GCQuad Launch Monitor: 2023 Review & Verdict

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There a wide variety of launch monitors on the golf market with so many new entrants entering the market over the past several years thanks to advances in technology. In our GCQuad launch monitor review we bring you a premium option that golfers who are looking to get a complete solution which will provide a high level of feedback are likely to be interested in.

Sure this isn’t a budget option with a price tag that lends itself to a wide audience like the Optishot 2 but it will be able to help serious golfers who want to level up their game by digging as deep and accurately as possible. It would be more comparable to products such as SkyTrak or Trackman.

We will dive into what the GCQuad launch monitor from Foresight Sports is, how it works and who it would be best for. We will also cover some of the drawbacks to choosing this product to provide a full picture.

GCQuad Launch Monitor: Quick Summary

GCQuad Launch Monitor

Premium Home Launch Monitor


  • Real Time Accurate Data
  • Easy Set Up


  • Not Portable
  • Expensive

What Is the GCQuad Launch Monitor?

The GCQuad launch monitor is one of the most exciting things to happen to golf enthusiasts in a very long time. This amazing device is the perfect golf launch monitor/ simulator and allows you to make the very best and smartest shots once you get on the golf course. If you want to drastically improve your golf game and practice golf without actually going to a real golf course, this is one of the most premium launch monitors on the market and this GCQuad review will tell you why.

The GCQuad is an extremely accurate and versatile launch monitor, and the only one in the industry to use Quadrascopic imaging. This gives it the ability to deliver the most accurate and detailed picture of ball and club head performance analysis, which gives you the tools you need to turn this information into practical steps to improve your golf game. The data you’ll find in the GCQuad is both reliable and repeatable indoors and out. It really is a premium launch monitor that belongs at the top end of the industry with brands such as TrackMan

Some of the many features provided by the GCQuad include:

  • Quadrascopic camera technology that results in four cameras watching the impact zone from four different perspectives so that the actions of the ball and club can be measured.
  • Different types of data, including ball data such as speed, launch angle, and total backspin RPM; and club data such as angle of attack, closure rate, impact point, and club speed.
  • A manual alignment stick that comes with your purchase and which helps you set up your device manually so it can detect targets when you’re outdoors.

It also measures spin, horizontal and vertical launch angles, side spin, and carry distance. You even have an option to add on a device that will also help you measure factors such as loft at impact, club path, club head speed, impact location on the club face, smash factor, lie and face angle at impact, and angle of attack.

Because of these and other factors, the GCQuad launch monitor is one of the most accurate golf simulators on the market today and can act as a great training aid. With four quadrascopic cameras and the ability to work either indoors or outdoors, this is also a very versatile simulator.

The below video shows the GCQuad in action:

Some Practical Advantages

In addition to being accurate and versatile, the GCQuad golf simulator has some practical advantages as well. For one thing, the body and frame of the device is made out of shock-mounted die-cast aluminum, and its 12.5” x 7” x 4” size means you can carry it around with you almost anywhere. That being said, the GCQuad simulator is a little on the heavy side, so you may find carrying it with you for 18 holes to be a bit difficult. The GCQuad can also boast a barometric sensor, integrated infrared light source, indoor/outdoor capability, and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet capability. It is also super easy to set up because all you do is set it up using a USB-C cord.

Finally, this device comes with everything you need to set it up and begin using it immediately, such as power adaptor and cable, club markers, USB-C cable, alignment stick, and a full two-year warranty that provides you with the peace of mind you deserve. It runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, weighs 7.5 lbs, and best of all, it can be used with both Android and iOS operating systems, meaning it will accommodate everyone.

Pros and Cons

Regardless of how great a product is or how many rave reviews it gets, there is always going to be a handful of dissatisfied customers, and the GCQuad launch monitor is no different. While the vast majority of customers seem to love the product, there are a few who didn’t.

Below are some pros and cons of the product you might want to know about.


  • It delivers excellent accuracy.
  • It has four cameras that make detecting the ball and club’s accuracy a lot easier.
  • All of the data displayed is in real time.
  • It is super easy to set up, meaning you can begin using it within minutes after taking it out of the package.


  • It is likely too heavy to carry around for all 18 holes, at least for most people.
  • It is expensive at around $11,000.
  • When you’re outdoors, you’ll need the alignment stick to help it adjust to your targets.

While this device is pricey for a lot of people, you have to keep in mind that good launch monitors generally run anywhere from a few hundred dollars to $40,000 or even more. When you think of it this way, the $11,000 price tag is still a lot of money but slightly more reasonable. You should also keep in mind that you’ll need software to run your launch monitor, which usually includes a monthly or yearly subscription fee so that it is operable and up to date at all times. 

Other Considerations

While there are advantages and disadvantages with the GCQuad launch monitor, many experts believe that it is the most versatile and accurate golf simulator available today. With this device, you get super-advanced imaging technology and processing power that is much faster than you’re likely expecting it to be. Because of this, you can capture and analyze numerous data points related to the ball, club head, and strike zone. If you’re still not convinced how good it is, consider this: the GCQuad launch monitor has been used by Rickie Fowler and Bryson DeChambeau, and it is the preferred launch monitor by many of the leading golf companies such as Titleist, Taylormade, Cleveland, Ping, and Callaway.

Even better, the company that makes the GCQuad launch monitor, Foresight Sports, has enhanced the capture area of the device by six times over the previous version, called the GC2. Because of this, the GCQuad can measure even more data points than it did before, and this includes the spin tilt axis (which determines the angle of the ball as it comes off of the club face), delivered face angle, delivered lie angle captures, carry distance, and the total ball distance.

This is not only a very accurate launch monitor, but it is also a comprehensive one when it comes to everything it can do. This backs up exactly why so many tour professionals and golf retail store owners are now using it.


Flightscope Mevo

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flightscope mevo

If you are looking for a cheaper stand alone launch monitor then you may be interested in the Flightscope Mevo Launch Monito. With this product you won’t be able to double up as a golf simulator. However, you will be able to gather insights around your golf game around key areas such as carry distances and club head speed to a high level of accuracy. In total the FlightScope Mevo also measures clubhead speed, , launch angle, spin rate, ball speed, angle of attack and face angle as well as club path. In comparison to GCQuad by Foresight Sports , the Mevo is much smaller and portable while coming at a much cheaper price tag.


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If you are looking for a product that can offer a premium feel but comes at a fraction of the price then maybe the SkyTrak is for you. It offers you the ability to use it as both a launch monitor and a golf simulator so is highly flexible. It also provides many of the main data points that golfers like to know. The accuracy is still high (although lower than a premium product such as this) and is a great options for most everyday golfers who are in the market comparing launch monitors.

GCQuad Launch Monitor Review: In Summary

Choosing a golf launch monitor can be hard as launch monitors all have different features and benefits depending on what you are specifically looking for. This product brought to you by Foresight Sports is a real leader when it comes to high quality and giving you accurate insights into your game. The Foresight Spots GCQuad will give you key insights into your game, can be used as a home golf simulator and is made from high quality material so you can be sure that it will last. The major drawback to this is the fact that the level of quality comes at a cost and it is significantly more than alternative launch monitors such as Flightscope Mevo.

GCQuad Launch Monitor

GCQuad Launch Monitor

Premium Home Launch Monitor


  • Real Time Accurate Data
  • Easy Set Up


  • Not Portable
  • Expensive