How Much Do Golf Clubs Cost? [2020 Update]

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If you’re asking yourself the question ‘how much do golf clubs cost in 2020?’ then we have the answers for you in this guide.

Depending on what you are willing to pay will often determine which golf clubs you purchase. However, in our section looking at the best golf clubs we ensure that we cover options for all budgets.

By the end of this guide you will have an understanding of what you should be paying for your golf clubs and which golf clubs are worth investing more money into than others.

Golf Clubs Cost Overview

Note: The cost of golf clubs can vary depending on the brand. It can also vary depending on whether you are purchasing a full set of golf clubs or individually purchasing clubs.

Below we cover how much golf clubs cost across a range of criteria including individual purchases vs buying a golf set.

Golf Clubs Cost Criteria

There is no one size fits all approach that determines how much golf clubs cost. There are so many elements that go into it, these include golf club size, model, shaft make, shaft kind (graphite or steel), shaft length, weight of the shaft, grip type, grip dimension. As you can see there are so many variables at play when it comes to golf club pricing.

Your own specific needs will determine exactly which clubs are right for you. Another factor to consider is how much money you are willing to spend as this could determine whether you choose expensive or budget golf clubs.

The best way to ensure that you are getting the right golf clubs to suit your own game is to go for a custom fitting at a local golf store such as Golf Galaxy. You will no doubt notice a huge difference in using clubs that are custom made for you rather than an out of the box set.

In Summary

To summarize, there are so many variations to determine the price that you should pay for your golf clubs. It can often come down to your skill level and interest in playing the sport on a consistent basis as the brand name clubs will set you back more money than lower cost alternatives.

Either way although golf can be a more expensive sport than alternatives, it is thoroughly rewarding and by having equipment that aids your game you will be more likely to find enjoyment from the sport.