Cleveland RTX 588 2.0 Black Satin Wedge [2023 Review]

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We’re going to cover the Cleveland RTX 588 Wedge in full detail in this guide. We’ll be doing a deep dive into everything that this club has to offer, the pro’s of the club, the con’s of the club and dig into exactly what people are saying about the Cleveland RTX 588 to get a full understanding of why people are choosing it.

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Introducing The Cleveland RTX 588 Wedge

The Cleveland RTX 588 2.0 Black Satin Wedge is one of Cleveland Golf’s premier wedge options and a popular choice for golfers of all abilities. When Cleveland Golf designed these clubs they did so with consistency in mind The club comes in a range of options ranging from 54 to 60 degrees.

When we reviewed the best wedges for backspin this club came out on top for a variety of factors which we wanted to go into for you in full detail in this comprehensive review.

What Are People Saying About This Cleveland Wedge?

Reviews for the Cleveland RTX 588 2.0 Wedge are largely positive. With a common theme being people noting the wedge for it’s great control and impact on their short game instantly.

What they’ve said about this club:

“I had been looking for a new wedge for a while to replace my trusty Tour Action SW. I decided to go with this model because I’m not good enough to need the latest and greatest tech and I could not be happier with my decision! My control and feel around the green with this wedge is amazing.”

“Love the club. On sand shots and short game it helped my game immediately. For me personally I had to make some distance adjustments as the distance was the same as previous wedges but this club causes much more spin.”

“Great clubs! I already have the 52 and 60 and have played them both. The back spin is phenomenal even for a new golfer like myself. I would definitely recommend this brand/club to everyone.”

However, a couple of reviewers have noted that the black coating on tshis club isn’t the most durable compared to other options:

“Excepting the wear on of the black coating, I’d give these 4 1/2 stars.”

Here is some footage of the Cleveland  RTX 588 2.0 Black Satin Wedge In Action:

Credit: Mark Crossfield

Who Is The Cleveland RTX 588 Wedge Perfect For?

One of the reasons why this is our favourite of the Cleveland Wedges is that it is an all weather club that is perfect for golfers of all abilities whether you are a low handicapper or high handicapper.

Many beginner golfers have noted that club has improved their inconsistent short games which over a round can help to reduce a handicap greatly. Whereas single digit handicappers love this club too for the exact same reason – who doesn’t love a reliable club!

Cleveland RTX 588 Wedge Pros:

Forgiveness: Being a good wedge golfer requires intricate play in an around the greens and this club can help even high handicappers who struggle with this aspect of their game.
Consistency: One of the biggest pros of the Cleveland RTX 588 2.0 Black Satin Wedge is that it is such a consistent golf wedge. Inconsistency is something that hampers golfers of all abilities and can cost several shots in a round, therefore having a consistent wedge like this is an essential.
Feel: Cleveland Golf have a great reputation within the golfing world for their great golf products and this club is no different with the premium feel that this golf wedge offers.
Look: With the black finish on this wedge we think that it looks like a great addition to any golf bag.
Backspin: This club is able to increase backspin for golfers of all abilities which is exactly why we placed it top of the list when we reviewed the best wedges for backspin.
Value:  Considering how great this golf wedge, is it is available at a great price. There are certainly other high performing wedges but not necessarily at such great value!
There are different options when purchasing this wedge depending on what kind of wedge you are looking for with options ranging from 54 degrees to 60 degrees.

Cleveland RTX 588 Wedge Cons:

Durability: After a while this club can show signs of wear and tear on the black finish which is a shame as otherwise this club ticks pretty much every box when searching for the best golf wedge. 


All in all we believe that the Cleveland RTX 588 2.0 Black Satin Wedge is an essential for any golfer looking to upgrade their golf bag in 2023 without breaking their budget. It is an affordable option that not only has a premium look and feel but is also consistent and a great option for both low handicappers and high handicappers.

With so many options for your golf shots in and around the green you will be feeling more confident to play shots that you wouldn’t previously have considered due to a lack of confidence. However when you know you have a great club like this in your hand then you will feel more confident to try out a whole array of wedge shots whether it be a pitch, chip or flop shot.

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