Golf Lessons During Covid-19: A Look at GolfTec

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Are you looking for golf lessons during Covid-19? If so we recognize that it can be hard to know where to turn right now to choose the right golf lesson provider in such an uncertain environment.

We’ve been looking at what the different options are for golfers looking for a solution at this time and are bringing you a choice that can not only help golfers to improve their game but also feel safe while doing so.

Enter GolfTec! We’re going to cover who they are, why you should choose them and also what some of their current protocols are for golf lessons during Covid-19.

Who Are GolfTec?

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With so many individual golf lesson providers out there it can be hard to know where to turn for golf lessons. This is where GolfTec come in with their proven system that utilizes proprietary technology.

Their system provides video feedback and proprietary Motion Measurement Technology which in turn allows students to see real-time video and motion measurement simultaneously. This can have a great benefit for the golfers as they can see exactly where any errors are in their game while learning what they can do to improve these errors across any of their golf clubs and especially their drivers.

With millions of lessons taught and a 96% success rate for students they are a provider that you can trust when looking improve your golf handicap!

What makes a leading provider such as GolfTec so appealing during Covid-19 is that they have created a robust set of Covid-19 protocols into their workplace which can help create a safe environment for everybody while still offering a market leading service.

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Covid-19 Protocols

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Below are just some of the key Covid-19 protocols that have been introduced by GolfTec that can make students feel safe when it comes to their golf lessons.

Appointments: Lessons are now by appointment only.
Coaches must wear a mask at all times during lessons.
Limited Availability:
Inside GolfTec facilities the capacity has been reduced to ensure proper social distancing can be maintained.
No-Touch Experience:
By providing a no touch experience GolfTec can limit the risk of spreading Covid-19 between students and coaches.
Wellness Checks:
Each day coaches will complete wellness checks prior to coming to work and must stay at home if they are feeling unwell.
All bays will be sanitized before and after use while hand-sanitizing stations are readily available.

Getting Started With Golf Lessons During Covid-19

As you can see GolfTec have created a comprehensive set of guidelines that make it easy to find a golf lesson provider that you can trust during this time. This will help your all round game from increasing driver distance to adding backspin to your wedge shots. The best way to get started is to book a lesson with them which you can do here.

Additionally, they are also offering virtual lessons as an alternative to the traditional setup which allows aspiring golfers to get started without feeling the pressure of exposing themselves to a potential Covid-19 risk at this time. You can learn more about their virtual lessons here.