Best Indoor Putting Greens for 2023: Home Practice Guide

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You may have heard of the saying ‘Drive for show, putt for dough’ and be looking to improve your game around the green. Choosing the best indoor putting green for home can be a great choice as it’s true, being able to putt effectively is so important for golfers when they are looking to reduce their golf handicap.

You may not realize but around 40% of shots on the PGA tour are putts so it’s easy to see just how many shots you could save here and there by putting effectively.

In this guide we cover a range of options that make it both possible and easy for you to work on your putting game from the comfort of your own home. Thanks to advances advances in artificial turf technology, there are now many different options for indoor putting greens, and we cover a range of different options for all golfers.

2023 Quick Picks

Best Indoor Putting Green For Home Practice

1. Perfect Practice putting Mat

Our Top Pick

The Perfect Practice Putting Mat is another great choice of indoor green, especially those who are focused on serious training and looking at specific areas of game improvement for putts or both short and medium length.

This option comes with a real putting feel, a smaller hole design, and one of the best indoor putting greens with ball return as well as both alignment guides and distance markers which means that it has all of the great training tools you’d expect to get home practice in whenever you want to practice your putting. This added functionality also makes it one of the best indoor putting greens for advanced golfers.

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2. PuttOut Pro Golf Putting Mat

The Putt Out Pro Golf Putting Mat is a great quality putting mat, designed with the amateur golfer in mind. The hole is built in, which is a little different from most on the market right now as this feature has been designed to help beginners to improve their putting – if you can putt into the hole then this will help you when you go outside on a real green.

The true-roll surface gives a real feel and it is great for use by everyone from beginners to professionals, especially those looking to learning putting tips for game improvement and then implement them with practice putts of different lengths.

3. Putt-A-Bout Grassroots

Value Pick

The Putt A-bout Mat is an indoor putting mat that is great for golfers of all abilities. It ’s 3 feet by 9 feet, making it a little larger than most putting greens on the market at the moment.

It has a built-in hole, which is an added benefit for beginners as they can aim at this hole instead of having to think about how to mark their score. There are also various holes in different places around the putting surface for more advanced players.

4. Rukket 2-in-1 Golf Putting Green

If you are looking for a non-transportable solution but something slightly more advanced the Rukket Putting Green might be the option for you.

This indoor putting turf made from high-quality material, will last a long time, and is designed with a range of practice drills in mind with different hole locations. It also comes with automatic ball return which is a nice added feature for golfers looking for this in an indoor green setup.

5. SKLZ Accelerator Pro Green

The SKLZ Accelerator Pro Green comes with a built in hole. It is a premium quality product and will last a long time, and is designed to help you with uphill putts and making sure that your putts reach their desired distance which can often be a problem for amateur golfers.

Distance control is important when it comes to putting and if this is something that you want to work on then this putting surface is likely to be your preferred choice.

Overall, it is a widely popular all-round option for golfers of all levels and comes with a nice automatic ball return system too at an affordable price!

6. Boburn Golf Putting Green

The Boburn Golf Putting Green is a premium quality indoor putting green that is ideal for use by players of all abilities. The range of different drills that are possible with this green make it a great option to practice putting indoors – the fact that you can practice from a range of different distances and angles is nice.

It differs from other putting surface options as it comes with flags in the holes which is a nice feature and despite it’s look and size it is actually easy to transport.

7. Big Moss Putting Green

The Big Moss Putting Green is a mid-level priced golf putting mat. It’s a great option for those that are looking for something that is a little more advanced than the standard green but not as expensive as some of the high-end options out there.

The size of the Big Moss Country Club Green is larger than all other options and is one of the most realistic indoor putting greens and it is well worth it if you have the space to accommodate a larger putting surface or want something for both indoor and outdoor use to work on your putting skills.

You can get real feedback with this mat with break pads to simulate green contours and the speed of this mat comes in at an 11 on the stimpmeter.

Why Use A Golf Indoor Putting Trainer?

Golf is a great outdoor sport that can be enjoyed regardless of weather conditions, but the game does have its limitations especially if it is raining or snowing. Additionally, when it gets cold it can be difficult to play golf and work on your game so you probably want to consider solutions that can help you play golf no matter the outside conditions.

Today, a golf indoor putting trainer is possible thanks to the advancements in artificial turf technology over the past few years (AthleticBusiness), in turn this gives players the advantages of playing on real grass without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home so that you can get an actual green feel to practice your golf game from home.

Benefit #1: Putt More Often

Indoor putting greens are designed to look just like their outdoor counterparts and can act as a great golf training aid looking to improve their short game, and the only difference is they are not playable outside. That means that with the help of an indoor putting green mat, you can incorporate the real-life experience of golf into your home.

Benefit #2: Improve Your Putting Game

It can be beneficial to use an indoor putting green to be able to strengthen your putting game, especially if you are a beginner golfer. You will be able to try a range of different drills to get to grips with the putting stroke and get a better feel for the speeds needed.

How To Choose The Best indoor putting mats


You will want to consider an indoor mat that is highly durable. Just like with a hitting mat you are making an investment in your home golf setup so don’t want to choose something that will likely tear or wear out within a year.


You should take into consideration the space in your house as well as the size of the mat. What size mat to buy will greatly depend on how much space you have available and how many people will be using the mats. To be safe, it’s better to go a little larger than you think you need while not going overboard.

Indoor putting greens can vary in size anywhere from 1’x3′ up to the biggest which is 4’x12′, but the most popular sizes are 3’x6′ or 4’x8′.


Choosing a top rated indoor putting mat is important, especially if you wish to use it as a high-end product for your putting stroke. This mat should have enough grip for players to stand on and be durable enough to endure repeated practice sessions. As well as being durable, the mat should also feel solid enough to be able to stand firmly on it and offer performance similar to an actual putting green to get used to green speeds.


There are many factors to consider when choosing the best in home putting green and price is a key one of those. Overall, it’s always worth checking out the price of an artificial putting green before making your decision on if you wish to invest fully in one or if you can get similar benefits from the cost saving of choosing a smaller putting mat.


Are Indoor Putting Greens Worth It?

If you’re looking for a way to get extra practice and improve your putting, an indoor putting green is a great option. They can help you train your muscle memory and reduce the number of putts you take during a round. If you’re serious about improving your putting, they’re definitely worth it.

How Much Does An Indoor Putting Green Cost?

The cost of an indoor putting green depends on the make and model. Setups for at home use can range from $50 to $200, while professional setups can be in the thousands. Professional setups often offer added features such as slope, which can help allow you to practice different putt types.

Why Are Putting Mats Uphill?

One of the main reasons why putting mats are often uphill is to help golfers practice their speed and distance control. When you are putting on a flat surface, it is easy to leave putts short as you are not accounting for the extra distance that the ball will travel when it is on an incline. By practicing on an uphill surface, you can get a better feel for how much speed and distance you need to hit the ball in order to make it to the hole. This can be a great way to improve your putting accuracy and make more putts on the golf course.

Rounding Up: Which Is The Best Practice Putting Green?

As you can see there are a range of factors that come into play when looking to invest in the best indoor putting green for your home. The good news though is that no matter whether you are short on space and budget or you have budget to invest and space to fill there will be a putting mat or indoor putting green for your needs.

It is also important to consider your level of skill and what you are looking for from a golf putting mat for putting practice as each one is different and some have more training functionality and drills than others. For example the Rukket is a great option if you want specific drills while being able to work on your distance control. Whereas the PuttPro is more of an all-round choice that lends itself to both beginners and advanced golfers looking to get a balance of familiarity with putting and also game improvement.