Best TaylorMade Drivers Ever: 2023 Rankings

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It is important to have a good golf driver for a lot of reasons, including the fact that a good one can help you hit the ball more accurately off the tee with as much distance as possible.

With a quality golf driver, problems such as distance are complemented by accuracy which means straighter and more accurately hit shots. The weight distribution in between each of your heel and toe helps keep your club head steady throughout your swing which leads to better ball control. And lastly, golf drivers help you develop consistency which means better performance on the course.

With that said, today we’re bringing you the best TaylorMade drivers ever. We’ll compare them against each other so that you can decide which one is best for you from this leading golf brand.

Best Taylormade Drivers: Quick Picks

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Why Should I Choose TaylorMade?

Among the top providers of golf equipment and accessories is TaylorMade Golf. Golf equipment has been designed and produced by the company for over 40 years. They offer a variety of quality golf products that every golfer can appreciate, making TaylorMade one of the biggest names in the industry.

Callaway is often compared to them due to their dominance in the market. There is often debate regarding the relative strengths of TaylorMade and Callaway, with some claiming TaylorMade is more advanced, while others claiming that Callaway remains the leader. Since both make high-quality products, it’s often a matter of personal preference. Overall, there will be something for everyone in the range of clubs and accessories that the company offers.

Best TaylorMade Drivers Ever Ranked

TaylorMade M6 Driver

taylormade m6 driver

Taylormade M6 Driver

All Rounder

  • Lightweight
  • Forgiving
  • Great Design

Key Features:

TaylorMade’s M6 driver can help to reduce side spin on the ball and launch it further. You can select a loft setting to help you get the best trajectory from your shots. There is an extra 56 percent carbon fiber in the titanium clubhead of the driver, which is 460cc in size.

If accuracy is something that you are looking for then the lightweight, hammerhead slot and speed injected twist face technology provides you with a larger sweet spot to hit more fairways. A relatively new innovation called Twist Face Technology actually twists the face to redirect contact from the center towards the toe area.

The M6 Driver is also forgiving as it comes with a longer face. Longer faces provide greater forgiveness to the golfer, especially when you consider the interaction between the design and the length of the face.

TaylorMade M4 Driver

Taylormade M4 Driver

Forgiving Choice

  • Forgiving
  • Large Face & Sweet Spot
  • Aerodynamic Design

Key Features:

One of the top all-round drivers is the TaylorMade M4 driver. It is easy to see why experts have praised this driver. With the M4, a player can hit shots straighter if they are off center hits.

The M4 is packed with the Hammerhead slot design, a feature that is meant to add weight in the heel. It also has a larger sweet spot for added forgiveness. The face of the M4 is large and it has a new design for added distance as well as control.

The new Geocoustic sole design provides increased feedback and in turn produces a larger sweet spot which reiterates just why it is a great choice for beginner golfers.

With its advanced technology and all round feel, it is the perfect driver for new players or those who want to improve their game. The M4 golf drivers deserve their place among the best taylormade drivers thanks to its forgiveness and aerodynamic design and feel.

TaylorMade M5 Driver

Taylormade M5 Driver

Distance Driver

  • Fast Ball Speeds
  • Adjustable Weighting
  • Great For Distance

Key Features:

The TaylorMade Golf M5 Driver is the fastest and straightest driver ever, thanks to multi-material construction that frees up more weight for low CG and high MOI. Utilizing the inverted T-Track, you can use adjustable weighting to create the shot shape you prefer for your swing. Moreover, it can compensate for any flaws you might have in your swing, making it ideal for inexperienced players trying to find a TaylorMade driver that can compensate against their flaws.

Almost all the usual TaylorMade features are seen in the M5, such as how it features Speed Injected Twist Face technology that delivers faster ball speeds on mishits as well which make it a great distance driver.

Other features that you often find with other drivers from TaylorMade include the large sweet spot for forgiveness as well as adjustability to control trajectory and launch off the tee.

TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black Driver

Taylormade Men’s RBZ Black Driver

Affordable Choice

  • Great Price
  • Great For Beginners
  • Speed Pocket Technology

Key Features:

The TaylorMade RBZ black driver is a great choice if you want a leading brand at a fraction of the price. The 460cc titanium forged head is designed to give the driver more distance while also adding more durability.

TaylorMade’s RBZ Black Driver features include an adjustable hosel which makes it ideal for golfers of all abilities and especially beginners. Additionally, the Women’s RBZ Driver comes with a little more loft so you can gain a little more elevation and high launch on the ball which makes it a great driver for women.

TaylorMade also offers speed pocket technology with the RBZ black driver which can cause low spin on your drives. Overall it is an affordable, balanced, and reliable driver to add to your bag with some extra perks such as the speed pocket technology.

TaylorMade SIM Driver

Taylormade SIM Driver

Options For Everybody

  • Great For Distance & Forgiveness
  • SIM Max Is Great For Beginners
  • Adjustable Loft Sleeve

Key Features:

Among TaylorMade’s recent drivers, the Taylormade SIM Driver has caught the attention of professional golfers. Crafted primarily for those who have played for a while, the SIM driver brings a new design with adjustability to your game. The Speed Injected twist face process is designed to maximize ball speed and distance. Twist Face Technology keeps off-center strikes along your target line and reduces the penalty when your contact point drifts toward the toe. It has a larger sweet spot for better swinging with a more aerodynamic head.

The new SIM Driver is popular with golfers and one of the best taylormade drivers for golfers of all abilities but especially those with experience. If you do not feel like you are getting the best performance from your swing, you can adjust the sleeve. Club head speed, ball speed and distance are enhanced with a lighter weight design and its sweet spot is one of the biggest on the market. This aerodynamic head design makes it easier to swing in windy conditions because it allows for a faster swing.

Additionally, If you’d like you can also compare the TaylorMade SIM Vs SIM Max which is another of their SIM series drivers that is one of the best for those just starting out. With the TaylorMade SIM Max Driver slow swing speeds can still achieve distance and be forgiving. As you can control your shots to the utmost, your overall game improves.

The adjustable loft sleeve is helpful for those who like to play around with the face angle. It’s a great option for golfers with slower swing speeds or those who want maximum forgiveness and performance from their driver.

Overall, the SIM MAX is a driver with excellent launch, overall distance, and distance control thanks to the face being speed injected.

TaylorMade Golf Original One Mini Driver

TaylorMade Golf Original One Mini Driver

Limited Edition

  • Great Backup Driver
  • Twist Face Technology
  • Introduced For 40th Anniversary

Key Features:

To mark TaylorMade’s 40th anniversary (TaylorMade), the Original One Mini Driver was introduced. Using the newest twist face technology, your shots will cover the greatest distance through the most efficient path. Overall, you should definitely consider investing in this driver as an alternative choice. 

You probably won’t have to replace your existing driver with this one. However, if you’re looking for a backup driver that provides accuracy, distance, tight dispersion, and forgiveness, this driver is worth your consideration. 

Also included in the driver is the adjustable loft sleeve, so you can fine-tune the launch angle and trajectory to your liking.

TaylorMade M2 Driver

TaylorMade M2 Driver

Beginner Choice

  • Great For Beginners
  • Adjustable Loft
  • Great Value

Key Features:

If you are looking for a solid Taylormade driver that is an all rounder at a great price then the Taylormade M2 driver is something that you should consider, especially if you are a beginner. Not only is this driver accurate and well suited to beginners and high handicappers but it will also help give you extra distance and forgiveness.

With an adjustable loft sleeve and range of loft options you will be able to tailor the M2 driver to suit your swing and preferred trajectory. However, where it really stands out is the feel and familiarity that it will give you, even if you are new to the game of golf. This can be a great asset in helping you to feel more confident when you are standing on the tee box.

The M2 driver is not only a good beginner driver with a deep center of gravity but is also an ideal choice for experienced golfers looking to save some money so it can be seen as a long term investment.

How A Good Driver Can Help

A great Taylormade Driver can help you to gain an advantage off the tee in a variety of ways. From ball speed to hitting more fairways we explore how below.

Faster Ball Speed

By getting a faster ball speed with your driver you will be able to hit a longer and more accurate golf shot. This will help you to reach the green in less time and reduce the shots required for each hole.

Ball speed plays a crucial part in distance and accuracy and therefore any driver that helps to create faster ball speed is going to have a much beneficial effect on your game.

Accuracy & Distance Control

A good driver will help you to get your accuracy matched to the distance you want and control the way that the ball travels on the fairway. This can be beneficial if you have trouble controlling your shot distance and is something that a lot of amateur golfers struggle to do.

Driver distance is important as it can really give you an advantage against your opponents. However, it shouldn’t come as a sacrifice for hitting your driver straight.

Increased Swing Speed

A lightweight driver can help you to increase your swing speed by being faster through the air. This will help you to get the ball to travel further along the fairway.

There are plenty of factors that go into club head speed and a driver is just one of the many things that will contribute to this.

In Summary

When choosing the best Taylormade driver you can be sure that you are choosing from one of the leading golf brands in the world (GrandViewResearch). They offer a wide range of experience for all types of golfers. The company is constantly improving their Taylormade Driver technology with each new driver, which can be seen through their different models.

Investing in the best TaylorMade drivers is a great choice if you are looking to increase your distance and accuracy from the tee box. No matter whether it is the M6 Driver, the SIM or SIM Max or an older model they really do have something for everyone no matter whether you are a beginner or high handicapper looking for a faster ball speed as well as a larger sweet spot to strike the right balance between a correct ball flight, distance and forgiveness for straighter shots.

However, if you’d prefer to try other models you can click here to view the top models on the market.