Top 13 Golf Training Aids & Practice Tools for 2023

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Despite its popularity, golf is often an extremely difficult sport with a high level of patience and discipline required. As with any sport, golf has an essential equipment list that varies depending on who you ask – but there are certain pieces of gear that nearly everyone will agree upon. These items vary from golf clubs to golf balls but for those who are looking to improve their skills there is another essential thing to search for. These are the best golf training aids as they can help improve your game exponentially.

A number of training aids are available that can help you master the sport of golf. Included in this are clubs, swing aids, and putting greens. No matter what your requirement is whether it’s driving, iron play or putting there will be a golf training aid out there to help you.

Our comprehensive guide will help you choose the best golf accessories and training aids from top brands and their top products so that you can decide which ones are best for your game and your exact needs. We cover a range of options from swing trainers to putting greens.

Quick Picks

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Best Golf Training Aids

Below we go into more detail about our top picks for the best training aids by their respective different types.

Orange Whip

orange whip

Your swing consistency can be improved, your posture is improved and your shots will have more power with the Orange Whip. It comes with an orange ball attached to the end and is extra long. The extra length that the Orange Whip offers is designed to help make your body do exaggerated motions while you swing. This means you can adjust your swing speed tempo so that your entire body remains connected. 

One of the major key benefits that you can see with the Orange Whip is enhanced distance and feeling with the driver. This is thanks to their counterweight system that aims to increase both flexibility and muscle size. The Orange Whip can help golfers of all abilities.

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Superspeed Golf

Superspeed Golf

The Superspeed Golf System is a new way to improve your swing and take your game to the next level. It teaches you to swing the golf club at speeds of up to 120 miles per hour, and it will also help you to strengthen your overall body control and balance, leading to better swings on the course.

It works by slowing down your swing speed and it does this by using a custom-engineered polymer that moves at a rate of 0.5 MHz. This golf training aid has three levels of difficulty, so it can be customised to suit different skill levels. It shouldn’t cause too many storage problems for golfers and with a weight of only 8.5 ounces, it’s easy to wear all day and easy to set up, too.

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SKLZ Tempo Weighted Club

sklz tempo weighted club

SKLZ Tempo Weighted Club is the perfect training aid for people who want to get a better level of overall tempo and speed in the golf swing. With it you can learn to swing the club faster and more efficiently, which will improve your game. With it being super simple to carry with you and store you should find it easy to get practice reps in to build your swing speed muscle memory and drive consistency.

In terms of the look and feel the weighted club is constructed with a polymer handle that’s lightweight yet durable. This club is designed from steel that won’t break or bend, which makes it perfect as a durable weighted practice club. 

IZZO Smooth Swing

izzo smooth swing

The IZZO smooth swing is a handy affordable device which can be used to improve the consistency of your swing. This device allows the player to keep his back elbow close to his body during swing  which promotes a proper one-piece takeaway. This occurs when the arms and body move in sync.

It is a great device to use with other training products and out of everything on this list is the most affordable option.

Lag Shot Golf

lag shot golf

The Lag Shot is another swing trainer that can help you to find a more consistent golf swing. It acts as a hittable 7 iron that has a flexible shaft and is heavier than a typical golf club. This works to help you to train your muscles for a better lag and swing tempo on your down swing. It will also help you to square the club face for more accurate golf shots.

As it is a golf club it is easy to simply add it to your golf bag and take it with you to the driving range for some practice drills.

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Best Golf Training Aid For Swing Plane

Full Golf Circle

full golf circle

With the Full Golf Circle you can improve your swing plane at the range. It is a great training aid to help you learn how to swing correctly. You can use it to warm up before hitting the course, or as part of a complete golf workout.

The hips provide power to the golfers because it lets them swing their clubs faster and more efficiently. With this set, you have the opportunity to maximise the use of the hips, which assists in maintaining a bigger arc in the swing plane.

 There are 3 levels of tension, each one offering a different amount of resistance. These are adjusted with the knob on the back of the device. This allows you to have enough resistance for your skill level while you are swinging. It is also worth noting that it comes with its own carrying case, so it’s easy to take with you whenever you want to hit the range for some practice.

Best Putting Training Aids

Putting Tutor

Putting Tutor

The Putting Tutor device is designed to help you achieve consistent, controlled, and consistent putting strokes. This device is aimed to help you with reading the breaks on the green so that you can align your putts better and know how much a putt will break. You will be able to strike the golf ball on line which will increase your accuracy for the next time that you step out onto the course.

Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green

putt-a-bout putting mat

You can practice your putting game with a range of drills virtually anytime while on Putt-A-Bout’s Grassroots Par Three Putting Green, which was developed to mimic a real putting green. It’s constructed out of quality materials that will last a long time, and it also comes with its own carry bag so that it’s easy for you to take wherever you want to go.

The putting green has three different holes and a sand trip which will help you improve your accuracy when you’re practicing. The area of this putting green is 3 by 9 feet, making it a great size for practicing putts of different lengths. With it not being very large, it will take up minimal space in your living room or garage. 

Perfect Practice Putting Mat

perfect practice mat

Another great choice of indoor green is the Perfect Practice Putting Mat, especially for those who are focused on serious training and who would like to improve specific aspects of their game to putts either short or medium length.

Having a natural feel, a smaller hole design, a ball return system, and both distance and alignment markings means this is one of the best options if you’d like to practice your putting at home on a regular basis with game improvement in mind.

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Callaway Golf Chipping Net

callaway chipping net

The Callaway Golf Chipping Net is our pick for the best training aid for chipping that is designed to help you improve your short game. By chipping regularly you will improve your game around the green. It is a flexible device that is easy to setup, and it also comes with its own carry case so you can take it everywhere without having to worry about storing it.

Launch Monitors


skytrak launch monitor

Using a launch monitor is a great way to track your game data. The Skytrak is a great option to give you comprehensive game data at a better price than other comprehensive solutions. Additionally, if you choose to invest more into your setup you can create a home simulator setup so that you can practice year round.

The SkyTrak has a range of features such as a practice mode so that you can practice from home whenever you want to play golf and get feedback on your game. You can also play rounds of golf from home at a range of championship courses with their simulator software. Some of the key tracking data for feedback that you will be able to accurately track include carry distances, swing speed and launch angle.

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Rapsodo MLM is a more affordable launch monitor solution that still tracks 14 different shot data points for feedback and is portable thanks to their mobile software. For beginners this would be a great option as it is user friendly and easy to setup. It can also be used at the driving range easily which means you will always be able to stay on top of your key game data every time that you play golf.

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Golf Alignment Sticks

Tour Sticks Golf Alignment

The Tour Sticks Golf Alignment Sticks are golf alignment sticks that are designed to help you better your golf alignment while you are swinging your club. This will help you with learning how to strike the ball in a consistent manner with enhanced accuracy. Additionally, they are not only affordable but also easy to use, which makes them an excellent portable training aid.

How Do These Tools help Your Golf Swing Work?

1) Improves Fitness

Golf training aids can strengthen your upper body and core, leading to a more comfortable shot on the course. If you’re having trouble holding a full swing and have some trouble wiggling out of it, a swing trainer will be able to help you by giving you added flexibility as well as better feel and consistency to hit better shots. 

2) Improve Ball Striking

If you’re struggling with your ball striking, going to the driving range, having a practice session at home using a simulator or taking online golf lessons can help to work on driving consistency with the golf swing basics. Regardless of how good a golfer you are (even Tiger Woods isn’t perfect!), it’s difficult for you to improve unless you feel comfortable with your swing. PGA Tour golfers practice all of the time at different areas of their game to be able to track and target areas that need work (ProTourGolfCollege). The best golf training aids will help with this immensely. Some different examples of training aids that can improve ball striking are weighted golf clubs, swing trainers and also launch monitors which help with tracking game data to view improvement areas.

3) Improve your Hand/Eye Coordination

You have to consider so many different elements when playing golf, especially since the ball can travel over 300 miles per hour and so many different factors go into contributing to that speed. The ball needs to be predictable and be hit consistently, which means you need to have good hand-eye coordination to be successful. The best training tools will help improve your hand-eye coordination skills to hit the ball better.  Because of their function, they are ideal for helping golfers with making cleaner hits no matter which type of shot is required whether that be a drive, pitch or putt.

Types Of Training Aid For Golf Practice

A golfer can train with a variety of different types of aids to improve their game. They all work differently depending on which specific type they are but they’re designed as a way for you to reach your goals. In this section, we’re going to focus on some of the most popular types that  you can utilize. 

Putting Mats

You can easily improve your golf game on the green by using a putting mat. The putting mat is a mat that has a putting green pattern on it, which will help you improve your stroke consistency, your accuracy and your pace of your putts.

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Swing Trainers

Essentially, a swing trainer is an object that can be used as a tool to help you improve your swings on the course. They can correct errors in swings and help with consistency issues without requiring you to change your set of clubs. You can utilize these either in the comfort of your home or at the range to practice improving your swing place and they are extremely convenient for golfers of all skill levels and ages.

Impact Bags

A golf impact bag is a great way to work on your impact position. They will allow you to focus your swing on the moment that you have impact with the golf ball. This is an effective way to practice your golf swing as you will focus more on getting the correct rotation and more consistent impact.

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Hitting Net

A golf hitting net is a great way to practice your long game from home. It will allow you to practice drives or iron shots from the comfort of your own home which makes working on all aspects of game improvement much easier.

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Chipping Net

A chipping net will help your short game and is a sure fire way to reduce your scores quickly. These will work to both help you with distance and accuracy. Again, golfers of all abilities are constantly working on their short game so you will likely want to add these to your training apparatus. 

Launch Monitors

Those who play golf need to know exactly where they hit their shots as well as other key game metrics. A Launch monitor is a device that measures the speed of the golf ball at a range of distances and tells you how far you hit it along with other key metrics that can pinpoint both strengths and weaknesses in your game. With the best launch monitor , you’ll improve your accuracy as well as discover which part of your game you require the most help with.

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Golf Alignment Sticks

With alignment sticks you can help your alignment when you are swinging the club. They’re used at home and at the range and they help find the best way for you to strike the ball so that you make more consistent swings. They can also be of great use to players who find it difficult to make full swings when they are practicing.

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In Summary: Are These Golf Aids & Training Tools Worth It?

As you can see from our guide of the best golf training aids, there are a range of training aids that you can use for your golf training that are must-have golf items.

They can be used for a range of reasons from practicing your golf swing, improving your swing plane to working on your short game and putting stroke. It is important to know your game inside and out so that you know exactly which training aids are most applicable to you. For example if you struggle with driving then you may prefer a tool such as the Orange Whip or Superspeed Golf which can help you your clubhead speed and help you hit more consistently.