Golf Ball Speed: Everything You Need To Know [2020 Guide]

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Golf ball speed is something that people often want answers on when it comes to maximizing their driver distance. One of the common questions is how the speed ranges based on the type of shot played whether it be a drive or approach shot.

In this guide we will talk about what causes golf ball speed, why it matters and how it may impact your game next time you step out on to the golf course and what you can do to improve it.

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Golf Ball Speed: What Is It?

Summary: Golf ball speed is generated when the club swing speed has direct impact with the golf ball. Generally speaking, the faster the golf ball speed the further the golf ball will travel with the fastest speeds occurring on drives. Additionally, when you make a mistake with your swing and hit the ball in the incorrect position which causes you to top the golf ball you will see the ball travel at a slower speed and in turn shorter distances.

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A common debate is to look at golf ball speed vs golf swing speed and which has more impact in terms of yardage. You may or may not know but 1mph of ball speed can add 2 yards onto your shots. (GolfWRX)

Average Golf Ball Speed

Summary: The average golf ball speed can depend on a range of factors and your ability level.

As we’re sure you are aware golfers of all abilities will see different golf ball speeds which will have a great effect when it comes to measuring distances. In fact if we take driver distance as an example you can see just how much of a difference we see in yardages here.

Average Pro Golf Ball Speed

According to the PGA and LPGA websites the average golf ball speeds by the pros on tour are

Average Amateur Golf Ball Speed

When it comes to amateur golfers the story is slightly different with slower speeds and a direct correlation between slow golf ball speeds or higher golf scores. According to these are the average amateur golf ball speeds.

Male Amateur (Driver)
• Scratch or Better – 161 mph
• 5 HCP – 147 mph
• 10 HCP – 138 mph
• Average Golfer (14.5) – 133 mph
• Bogey Golfer – 131 mph

Female Amateur (Driver)
• Scratch or Better – 131 mph
• 5 HCP – 125 mph
• 10 HCP – 119 mph
• 15 HCP – 111 mph

Find Your Speed With A Golf Launch Monitor

You may now be asking yourself the question ‘what is my golf ball speed?’. Well, what we’d recommend if this is the position you are in is to use a launch monitor to check yours out. What a launch monitor will be able to do is directly measure the ball speed when you strike it and it is a great tool to stay on top of your game and diagnose what may be effecting your speeds and in turn yardages.

Golf Ball Speed Factors

Summary: There are a range of factors that can impact the speed that a golf ball travels. These include the equipment that you use, your fitness and your technique.

Next we’re going to cover exactly what you can do to increase your speeds and in turn improve your scores this is certainly an area of your game that is within your control.



Firstly, there are certain exercises that you can do which will have a direct correlation with improving the speed the ball travels.

Ball Type

Golf ball type can affect the performance of the overall ball speed. This is because there are differences between regular and practice golf balls. Regular golf balls are made out of more premium materials that allow them to perform to a higher level and for longer periods.


As we stated earlier, a topped or toed golf shot will have a direct correlation with slower speeds. The same can be said for other mishit shots such as a hook or a slice too. Therefore it is essential to work on your technique to get a more consistent feel and more consistent impacts with the ball.

Golf Ball Speed: Summary

To summarize, golf ball speed matters immensely when it comes to measuring your performance, especially in terms of distance. Sure you may not reach long drive levels such as ____ or Tiger Woods average of ____ or Rory Mcilroy average of ____ but you may be able to add a few MPH which can make a huge difference.

Once again, if you want to stay on top of your speeds on a consistent basis then we would recommend checking out a launch monitor such as the SkyTrak as you will be able to monitor and actively track your progress on your journey to reach par!