Top Online Golf Lessons & Instructions for 2023

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Looking to improve your golf game and don’t know where to look to take the necessary steps to move your game to the next level? If so then you’re in the right place.

You may have tried a range of training devices to work on your golf swing without a positive effect. If so then a next logical step in your pursuit of golf improvement would be to discover the best online golf lessons. Online golf instruction is a great way to follow a systemized approach to bettering your scores from somebody who is an expert in the field.

In this guide we will bring you a range of golf instructors and programs that can allow you to measurably track your progress. We will cover how each of our chosen golf lessons can help you.

Quick Picks: Best Online Golf Instruction

Rotary Swing
Scientific Program
Me and My Golf
Monte Scheinblum
Custom Teaching
Rick Shiels
Youtube Instruction

Features Of Effective Coaches

When searching for a high quality golf instructor there are several important factors to take into consideration. Below we’ll dive deeper into what you should consider before choosing a specific golf coach.


You will want a high quality level of teaching when you choose your golf instructor. If you aren’t going to be able to find golf coaches who are effectively going to be able to make improvements to your golf game then there is nothing to gain. Additionally, investing in a golf launch monitor will allow you to discover more about your game and get into the ins and outs of your golf swing. To this one step further you may wish to create a golf simulator setup (view our top picks here).


Additionally, as golf is an expensive sport with a wide range of equipment that is required you will want to ensure that you choose golf coaches who are affordable. Typically, the more tailored and bespoke that the training is the more your golf coach will likely cost.

Length Of Program

When it comes to choosing golf coaches you will also want to consider how long their specific training programs last. Depending on your own specific needs these can vary greatly with the best golf coaches able to put together a smooth offering that is both streamlined yet detailed at the same time.

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In Detail: Best Online Golf Lessons

Below we go into full details for our picks for the top online golf instructors and golf coaches. We will go into detail about their own specific product offerings so that you can decide which choice is best for you.

Rotary Golf Swing

Many golfers have made significant improvements in their golf swing after using Rotary Swing since 2004. The website was started by Chuck Quinton and provides invaluable information to every level of golfers, both beginners and professionals alike. Even though the golf swing is a simple concept for most professionals it can feel difficult for beginners. This is why using a golf instructor is so important if you want to improve your golf swing. 

Rotary Swing concentrates on three main teaching areas within their golf lessons: the brain, the body, and golf swing physics.

Rotary Swing offers some of the best golf instruction content because they offer an uncomplicated way for you to learn the skills you need to become a great golfer.

In addition to Mr. Quinton, who is a master golfer, the company has a neurosurgeon, an orthopedic surgeon, and a biochemist on staff to make sure that every online golf lesson you take is one that will benefit you and help your golf game become more efficient and professional. 

With Rotary Swing, you get golf instruction answers and help based on science, so there’s no more guesswork when it comes to your online golf lessons. Sure you won’t get an in-person lesson but the system they use to teach people to play golf is called the DEAD system, and it includes a series of drills that promises to have you playing like the pros in no time. 


  • Reasonably priced at $198 per year or $47 per month.
  • Online golf Lessons that are based on real science.
  • Great for golfers of all experience levels.
  • Led by a team of scientists and golfing experts.


The below video introduces the Rotary Swing in more detail:

Me And My Golf

Me and My Golf is a website that is run by several golf instructors, and they are there to help golfers of all experience levels. The best part is that the classes are broken down into specific categories, so they give you a very personalized approach to improving your golf game. Some of these classes include Beginner Level, Advanced Level, Break 80, Ultimate Irons, Flexible in 15, Complete Chipping, Complete Putting, and Total Driving, among others.

What this means in practical terms is simple – you can get something individualized to your level of expertise regardless where you are now. Most of the classes last five to eight weeks and are broken down into weekly online golf lessons that usually last 20 minutes or so. Most of the sessions cost around $100, so they are very reasonable. They teach things such as dealing with the rough, how to dominate Par 3’s and approach shots, and controlling your ball when it’s windy, to name a few.

Whether you’re brand-new or experienced in the game of golf, you have a way to go further if that’s what you want. With Me and My Golf, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to learn great golfing skills, and since they are specialized to certain golfers, you’ll always get exactly what you need to improve your game.


  • Very reasonably priced.
  • Personalized for golfers of all levels of expertise.
  • Managed by a team of expert golfers.
  • Uses tips and actual drills to help you improve your game.


They have done many videos on their youtube channel including the below one with Rory Mcilroy:

Monte Scheinblum

This site, now called Rebellion Golf, offers videos and clinics in addition to online classes, and they make it simple to get started. All you have to do is:

  • Record yourself swinging your golf club with your cell phone or video camera.
  • Fill out the online form and send it in with your payment.
  • You receive your lessons via email – no Vimeo account needed!

Indeed, they make it easy for you to start taking your online golf lessons. When it comes to improving your golf game, this site gives you numerous ways to do just that, and all of the lessons are under the direction of Monte Scheinblum. Normally, their online classes are $90 each, but if you purchase one of their Improvement Plans ($49 per month or $499 per year), the price goes down to $65. With these plans, you also get discounts on their other programs, which include $100 off clinics, in-person lessons at $125 ($175 regularly), and remote live lessons for $125 per hour ($150 regularly). 

In addition to videos, clinics, and online classes, the site also offers a great blog, remote live online golf lessons, and even in-person lessons, so you can decide for yourself which plan will work best for you. His blog is also very informative and covers topics such as how to cast the perfect club, a short game video series, and learning about early extension in the golf swing, among others.


  • Great for golfers of all experience levels.
  • All programs are reasonably priced.
  • Numerous programs for different interest levels.
  • Super easy to get started.


The below video provides an introduction to their No-turn cast instructional video:

Rick Shiels

Rick Shiels has his own YouTube channel that is devoted to golf and nothing else. Shiels is a professional golfer and PGA golf instructor who runs a golf academy, and he shares his online golf tips with viewers on all sorts of topics related to golf and how to improve your game. The best part about his channel is that all of the videos are free of charge, and they cover a ton of topics that range from golf challenges to vlogs and golf club reviews perfect for beginners to golf entertainment. Rick Shiels can help you with his teaching coming in a fun and interactive way.

Some of the many teaching topics included on his video channel include golf swing mistakes, the natural way to grip a club, how to fix your golf slice and find more fairways as well as tons of videos and an opportunity to subscribe to his channel so you don’t miss out on anything. 

In addition to his Youtube, Rick Shiels can also be found on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter.


  • Tons of videos on just about everything related to golf.
  • All of his “online golf lessons,” tips, and so on, are free of charge.
  • Includes golf-related posts that are just for fun.

Shiels has many subscribers to his YouTube channel, which shows you just how valuable and informational his shows have become.


In addition to his golf instruction, Rick also offers some light hearted content such as the video below:


With so many golfers playing golf (CNN) the online golf instruction business is booming. No matter whether you are looking for individual golf lessons that you can follow along with on a video sharing website or a systemized best online golf instruction program that you can follow along with and track your progress. There are a range of teaching options that you can choose for golf instruction.

You don’t have to be alone with your aims of improving your golf handicap and gaining a more consistent golf swing.  Choosing one of these golf coaches is a great way to keep yourself accountable for your own individual golf progress.