Callaway Mavrik Driver 2023: Review & Detailed Specs

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If you have any experience of shopping for golf clubs, then you already know that Callaway is one of the leading brands in the golf industry. The brand already turned some heads with the Callaway epic flash driver as they used AI technology to create a club that was able to hit longer and straighter than ever before.

The Callaway Mavrik driver has been created using the same technology but this time around it’s aimed at improving your game by making it easier to get more distance out of each shot. This is something that should be welcomed by all golfers who want to improve their game.

In our Callaway Mavrik driver review, we will explore all the striking features and infused technologies of the new drivers from Callaway Golf so that you can ultimately decide if they are worth it or not.

Callaway Mavrik Summary

With 3 different models available, the Callaway Mavrik drivers are suitable for all types of players. They come equipped with an advanced design that allows them to deliver maximum distance while also providing great forgiveness when struck correctly.

They also feature a premium shaft that provides an exceptional feel and control during every swing. Additionally, despite coming from a leading golf brand they are priced quite reasonably compared to the most premium golf clubs on the market, meaning that anyone looking to upgrade their equipment should consider purchasing these.

Callaway Mavrik Driver Review

In this new lineup, there are three Mavrik models: Mavrik Standard, Mavrik Max, and Mavrik Sub Zero. All three models have a similar shape but different sizes and weights to meet the needs of most golfers. These model types are suitable for almost every golfer. Mavrik max is the more forgiving model which would appeal most to beginners, whereas the Maverick sub-zero is tailored more to experienced golfers who are likely to hit it with more spin and have faster swing speeds.

As a brand that is at the front of technology within the industry, Callaway used artificial intelligence to provide a unique face to each new model. This provides for a golf driver that is made with a sweet spot that is even larger without sacrificing forgiveness. 

Callaway Mavrik Driver Specs

In this section we will explore some of the different Callaway Mavrik driver specs.

Design & Feel

Callaway Mavrik drivers shine most in terms of their looks and feel. For the Callaway Mavrik model, they have utilized a new design, the cyclone aero shape. Here the crown has more of a rounded presence while the sole is made flat, offering more precise shots.

This new design effectively reduces drag up to 61% than the previous models which enhance the aerodynamics of the golf club so that even an average golfer can generate amazing clubhead speed and swing the driver faster.

To give the golf club a premium feel, Callaway gave the head surface a glossy look with some white and orange stripes on the edges.

It is often down to opinion as to what design you prefer but it’s been noted that some golfers prefer the look of the previous models.

Our Rating: 9.4/10


Construction material is another crucial aspect that sets a Callaway driver apart from other brands.

For achieving higher MOI ratings, Callaway constructed the driver heads from a T2C Triaxial carbon material.

The significantly lighter carbon crown permits the manufacturer to redistribute weight in the right places so that you can hit the ball fairly high and land it at desired angles.

As for the flash face, it’s made of FS2S titanium to offer strength and maximum durability. When compared to traditional titanium, it’s at least 6 grams lighter, making it easier to hit the golf ball with less force.

Shaft Options

You can select a customized shaft with any material you want. However, the stock shaft materials are high-quality and have their special benefits.

Here are the stock shaft materials Callaway offers you:

·Project X Evenflow Riptide

A most popular material featuring an ‘Even Bend’ technology to distribute the energy on the surface evenly.

This way, you can generate great clubhead speed and ensure a straight ball flight. You can buy this 50g or 60g shaft for mid-launch, regular flex, and mid-spin profile.

UST Helium Black

Specialized for women, the shaft weighs only 40g to generate high ball speed and flat trajectory.

Aldila Rogue White 130 MSI

With its stiff flex and 60g weight, the material is suitable for golfers who generate high swing speeds. The mid-launch and low spin shafts provide consistency and workability.

Our Rating: 9.2/10


As we’ve come to expect from Callaway, they have infused some genius technologies in the Mavrik drivers to deliver the best performance.

The previously mentioned cyclone aero shape was designed using artificial intelligence that analyzed the launch monitor data to come up with the best possible shape to achieve a few yards longer distances.

Another groundbreaking innovation was the jailbreak technology, as we have seen in the epic flash series.

Here, two internal jailbreak bars are placed just behind the flash face to connect the top line with the sweeping sole. The titanium-made bars provide extra stability, spin robustness, and maximum forgiveness.

With the A.I. machine learning, Callaway has built an interior titanium rib system to fine-tune the head and produce satisfying, low-pitched, and improved sound effects.

Our Rating: 9.4/10


Year over year the performance of the drivers from Callaway seems to increase. Some of these benefits include hitting more fairways as well as increasing driver distance.

The combination of the new design and the newly developed materials make the driver perform better than ever before. In addition, the new construction process makes the driver stronger and more durable.

Our Rating: 9.1/10


The next part of our Mavrik review focuses on the fact that the Mavrik products certainly are not budget drivers. They’re priced at a fair price considering what you get. If you are looking to save money then they may not be your best option as there are many other options available at lower prices.

However, if you are looking for something that will last longer and give you the best performance, then the Mavrik drivers are definitely worth checking out.

Our Rating: 8.8/10

Callaway Golf Mavrik Driver Comparison

In this section, we will review the three different drivers in the Mavrik lineup. This will help you to decide which one is best for you, based on your needs as well as how you normally play. 

Callaway Mavrik Drivers

A most suitable model for mid handicappers who want a decent driver with a stable feel. The driver comes pre-tensioned with a fixed weight design, which keeps the driver head from twisting and maximizing stability. The Callaway’s engineers included an elastomer insert in the lightweight shaft to provide a soft and solid feel.

This driver helps you hit the golf ball straight and easily without losing any distance or power. 

Additionally, just like the other two models, it features an adjustable hosel and you can tune the angle of the loft to your liking. 

Callaway Mavrik Max Drivers

Best For Beginners

Among the three, it’s the easiest club to hit. The model has two interchangeable weights at the top and bottom so that you can adjust the draw bias to control the ball spin.

With the max drivers, you can hit the ball to the fairway. If you have a hard time hitting the sweet spot, this forgiving model will be an ideal choice for you which exactly why it is a top rated pick for new golfers.

Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero Drivers

Best For Low Handicappers

The Mavrik sub zero model also has adjustable weights. Since it’s the low spin model, it can be really helpful for beginners who have trouble controlling their high swing speeds.

Moreover, this driver offers a low to mid trajectory, and it doesn’t generate much distance like its cousins. You can use this driver for playing golf tournaments and is more commonly used by average golfers with experience.

What We Like & Don’t Like


  • From our experience here are some of the things that we most like about the Callaway Mavrik Driver:
  • A unique head design reduces drag and gives precision to your shots
  • The extra-large clubhead generates high ball speeds
  • Comes in customized and premium shaft materials for easier swings
  • Titanium-made flash face provides more spin and consistency
  • A jailbreak interior design offers maximum forgiveness
  • Suitable for low, mid, and high handicappers


  • A bit pricey

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is The Best Callaway Mavrik Driver?

With three different models which are all tailored to golfers of different skill levels, it’s difficult to say which one is the best. If you are a new golfer then the Mavrik Max will be best for you whereas if you are a low handicapper you may wish to check out the Sub Zero driver.

How Forgiving Is The Callaway Mavrik Driver?

The Mavrik series is more forgiving than the previous models. As the Mavrik max driver has a larger head and adjustable weights, it’s the most forgiving one in the Mavrik lineup.

Final Verdict: Callaway Mavrik Review

The Callaway Mavrik Driver is a great choice for anyone looking for a top-rated new golf driver. With three different models to choose from, there is sure to be one that fits your needs and skill level.

The drivers are designed with adjustable weights and a unique head shape that reduces drag, making it easier to hit the ball straight and precision shots.

Priced at a fair price considering what you get, the Callaway Mavrik Drivers are worth checking out if you are looking for something that will last longer and give you the best performance.

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