Looking for a USGA Handicap Calculator to calculate your golf handicap? If so then you’re in the right place. By using our free golf handicap calculator to calculate your golf handicap you can easily understand your golf skill level. To get started with our course handicap calculator simply enter your previous golf scores as well as the course rating and course slope from specific courses for those golf rounds.


Your Golf Handicap is:

Using Our Simple Golf Handicap Calculator

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Simply follow the three simple steps below to get started:

Step 1:
Fill in your 18 hole score from your previous rounds of golf into the golf handicap calculator.

Step 2:
Enter the course rating and course slope from the courses that you played golf at. (Find out how to find these in our FAQ’s below)

Step 3:
Enter your email into the box and click ‘View Now!’ 

After following these steps you will have calculated your USGA Index with ease!

How Do I Calculate My Handicap Index?

If you are interested to know exactly how to calculate golf handicaps then below we have the exact calculations that our easy handicap calculator uses.

USGA Index Calculation Step 1:
(Score – USGA Course Rating) x 113 (this is the average slope rating of a golf course)/ Slope Rating = x

Using the figures in the above calculator example that would be:
(100 – 72.9) x 113 / 128 = 23.92

This result is defined as the ‘handicap differential’. When calculating a golf handicap it is essential to include a minimum of five handicap differentials and a maximum of twenty from your most recent scores from a 9 hole or 18 holes round. If you are using five handicap differentials to calculate your golf handicap then you would use the lowest one for the final calculation.

USGA Index Calculation Step 2: The final calculation is to multiply your differential by 0.96.

E.g. 23.92 x 0.96 meaning that the handicap index would be 22.9.

Course Handicap Calculator FAQ’s

We have covered the most popular frequently asked questions below:

Where Do I Find The Course Rating And Slope Rating For My Calculation?

You should be able to view the course rating and slope rating on the specific websites of the golf courses that you have played. This information should also be available on your golf scorecard.

How Accurate Is Our Easy Golf Handicap Calculator?

Our tool uses the USGA Handicap Index System. These calculations calculate your handicap score for each round and then between the 5 rounds you submit then averages them out to your overall handicap.

How Can I Find Out More About How The USGA Golf Handicap Index Works?

If you would like more information about the golf handicap then check out our guide how the gold handicap works where we go into all of the details in full to help you with scoring in golf. You can also learn how to get a golf handicap here.

How Can I Improve My Handicap?

You can improve your golf handicap by checking out our golf tips from the blog.