Best 2023 Golf Workout Program & Fitness Exercises

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Something that has changed massively in the world of professional golf in the last couple of decades is the fact that more golfers are completing golf workouts that are designed to improve their physical endurance and mental focus out on the golf course.

In history, golf wasn’t considered a physically grueling sport that required a lot of fitness from a golfer. However, this isn’t the case anymore and you can get an edge on your competitors by doing some intense training.

In this guide, we will explore why golf workouts are important, how they can help you, and how to design your own golf fitness program that will truly benefit you as a player.

Why Should You Complete Golf Workouts?

Golf workouts improve fitness, stamina, injury prevention, and overall mental strength out on the golf course. These are all important elements for a golfer to have if they want to play at a high level and improve their scoring potential.

The golfer who pioneered a change in the industry was Tiger Woods who has transformed how golf is played today with his intense workouts (GolfMagic). His devotion to being in peak condition and physical shape is extraordinary and he was one of the first golfers to make fitness a priority.

As a result, he was able to combine his natural talent with intense fitness training to dominate the game for around 15 years.

Below we will cover some of the ways that golf workouts and a specific fitness program can benefit you as a golfer.

Game Improvement

Firstly, better scoring can be the result of a good golf workout program. By improving stamina, concentration, and core strength, you can improve your game and lower your handicap.

If you’re stronger you will be able to increase how far you hit each club and hit more greens in regulation, which will, in turn, improve your scoring.

To add to general strength, flexibility will allow your body to move smoothly through the golf swing which will also increase your swing speed and consistency and allow you to hit the ball farther and with better accuracy.

Injury Prevention

There are several ways that golfers can prevent injuries. Using the proper equipment, warming up correctly, and stretching thoroughly before and after you hit are three of the biggest factors in preventing injuries.

Too many golfers forget to stretch before play. When you stretch properly you help to increase blood flow and your muscles become more flexible. A proper warm-up will eliminate muscle tension and increase overall range of motion in your body. Both stretching and warming up are extremely important because they help prevent injuries and can aid better play.

Additionally, better overall fitness for golf will help to prevent injury. For example, by increasing your fitness level you will be able to increase muscle strength, which will prevent overextension of your muscles. This will prevent injuries like muscle strains and sprains.

Increased Stamina

A typical round of golf can take around 4 hours to play, which can tire out even the best of us. A good workout program will help you to improve your stamina so that when you are on the course you will have more endurance and can better maintain your focus.

This will help you maintain a better swing for longer periods of time and ultimately hit the ball farther.

Additionally, it will help with avoiding poor scoring on the back 9 when fatigue sets in. A proper workout program will help you train your body to maintain your concentration and will help prevent over-fatigue that can lead to bad decision making when you need it most.

Golf Posture

By getting your posture right while playing golf, you can avoid injury from hitting the ground or other obstacles. You will also improve your technique and give yourself a solid base for a better starting position.

If you’re not in a good posture, you may find that your swing is off balance and you’ll struggle to get your arms into the correct position. 

What Are Some Benefits To Golf Workouts?

There’s a valid reason that most people who are committed to ensuring that they are fit enough to enjoy long rounds of golf will indulge in a fitness regimen.

In this section, we will cover some of the benefits to golf workouts and golf strength training and how they can help you out with your golf game.

Core Strength

With better balance, core strength, and weight distribution, you will improve your golf swing.

This will improve your overall power and control over the ball which will result in hitting more consistent shots.

With better technique that is aided by your fitness regimen, you will be giving yourself an edge over your opponents.


Flexibility can give you a better swing for longer periods of time.

This will allow you to not only prevent injuries but also helps you to achieve better performance, especially if you incorporate senior golf exercises.

Stretching plays a key role in this and it will do more than just relax your muscles. It will help keep your muscles supple and flexible so you can focus on your golf swing. By getting yourself properly prepared and improving your flexibility, you’ll see your golf game improve drastically.

Leg Strength

Strong legs will help to provide a solid platform for good balance and stability during your golf swing. This will help you hit your shots correctly for accurate distance and direction.

Legs can often be overlooked when working out but they are vital when it comes to playing your best as they really do provide the base needed for a good golf swing.

Upper Body Strength

In recent years we have been able to see firsthand the benefits of a strong upper body on the PGA Tour.

Bryson DeChambeau has undergone a body transformation in recent years which has seen his driving distance grow significantly. In one year he took his average distance off the tee from 302.5 yards to 322.1 yards, an increase of 6.5% (PGA Tour).

There is no doubting that his bid to improve his upper body strength has had a huge effect on his game, as he has since won a US Open and numerous other events by being the longest on tour.

What Golf Exercises Will Help Your Golf Swing?

For any golfer looking to up their game with a perfect swing, the simple exercises listed below are a great place to start as they’ll provide a foundation and stable base for you to build upon as you progress in the fitness regime that is tailored specifically for you.

It is also worth noting that having proper form is important when performing these exercises. If you don’t know what that looks like, then it’s probably best to work under a qualified trainer or instructor.


Squats are a great exercise for the lower body as they target both the glutes and hamstrings, two very important muscle groups in golf that will help provide a strong foundation for your swing.


Pull-ups are great for building the upper body strength in your biceps and forearms as they’re performed using the arms to pull yourself up rather than the legs.

This is important for golfers as they use the forearms to turn the clubface.

Seated Rotations

Improving your rotational mobility is another important element of golf fitness.

This is because rotation makes up an incredibly important element of creating a consistent golf swing. By being strong in your rotational mobility, you’ll improve your power and accuracy when you hit the ball.

To improve your rotation you should practice seated rotation exercises which are flexible exercises and can be done with or without a medicine ball or on a stability ball depending on how easy or difficult you want to get.

Glute Bridge

You can improve the muscles in your glutes and hips by practicing the glute bridge.

This exercise involves lying on your back and lifting your bum and then lowering it, repeating this at least 25 times, with 15 seconds rest between each repetition.

By strengthening your glutes and hips and lower back, you’ll make a more powerful golf swing as well as improve your flexibility and ability to rotate throughout your swing.

Incline Bench Press

If you’re looking for more explosive power and stability in your upper body then practicing your incline press exercise will help.

By inclining a bench you can target both the chest and shoulders at the same time to build these muscles.

The benefit of this is that you can really target two influential muscles in the golf swing which will contribute to your power, accuracy and consistency.

Rounding Up

To conclude, golf fitness is incredibly important for improving your golf swing and can give you an edge whether you are a beginner golfer or an avid golfer.

By being fit you will improve your power, accuracy and ability to rotate powerfully through your entire golf swing. This will allow you to hit more consistently and generate more club head speed.

There are many different elements such as choosing the top equipment that you use that can give you an edge on the golf course. However, one of the most important factors is training your body correctly and it’s this that will give you the most consistent and stable golf swing.

Overall, there are a range of golf workouts that can target essential muscles such as your core and legs which will make your body more athletic and more powerful.