

It isn’t possible to talk about golf simulators and their cost without factoring in golf hitting mats. These are an essential component of any setup. The main cost variant you will find here is the quality level of the hitting mat and also the surface area that you require for your shots. To get the best experience here you will want to purchase a premium hitting mat that replicates the experience of hitting the golf ball from the fairway. grass. With these you are much less likely to pick up an injury / damage your golf clubs too as there are several differences between hitting mats and grass. However, it is possible to spend only several hundred dollars for a practical solution when building golf simulators.

In Summary: Which One Is Right For You?

Something that we’re sure the above highlights well and truly is that there are so many variations possible when it comes to choosing the right golf simulator setup for you whether you are creating a setup in the home or garage. In terms of golf simulator cost it can completely vary depending on your specific needs. For example, you may want a premium launch monitor and software but be tight on space so have specific mat and net needs or visa versa. 

We recommend really doing your homework on different golf simulators at the website of Rain Or Shine Golf to understand what the different elements that constitute a golf simulator setup are and then making a decision on what you feel is best across the board for you as what makes the best golf simulator package for you might be completely different to a simulator package for somebody else.