Callaway Edge Golf Clubs Set: 2023 Review & Specs

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In this Callaway Edge review, we’ll cover a popular golf club set that is getting much attention from a leading brand and discuss whether or not they are worth investing in for your game.

When it comes to choosing your set of golf clubs it is important to remember that equipment is significant in a game like golf when it comes to performance. This is because each of the various clubs that you find in a bag have different roles. Extreme examples of this include a driver and a putter. Having the right golf clubs for you can result in improved performance such as increased shot carry, more accurate shots and fewer putts.

We’ll explore where the Callaway Edge Golf Club Set fits into the marketplace and who it is most suitable for. This is because certain popular golf clubs are more appropriate for different types of golfers. For example as a beginner you probably wouldn’t need the exact same equipment as a PGA Tour professional. When you factor in this it’s easy to see why it’s crucial to choose a set that suits your buying criteria and level of capabilities.

Callaway Edge Golf Club Set Review: Overview

The Callaway Edge Golf Club set is an ideal option for beginner golfers or high handicappers who are looking for a golf set that would be a great long term investment without breaking the bank. Sure it isn’t the cheapest option on the market but it does come with high quality golf clubs for beginners that offer both forgiveness and performance and at a lower price point than a premium golf set.

Callaway Unisex's Edge 10 Piece Golf Set

The Callaway Edge is an all round Unisex set that comes at a great price for beginners and mid handicappers.

  • Great Value
  • Great Design
  • Forgiving
  • All round Performance
  • Beginner Friendly

Callaway Edge Review

These golf clubs were previously sold only by Costco. However, now they have much wider distribution and are available further afield. You can check the latest price here.

What we find amazing about these clubs are that they are such great sellers and have great feedback, yet Callaway themselves have done very little promotion of the clubs. This goes against the grain compared to the usual fanfare that we see when new clubs are coming to market. 

This goes to show that great clubs at a great price where people see great performance is a winning combination. 

In the next part of our review we cover exactly what you will find in the complete set.

What’s included in the Callaway Edge Golf set

The Callaway Edge Golf Set only comes as a 10 piece set opposed to the maximum allowed which is 14 clubs. However, we don’t mind this as you get all of the essentials but also room in the bag to make personal additions for your preferences. 

You’ll get the following with this unisex Callaway Edge set: 

  • Titanium Driver 
  • 3-Wood
  • Callaway Edge Hybrid 
  • 6-9 irons
  • Pitching wedge
  • Sand wedge
  • Odyssey White Hot Pro Putter 

When you consider not only the range of products that you get here but also the quality of them such as a high quality driver and an Odyssey putter which (would typically cost up to $150) on it’s own then it’s easy to see that you are getting great value for money with this golf set.

When you add up this set you also get the Callaway Edge hybrid and the irons along with a pitching wedge, sand wedge, odyssey white hot putter and a quality golf bag. Therefore overall when you add it together what you get with the set results in a low overall price compared to alternatives in the marketplace. It’s also possible that these golf clubs aren’t just suitable for those starting out but they provide a great option to grow if you are looking for the best golf clubs for intermediate players.

Being a unisex set they make an ideal choice for all golfers and in the next section of this buying guide we will go into detail about each of the clubs that you will get in the set themselves. 

Callaway Edge Driver

Aesthetically this titanium driver stands up against any of the leaders on the market. What else makes it great for beginners and high handicappers is that the actual performance of the driver is likely to suit your needs starting out as it is designed for distance and accuracy.

Ideally we would have liked to have seen more loft on the driver with this set as it does lend itself to those golfers who are starting out or have a slower swing speed. As you can see here there is a direct correlation between loft and swing speed. 

However, as a whole, this is a solid driver that offers all of the basic bells and whistle as a driver for first-timers to golf and those with higher handicaps.

Callaway Edge 3 wood

Just like the driver the Callaway Edge 3 wood comes with a low center of gravity which makes it easier to hit. Again, this is ideal for high handicappers as it will help to aid more forgiveness which will lead to more accurate drives off the tee. 

Callaway Edge hybrid

The Callaway Edge hybrid comes with the same eye catching design as the driver and the 3-wood. Despite not coming with typical long irons such as a 5 iron you will find a Callaway edge hybrid which makes it easier for beginners to hit long and accurate fairway shots.

Callaway Edge irons

As we stated above, the 5 Hybrid will replace the 5 iron. Therefore, the iron set-up includes: 6, 7, 8, 9 irons, a pitching wedge and a sand wedge. These are cavity back irons which makes them easy to hit and is another factor in making them a huge favorite with those starting out.

Just like many of the other golf clubs in the bag, these cavity back irons offer a solid foundation for someone looking for new golfer sets. When you add the pitching wedge and sand wedge to the mix you should be able to see improvements in your short game with these clubs.

There are more expensive options on the market which you may prefer to add to your bag but again as an all round option they certainly stack up.

Odyssey White Hot Pro Putter

What makes these different than so many options on the market is the fact that you don’t just get a standard putter which doesn’t offer any advantage for your game. Instead in the Callaway Edge set what you’ll find is that you also get the Odyssey white hot pro putter as a bonus. 

What makes this club more unique than just getting a stock putter is the fact that the Odyssey White Hot Pro putter offers a stable putter which has a huge advantage for those short putts that you find yourself missing when really you should be making them. 

Not only is it stable but it also comes with a super stroke grip which will allow you to get the ball in the hole at a higher ratio. 

What makes this such a benefit is that ordinarily you would look at paying $100 plus for a quality putter but this is included within the set itself with a super stroke grip and plenty of stability to make your putting life easier.


There are some major advantages to choosing these golf clubs if you are a beginner or have a low handicap and are looking for a one-stop solution for the golf course.


Forgiveness is one of the core benefits of choosing this choice from Callaway golf. Starting with the oversized Callaway edge driver head with a greater sweet spot than average thanks to it’s low center of gravity. What’s great is that the forgiveness makes it’s way beyond just the driver as these forgiving irons offer straight shots and decent pitch angles. 

With these clubs being designed for beginners and high handicappers it is important to note that precision is more critical than hitting the ball as it can significantly improve your scores. However, this set factors in both which makes them an attractive option with additions such as the Callaway edge hybrid. For example you will have access to a 3 wood and 5 hybrid which also have a low center of gravity and make those long fairway shots much easier to hit both long and straight.

Shaft Built For Slower Swings

Coming with graphite shafts, the woods are built with a slower swing speed in mind. This makes them an ideal choice for women’s golf clubs or senior golf clubs where you typically see a slower clubhead speed. Additionally, the regular flex of the shaft tailors itself to mid-high handicappers. This is opposed to stiff shaft clubs that would be better suited to low handicappers. 

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Compared to other golf club sets this set is much more affordable than other premium options. However, they cost much more than the Callaway Strata set (view comparison here) which is also focused on beginners. However, these clubs are much more durable and high performing which will give beginners or high handicappers looking for a long term set or a set that they can grow into a great option.


There really isn’t much that is negative to say about choosing the Callaway Edge Golf Clubs. They are an overall great choice for beginners and high handicappers, especially at this price point as an out of the box solution.

However, there are better more tailored options that come at a steeper price point such as the Callaway Mavrik or Taylormade SIM Max.We’re not seeing a huge amount to be down on with Callaway Edge.

Another thing to consider is that the set isn’t truly complete as it only comes with 11 clubs. If you want a full 14 club set you may want to look elsewhere or alternatively you may want to add a few custom clubs or fill the gaps with a wider wedge selection.

Who should buy the Callaway Edge 10 Piece Golf Clubs?

If you are a beginner or average golfer then these golf clubs would be a great option for you. If you know your game inside out and know what your exact needs are then there may be other options that you wish to consider. However, you could still go with these clubs as a base set and then build and tailor it to your preferences as you look to arrange clubs in your golf bag to your own needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Callaway Still Making Edge Golf Clubs?

Callaway still make the Edge golf clubs and they are available at leading retailers such as Amazon or CostCo.

Is Callaway Edge Good For Beginners?

Callaway Edge are a great choice of golf clubs for beginners. They offer great value for money, are forgiving and are also a golf set that new golfers can grow into as their game develops.

How Forgiving Are Callaway Edge Irons?

Callaway Edge Irons are a great beginner set of irons as they offer plenty of forgiveness for mishit golf shots.

In Conclusion: Should High Handicappers and Beginners Choose The Callaway Edge Set?

To conclude our Callaway Edge review, yes a high handicapper and beginners should choose the Callaway Edge Golf Club Set for a variety of reasons as their first purchase. Firstly, you are getting durable, well designed clubs that perform exactly how a beginner would want them to. Additionally, you get a premium feel at a fraction of the price of other leading alternatives or choosing a second hand set.

If you want to save even more money and sacrifice quality then there are other alternatives that you may consider but if you are looking to invest in a set that can stand the test of time from a trusted company that has been around since 1982 ( and you can grow into but you are not currently at an advanced level then these are a great go-to option.

Callaway Unisex's Edge 10 Piece Golf Set

The Callaway Edge is an all round Unisex set that comes at a great price for beginners and mid handicappers.

  • Great Value
  • Great Design
  • Forgiving
  • All round Performance
  • Beginner Friendly