Golf Ball Position: Does It Matter? [Complete Guide]

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Consistency is something that all golfers look to achieve. However, what they often don’t realize is that having the correct set up can be just as important as the actual swing itself. This is why today we focus on getting the correct golf ball position.

Sure, there is merit in choosing great equipment such as the best drivers or best golf balls. However, fundamentally you should strive to master the basics of the game.

In our guide we’re going to cover just why golf ball position is so important and what some of the benefits of getting it right are. We’ll also go into detail on some actionable advice so that you can start to practice your positioning at the range to add more consistency to your rounds and your scores.

Golf Ball Position: Overview

When it comes to golf ball position, many people have difficulty consistently hitting the ball where it needs to go. While most people think that their swing is off due to poor technique, a lot of this is actually caused by the lack of proper golf ball position.

Getting good golf ball position is extremely important to being able to swing better, and it’s also important to be able to perform your other golfing skills properly as well.

Ball position is a very important aspect as well. It is also one of the most crucial elements of the game. Your position should be in a suitable distance from the hole to avoid any unnecessary damage on your head or eyes. Also, it should be high enough to avoid any obstruction in the course. The ball must be hit with the shoulders up and not the hips. This will help you maintain proper golf ball position. Remember, if your hips hit the ground while making the golf shot, the shot will fly off course and you may end up crashing into the bunker.