Callaway Strata Golf Clubs Review [2021 Pros & Cons]

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When you are just starting out, it can be overwhelming to select a set of golf clubs between all of the different options that are available to you on the market. But if you are a beginner, and you are trying to work out what is the best set of golf clubs for you, then you really can’t go wrong with the Callaway Strata Set.

This set is widely regarded to be the best set for players who are just starting out while being popular with more experienced golfers too.

The look of the set itself just shouts out ‘first-class’. In addition to that, such luxury isn’t too costly either, with the set mostly available for around about $200.

Perhaps you are a newbie to golf and are looking for the best club set that you can use to learn the ropes. Alternatively, maybe you already have some experience, and you are just looking for a set of clubs that you can use to take your skills to the next level. Either way, this guide is going to provide you with some of the best features in the Callaway Strata Set, as well as an explanation of how it can help you improve your performance out on the course. 

Callaway Strata Golf Clubs Review: Overview

Callaway Golf Men's Strata Complete Set

The Callaway Strata Is a great beginner set which gives new golfers a complete set of golf clubs at an affordable price.

  • Budget Alternative
  • Built For Forgiveness
  • More Beginner Focused
  • Offer Great Value For The Price

Overall you can’t go wrong with this set from Callaway, especially if you are starting out and in the market for a set of golf clubs that can get you out on the course at a reasonable price. Not only that but this set will offer a level of performance that you can rely on which isn’t always the case when it comes to beginner, cheap and tall golf club sets.

For the price that you pay you get a great level of both accuracy and distance but for beginners it is the forgiveness and accuracy elements of these golf clubs that will likely appeal most. This can range from your tee shots with the 460cc driver which will aid hitting more fairways to the large cavity backed irons which will help you to hit more greens in regulation. At their length they are also suitable as golf clubs for golfers over 6 feet.

Despite being a durable set of golf clubs if you are looking to spend a little more or plan on playing regularly then you may prefer to go with a set such as the Callaway Edge set which are built more for the long term and could help you if you play on a regular basis and plan on lowering your golf handicap.

Product Features

The next section of our Callaway Strata review goes into detail about the exact items you have organized in your golf bag when you purchase the Callaway Strata 12 Piece set from the driver to putter and stand bag.

460cc Titanium Driver

Of course, any golfer should own a driver as a part of their set. Owning a driver is a great tool for any golfer as it will allow them to find distance off the tee on par 4 and par 5 holes and give themselves a real advantage, especially if they know how to hit their driver straight.

This Strata Set offers users a 10.5-degree driver, which is made out of titanium, measuring 460cc in volume. For beginners who typically have slower swing speeds you may prefer a different driver loft to maximize distance. However, starting out this is certainly a reasonable option and will provide reliability and forgiveness. Eventually you may choose to upgrade for a specific new golfer driver to take your game to the next level.


The three wood, which is included in the Strata Set, has a loft at 15 degrees. This makes it a reliable club for high handicapped players to use until they can squeeze out a little bit more practice and improve their performance. This low profile allows for a level entrance of gravity, which is centered towards the back of the club. Amateur players and novice players will feel an improvement in their control and swing speed thanks to the shaft, which measures just under 42 inches. 

5 Hybrid 

It is these five hybrids which takes the spot of the 5-iron, which is considered to be much tougher for beginner golfers. These five hybrids allow for a much more reliable contact upon impact, and the club’s structure means the full club sole can slide below the ball for improved launch angle and more height. As you gain more experience, the five hybrids will become incredibly important to your game. It acts as a dependable club that you can use not just from the tee but on fairway too on longer courses.

6-9 Irons 

In this Strata Set, there are a total of four irons. Beginning with the 6 and finishing with the 9. A cavity backs all of these irons. This means that extra steel is, therefore, to the broader areas of the club-head to offer a much better balance and increased forgiveness. 

These irons could be classified as game improvement irons. This means that they are designed to help high handicappers to hit the ball higher with ease, and ensure that it endures a much more stable flight path. While the irons may not be Sophisticated, it provides a reliable and durable option of metals if you are just a beginner. 

Pitching Wedge

Although ideally, there could be an additional lob or sand wedge included in the set, this pitching wedge is a nice little bonus that will surely help any beginning golfer. This set’s pitching wedge is approximately 44 degrees, and despite the fact that that is a little bit higher than the ideal, the wedge can perform brilliantly anywhere in the course, from the light rough to the fairway. The pitching wedge is the heaviest of all the irons in the bag and is made to allow the beginner to improve their accuracy without sacrificing distance.


The putter that is featured in this Callaway Strata Set is worthy of a special mention. There is an extended steel piece feature that is on the other side of the face, which allows for improved balance. While the majority of putters available do struggle around the green, the Strata Set putter performs brilliantly to encourage more roll and allows the ball to reach the cup with ease. The shaft measures just 35 inches, which is relatively standard. For beginners, however, you may try out a more substantial grip on the putt that will help add extra stability to all of your strokes. 

Lightweight Stand Bag 

These amazing clubs come equipped with pockets that vary in size, which can allow you to hold any extra necessities that you have, including valuables, extra towels, and tees. This bag Is perfect for any players who are looking to add a little bit of exercise by walking between holes. It will keep your clubs safe and sound, not to mention that it is utterly perfect for golfers who frequently to play with the morning dew but want to keel the moisture away from their clubs (which may affect the grip.)

Why We Love These Golf Clubs?

There are several reasons why you will want to add these as your set of choice. We highlight just what makes them a great choice below.


These clubs are at the top of our list of clubs for beginners for many reasons. Firstly they come from a recognized brand in Callaway and unlike most other premium golf clubs which cost significantly more these clubs are accessible for beginners who want to take up the sport without leaving them playing with clubs with are no good.


Talking of which these clubs have great durability and forgiveness so as a beginner you will see benefits. Sure in the long term you may look at upgrading your bag but if you are starting out and on a tight budget and don’t know where to start then we’d recommend starting here.


As we’ve already mentioned. It will be hard to find a complete set that provide better value for money than these, especially if you are looking for a complete set as a beginner.

How many wedges Does It Come With?

One of the major drawbacks of the Callaway Strata set is the fact that compared to other options you are only left with a pitching wedge. This means there will likely be a gap with your wedges. You may want to consider adding either a sand wedge or a lob wedge.

Callaway Strata Alternatives

Of course the Callaway Strata Clubs don’t need to be the only golf clubs that you opt for when looking at your options.

Alternative #1: Wilson Men’s Ultra

Wilson Men’s Ultra

Beginner Set

  • Affordable
  • Forgiving
  • Best For Beginner Golfers

The Wilson Men’s Ultra are another great set of clubs if you are looking to save money while starting out. With this set of golf clubs you get all of the usual suspects of different size golf clubs from a driver to a putter and stand bag which you also find with Callaway Strata.

In terms of performance there isn’t much to separate these two sets as the Wilson Men’s Ultra is also a set that is aimed at improving performance for beginner golfers while offering golf clubs at a reasonable price. The main differentiator between the two is the look of the clubs which can really come down to personal preference.

Alternative #2: Cobra Airspeed Set

Cobra Golf Airspeed

Premium Choice

  • Premium Set
  • Lightweight
  • Built For Distance
  • Modern Design

Budget isn’t a consideration for everybody and there will be beginner golfers who are in the market for a golf set that will last them for years to come. This is where investing in a premium golf club set such as the Cobra Airspeed might make sense compared to going with Callaway Strata.

Sure they cost more but you are likely to both keep them for a longer period of time, take better care of the golf clubs and also be able to grow into them as their lightweight nature and high performance will suit both beginners and mid handicappers.

Alternative #3: Callaway Edge Golf Set

Callaway Unisex's Edge 10 Piece Golf Set

The Callaway Edge is an all round Unisex set that comes at a great price for beginners and mid handicappers.

  • Great Value
  • Great Design
  • Forgiving
  • All round Performance
  • Beginner Friendly

The above two Callaway Strata alternatives are both either a direct comparison or a really premium option. However, our third alternative is a combination of more durability but a higher price (without being overly expensive.)

The Callaway Edge golf clubs offers a few extra benefits that you don’t see with the Callaway Strata set. For example it comes with a premium putter included. This is great as it is more stable which makes mid to short putts much easier to make on a consistent basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Callaway Strata Golf Clubs Forgiving?

Callaway Strata golf clubs offer forgiveness for golfers looking to hit more accurate shots when starting out.

What Is the Difference Between Callaway Strata And Strata Plus?

With the Callaway Strata plus set you will benefit from an additional 4 hybrid in the golf set which gives you more options for your long game.

Is Callaway Strata Good For Beginners?

Callaway Strata is a great option for beginners as it gives new golfers access to a set of reasonable golf clubs at an affordable price.

Callaway Strata Golf Clubs Review: Conclusion

To conclude our Callaway Strata review, if you are in the market for a brand new golf set either as a beginner, as an intermediate player even if you want the best possible golf clubs for the money and don’t want to spend a small fortune then these are the golf clubs that you should purchase which you can do so here. They’ll make your rounds of golf more enjoyable because they will aid your performance and they also make affordable golf much more accessible for more people.

They really are an option for many types of golfers. To add to this because they offer the golf clubs in both right and left handed options as well as a women’s set (view differences with mens vs womens clubs here) it really does make it possible for everybody to get access to a cheap golf set that will perform well around the course.

If we’re looking for areas of this golf set for improvement, we’d say that a sand wedge would be nice as it would offer more flexibility around the greens to hit approach shots near to the pin. However, it always possible to just purchase this separately yourself or just opting for the 16 golf club set that is on offer!

Callaway Golf Men's Strata Complete Set

The Callaway Strata Is a great beginner set which gives new golfers a complete set of golf clubs at an affordable price.

  • Budget Alternative
  • Built For Forgiveness
  • More Beginner Focused
  • Offer Great Value For The Price