Best Golf Gear For 2021

Great equipment can really help to give you a competitive edge out on the golf course. By having the best golf gear possible you will really be able to perform to the best of your ability. 

No matter what your golf equipment needs are whether you are looking for drivers, golf sets, golf balls or practice equipment and accessories such as training aids, golf simulators or launch monitors, ReachPar has you covered.  We cover each product in depth, covering their pros and cons as well as their features. This means that you will be getting the best recommendations possible across a wide from a product criteria.

We’re constantly updated our content with the latest and greatest golfing gear so it is worth coming back to see what new updates we are providing. That way you can be sure that you are never missing a thing when it comes to the latest products that can help aid your golf game.

Golf Clubs

When looking for new golf equipment your starting place will often be the actual set of golf clubs themselves. This is a great way to get yourself up and running so that you can have the top golf club sets for your exact needs and ability level, especially if you are a beginner or even intermediate golfer and want to have golf clubs that can perform out on the golf course.

It can also be a great way to get the best value for money compared to choosing the individual golf clubs that make up a golf set such individually choosing the driver, irons, wedges and putter.

It is also worth noting that your own individual needs will impact which golf clubs you choose. For example women golfers will probably choose something different than seniors.

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Golf Drivers

One area that golfers often look for an advantage with their golf game is by choosing an individual golf driver as each model is different and can offer different levels of forgiveness and adjustability so that the loft and sweet spot can be tailored. A top driver can really help you to add distance and accuracy off the tee and give you an advantage on the golf course, especially if you struggle with certain aspects of golf such as slicing drives.

No matter whether you are a beginner, mid handicapper or low handicapper you can tailor your driver choice to your own needs.

There are also options on the market for golfers who are seniors and women who would benefit from lightweight drivers.

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Golf Balls

An often overlooked area that many amateur golfers ignore is their golf ball selection. By taking your time to choose the best golf ball you can get a great advantage throughout your overall golf game, especially if you are looking for distance. This is because compression and construction plays an important part of what makes a specific golf ball perform and this can vary greatly depending on the golfers abilities. What works well for a beginner may be different than an average golfer who has a higher swing speed.

What is also great is that you can find budget options that perform great, even when compared to more expensive choices.

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Golf Simulators

Golf Simulators have grown in popularity in recent years. This is because they have become much more affordable for the everyday golfer to be able to afford. Commercial simulators are still a popular market, however you can now find much more simulators for home use that can be easily fitted into a garage space at an affordable price. 

Space has often been an issue for users looking to play golf year round with a simulator setup. However, now you can get access to game data such as carry distances and ball flight even if your space is limited.

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Training Aids

Golf training aids can help golfers to get a deeper insight into their game and different areas for improvements. There are so many different areas that you might look at to improve your game, for example you may look to develop a consistent swing plane so that you can hit shots more accurately and maximize distance potential or alternatively you may wish to choose something for your short game which can improve your chipping and putting to improve your greenside control.

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Golf Accessories

To be fully equipped for a round of golf there are a range of different golf accessories that will need to consider before stepping out onto the golf course.

From ensuring that you have the correct footwear so that can feel comfortable during your round to GPS rangefinders which can help you to get accurate yardages for your shots and club selection, by taking the time to choose how you equip yourself you can have everything you need for playing golf.

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In summary, choosing the right golf equipment can be a great way to get yourself ready to step out onto the golf course. It can really give you an advantage and ensure that you play better and find more enjoyment in the sport. However, no amount of gear is going to be able to make up for bad technique which is why it is imperative to work on key aspects of your golf game such as your swing or course management. We provide a comprehensive guide with the best golf tips here.