Cost For Golf Club Fitting: How Much Does It Cost To Get Fitted? [2023]

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On the lookout for the cost for golf club fitting? If so then there is no need to look any further as in our complete guide we go through the options that you have when looking to get your choice of clubs fitted.

By the end of this post you will be fully aware as to what the options that you have are, how much they should cost and exactly where you can get your clubs fitted. Additionally, fitting may not be right for you depending on the type of golfer that you are and this is something else that is covered below.

Golf Club Fitting Options

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Before knowing the cost for golf club fitting, it is important to know what different options you have as these can affect the performance such as the distance which you can read about more here.

The first option that you have is to buy golf clubs directly through a manufacter themselves. The benefit to doing this is two fold. Firstly, they have specialist knowledge of their own golf clubs so really know what works for their specially made clubs. Additionally, as you are buying the clubs directly there is a chance that the fitting will be included in the price.

The second option is to purchase your clubs from a retailer. Again, depending on the retailer you may be able to get the cost of the fitting for free with this option. Alternatively they will charge based on their golf club fitting tiers which we discuss below.

The third option is to take your existing clubs with you to a retailer where they can fit them for you. Often retailers will have a tiered approach to their fittings ranging from a budget service to a premium option.

Should I Measure Golf Club Length?

By taking the time to measure the length of your golf clubs you are able to have a better understanding on if they are the right size for you. Too often golfers play golf without measuring golf club length and it can have a severe impact on their performance on the course.

How Much Does Golf Club Fitting Cost?

Golf Club fitting costs can range depending on which of the options that you choose. The cost for golf club fitting can range from free to upwards of $200 depending on where you choose to go to get your golf clubs fitted.

Where Can I Get Fitted For Golf Clubs?

There are several different options when looking to get your golf clubs fitted. Typically you can go to the manufacturers directly such as Taylormade or Callaway. Alternatively, you may opt for retailers such as Golf Galaxy or GolfTec. This is a reliable way to ensure that you are getting your clubs fitted correctly by profressionals.

In Summary: Is Golf Club Fitting Right For You?

No matter whether you have just purchased starter golf clubs, women’s golf clubs or the best golf clubs for the money a golf fitting has many different benefits, including allowing you to incorporate the proper posture when swinging the club. This will help lead to better shots and better scores in the long term.

If you’re looking to add weight to your golf club then we would recommend getting in touch with a professional to avoid potential golf club damage.

However, due to the cost of getting fitted for golf clubs we would typically recommend only getting fitted for golf clubs if you are truly serious about improving your game and playing regularly. For many beginners who purchase a beginner set it probably isn’t necessary, however it is necessary to have a regular cleaning schedule for your golf clubs so that they stay in good condition.