Average Driver Distance [2023 Age & PGA Comparison Chart]

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golf driver distance main imageIncreasing golf driver distance is something that all golfers want to achieve.

This makes perfect sense as we all know that a driver is the most powerful club in the golf bag and there is little that beats the thrill of driving the golf ball far. However unfortunately this isn’t the case for all golfers and this leaves them wanting to know how to increase driver distance.

Having great driving distance in golf is important and can help you to gain a definite advantage on the course. This guide will cover a range of key elements such as how to increase driver distance, why it is helpful and also give you some background as the average driver distance for a range of factors.

Golf Driver Distance Benefits

In Summary: Driving the ball a greater distance is proven to be beneficial when it comes to scoring better golf scores even when compared to accuracy.

By learning how to improve driver distance as a golfer you can see many benefits around the course which i’ll cover throughout this guide.

Firstly, you may not know but driving distance is actually more important than accuracy on the PGA Tour!

top 10 furthest drivers on the pga tour

A study found that the top ten furthest drivers gained an average of 1.1 strokes per round on the field and the top ten straightest drivers gained an average of 0.7 strokes per round on the field. (Golf.com) This means that the furthest drivers are shooting lower scores regardless of accuracy.

This is an advantage of almost half a stroke per round for the longest drivers compared to the most accurate drivers!

It is no wonder that so many of the leading golfers in the world are also the longest drivers of the golf ball.

This benefit can be seen in terms of overall prize money when it comes to professional golf. For example in the 2017 PGA Tour season, the 43 golfers who averaged at least 300 yards made an average of $2,546,061 in prize money for the season compared to the 147 other golfers who averaged under 300 yards who had an average prize money of $1,362,608 (Golfweek)

Want to see some of the longest PGA Tour drivers? Check out this video below:

As you can see from the video, there are certainly some names on this list that you may recognize.

What Is The Average Driver Distance In Golf?

If you are like most other golfers out there then i’m sure you compare your golf game to other players. This is especially the case for many people when it comes to hitting their golf driver and can leave you wanting to know the average driver distance.

The average driver distance is so important for many people because it can act as a sign of where their golf game is. Additionally, the tee shot is so important because it can set the tone for the score on a golf hole and also the rest of the round.

Below i’ll cover the average driver distance for golfers across a range of criteria including age and gender.

Average Driving Average On The PGA Tour & LPGA Tour

You may watch the PGA Tour or LPGA Tour golf on TV and be amazed by just how far the golfers drive the ball compared to yourself or other players at your golf club or driving range.

You’d be right to be amazed as the players drive the ball significantly further than your average golfer due to a variety of factors.

Currently, the average drive on the PGA Tour is around 295 yards which has been increasing year on year (PGA). It is predicted that soon the average drive will be over 300 yards by a PGA Tour player.

On the LPGA Tour the average drive is around 270 yards with the longest driver on the tour driving the ball 286 yards on average (LPGA) which is Anne Van Dam.


Average Driver Distance For Men & Women

As golf professionals drive the ball significantly further than the average golfer (around 300 yards), it is important to know the average driver distance for both men and women who aren’t professionals.

This distance is not as far.

Based on stats of a range of factors including club head speed, launch angle and spin rate, the Trackman Blog found that the average male drive is around 226 yards which compared to the PGA Tour average of 295 yards means on average PGA Tour Golfers drive the ball 30% further than the average golfer.

However, the gap in average golf driver distance is further when it comes to female golfers. This is because according to the USGA Index report, amateur female golfers drive the ball on average 148 yards. This is a 45% decrease in driver distance from 270 yards on average on the LPGA Tour to the amateur female golfers driving average.


Therefore, next time you are watching golf on the TV you shouldn’t feel too downbeat when you see the distance that people are driving the ball. Most amateurs are in the same boat as you.

Also, there is plenty that can be done to increase driver distance!

Average Golf Driving Distance By Age

The average golf driving distance by age can tend to change depending on the age of a golfer. This can be illustrated by the PGA tour average drive being 295 yards and the PGA Champions Tour (Players are eligible after the age of 50) average driver distance being 268.5 yards, an 8.9% reduction.

According to research undertaken by Game Golf of their users, a golfer will reduce their average driving distance by age around 10 yards for every 10 years that they get older.

Their research has found that an average 20 to 30 year old golfer will have a total distance (not just carry) of 238.68 yards. Meanwhile, their research found that a golfer over the age of 60 will drive the golf ball on average 196.40 yards.

This is a massive 17.7% reduction in distance for senior golfers.


However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that seniors can’t match their junior counterparts. If they choose one of the best senior drivers and keep working on their swing speed and speed of the golf ball then they will be in a good position to keep their average driver distance for a senior golfer high.

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How To Increase Driver Distance

By following the four steps for maximizing driver distance in golf you will be crushing your drives down the fairway in no time!

The four steps that we highlight in this guide range from quick fixes that can be implemented right away to longer term things that will take more time to incorporate into your golf game.

Driver Distance Tip #1: Hit The Sweet Spot

Firstly, if you are looking to increase driver distance then it is imperative to have the basics in place to hit long shots with your driver. As with many aspects of golf it all comes back to the swing. This is the case again when looking at driver distance.

By having a focus on hitting the ball in the sweet spot you can be sure that you are hitting clean shots that have the optimum opportunity to travel far. It will also increase your chances of hitting the driver straight.

Driver Distance Tip #2: Increase Your Club Speed

Club head speed is so important when driving the golf ball. It allows you to maximize driver distance.

On average a PGA Tour professional will have a club head speed for their golf driver of around 115 MPH with the fastest being around 130 MPH (PGA Tour). While a mid-handicapper will have have a club head speed of only around 93 MPH ( Swing Man Golf). This significant drop in club head speed can make a huge difference when it comes to the distance that it helps to generate for a golf ball.

We have a complete guide which covers some of the best ways to increase your golf swing speed including some different drills that you can practice at the driving range.

By following the steps such as taking on a golf strength training program you will be so much closer to increasing driver distance.

A great way to increase your swing speed is to practice with weighted clubs and training such as the SuperSpeed Golf Trainer (Read our full SuperSpeed Golf Review here) Additionally, a great way to stay on top of your swing speed is to track yours regularly using an affordable tracker

Driver Distance Tip #3: Invest In The Best Golf Driver For You

Summary: Having the right driver in your bag can be critical to hitting better tee shots and putting you in a great position to improve your all round game.

Mid handicapper driver 2
Our #1 Pick

Secondly, we would say that there is an advantage to having the best golf driver for you in your bag when you looking to add extra distance with a driver. This may be having a great driver for carry such as the Callaway Epic Flash Driver in your bag but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need the most expensive driver, especially as a beginner. This is because each golfer of different abilities has different needs.

For example if you have a lower swing speed then the loft for your driver will be different than if you have a fast swing speed.

A great way to get started is to check out our golf driver reviews so that you can decide which picks that are on the market suit your needs best.

Driver Distance Tip #4: Improve Your Driver Shaft

distance driver shaft
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A proven way to gain an increased driver distance is by making an investment in one of the best driver shafts for distance such as our #1 pick the Accuflex Assassin II World Champion Long Drive Golf Shaft. .

If you are starting out and not getting distance with driver shots then then you may not know but the driver shaft is important in generating distance to a golf ball.

Fortunately a new driver shaft doesn’t need to break the bank and is a great idea for amateur golfers of all abilities looking to increase driver distance.

The lightweight premium driver shafts will allow you to swing at a faster swing speed with more control and without compromising your swing.

Driver Distance Tip #5: Tee Height and Attack Angle

Our fifth tip on this list is to tee the golf ball up at the right height for your game. If you are starting out or have a slower swing speed you will want to ensure that you are hitting up on the golf ball to increase driver distance as not doing so can be one of the top golf swing distance killers. If you are hitting down on the ball you essentially will lose some distance on your shots which prevents you from maximizing your potential.

The best way to get started with this is out on the driving range or at home using one of the best home golf simulators. It will give you opportunity to experiment with different heights to see which angle is working best for you as you want to find the right balance. Additionally, you will want to ensure that your driver loft is suited to you to give you the best angle possible. It is worth noting that while you are aiming to get as much distance as possible you don’t want to completely risk the accuracy of your tee shots also.

A Trackman Study found that the difference between a drive from a negative attack angle to a positive attack angle can cause anywhere from a 5% to 10% difference in total yardage.

driver distance vs attack angle

Golf Carry Distance Vs Total Distance

It is important to remember that there is a difference between how far a ball will carry in the air until the ball bounces and where it’s actual resting spot is. Depending on both the trajectory of the shot, the speed the ball is travelling and the surface that the ball lands on will determine how far the roll of the golf ball is upon landing.

How do you add 100 yards to your drive?

You can add significant yardage to your drive by keeping the clubhead accelerating on through the impact area, also known as swinging through the ball. It’s important that you also don’t feel yourself tense up your muscles, it’s normal to tighten your grip when under pressure before a big swing but you want to keep your grip looser than you think. Lastly, swing slower than you think you need to. Try swinging the ball slower, about 85-95% of your intensity to ensure you’re hitting the center of the clubface.

Can a new driver increase distance?

New drivers can potentially increase distance based on the technological advancements some of the new drivers boast. These advancements include improved head speeds resulting in faster club speeds, increased moment of inertia so the club doesn’t twist and additional weight so that the club swings smoothly and easily across different swing planes.

Why does my driver not go far?

One of the most common reasons your drive isn’t going far is your spin rate is too high. You can spot this by watching how high your shots go in the air. Another common reason is where you hit the ball. Hitting down on the ball can limit your drive. You want to make sure you hit up on the driver, you can do this by making sure the golf ball is teed up higher.

Does a longer driver shaft add more distance?

The quick answer is yes a longer driver shaft can add speed and distance to your drives. Typically 1” of driver shaft length adds up to about 1 mph of additional driver speed which equates to roughly 2 yards of driver distance.

Hitting The Driver Further: Summary

In conclusion, it is possible for golfers of all abilities to be able to get extra golf driver distance by implementing a few easy changes this doesn’t matter whether you are starting and using a beginner driver or beginner clubs or even if you have reached the mid-handicap stage. Sure some of the changes may require investment but as with many things in golf, they will reap rewards. It will also help you to play 18 holes faster.

It is also potentially worth taking the time to invest in a launch monitor or home golf simulator so that you can keep a better handle on your progress.

Additionally, it is not all about having the latest golf equipment to get extra distance with a driver. How many times do we see people with the latest equipment struggle with their game. Depending on your level of ability it is a balance between the fundamentals of swinging the club in the right way and having equipment which can supplement and accelerate your ability to drive the ball as far as possible.

As you can see in this article, there are a wide variety of factors that can impact your search of the golf driving average most applicable to you. These factors can range from it being the golf driving average for men or for women. Alternatively you may be searching for the average golf driving distance by age.

There are things that you can do to increase your club head speed to boost your average. Additionally, it is always worth investing in the correct equipment for you whether you require a beginner driver, mid handicapper driver or low handicapper driver.

Additionally, it is great to use the average driving distance as a benchmark for your abilities but also to always remember that it is possible to drive the golf ball further as is seen by golfers of a low handicap and those golfers on the PGA tour and LPGA tour.

Hitting drives with increased distance can be a huge benefit to have when looking to shave shots off your game and is possible by golfers of all levels.

As this guide showcases, it is possible to increase driver distance with just some simple small changes to your game.