What Is The Best Fantasy Golf Strategy? [Top 6 For 2023]

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If you’ve chosen where to play fantasy golf you probably want to ensure you are in the best position to win with the best fantasy golf strategy right?!

The type of contest that you choose to play fantasy golf with will affect the fantasy golf strategy that you implement as different types of golfers and contests require different factors to accumulate the most points possible.

In this guide we will cover the most popular and most successful fantasy golf strategies to help you on your fantasy golf journey so that you have the best chance of winning at fantasy golf.

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Different Types Of Fantasy Golf Strategy

Below we highlight different types of fantasy golf strategy that you can implement when selecting your roster of golfers for your fantasy golf team.

Strategy #1 – Go For Consistency

An important thing to remember in fantasy golf when completing weekly tournaments is that most tournaments will have a cut after two rounds.

This is important because if your chosen golfers miss the cut then you potentially miss out on two rounds of points.

Strategy #2 – Go Attacking

In fantasy golf on a platform such as DraftKings (Full DraftKings Review) you will accumulate points faster based on birdies and eagles so therefore you want the golfers who can attack golf courses.

It is important to check birdie and eagle leaders for the season because they are a fast-track to points.

Don’t just check the obvious choices though as you will want players who will cost you less and sometimes good points can be made from golfers who make a lot of birdies even if they make bogeys regularly too.

Just make sure the bogeys aren’t too often as like we state in strategy #1, consistency is pivotal too!

Strategy #3 – Check The Form Book

It goes without saying that you want players who are in a promising run of form in your team.

Sure occasionally somebody will come out of nowhere and be a surprise package but more often than not consistency can remain for portions of a season.

Linking to strategy #5 in our list, it is imperative to check a golfers previous form on either that golf course or similar ones as they may be suited to a certain style of play.

Strategy #4 – Calculate Value

You don’t want to overspend your budget on golfers who have a similar probability of winning as others who are cheaper.

How do you find the probability of a golfer winning a tournament?

Well a great starting place for this is to check the odds for the tournament as each bookmaker puts in vast amounts of research into creating their odds.

Therefore, by following their odds to find value is a great way to ensure your roster is balanced and providing you with the best value for money.

Strategy #5 – Know The Golf Course

One of the most underrated things that fantasy golf players don’t do is check the type of golfer that they are picking compared to the course.

For example some golfers will just never be able to compete at Bethpage Black because it is a golf course that demands distance.

Therefore, you should check the golfer type compared to the golf course and also their previous results at that golf course and/or similar golf courses too.

Strategy #6 –

Which Fantasy Golf Strategy Is Right For You?

Choosing the right fantasy golf strategy for you can be decided by various factors.

For example if you are playing a one and done format whereby you choose one new golfer each week of the season for each tournament, history on the golf course takes more importance.

On long golf courses you will want power golfers such as Brooks Koepka.

If you are playing a season long tournament then consistency takes more importance.

However, sometimes you will also have a gut feeling about golfers in certain scenarios and that is okay too sometimes!

As you can see from the above, there are many different ways that you can play and implement fantasy golf strategy depending on the scenario.

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