Top Budget Golf Simulators Under $1000 in 2023

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Choosing a golf simulator can be hard, so much so that we want to bring the best golf simulator for under $1000 in this complete guide.

No matter whether you’re choosing the best golf simulator for home use or the best golf simulator for garage use chances are you are looking at home how you can invest in one without spending a small fortune.

With so many different options on the market it can be hard to know where to start, especially if you want to save money but still get a high level of quality so that you can play whenever you want.

The best cheap golf simulators still require you to invest in the key equipment which will make golf simulation possible. The main piece of equipment being the simulator itself which will give you access to playing real PGA Tour world famous golf courses. Depending on your exact needs you may still require some of the essential items found with more expensive alternatives such as a hitting net, impact screen and enclosure and a hitting mat.

In this complete guide we will cover what some of the best choices are at this price point so that you can decide if the best budget golf simulator under $1000 works for you or if your golf game needs something more expensive and robust.

Best Golf Simulator For Under $1000: Quick Picks

Optishot Practice 2
Overall #1 Pick
PhiGolf WGT
Budget Option
Tittle X Simulator
Micro Sensor Alternative

In Detail: Best Golf Simulator For Under 1000

Next, we will cover some of our best golf simulators at a cheaper price point ranging from full simulator setups to alternatives that utilize sensor technology.

Choice #1: Optishot 2 Golf In A Box 

Overall #1 Pick

optishot 2 golf in a box

This package is a great choice if you want a typical full simulator experience under $1000. The Optishot 2 golf in a box simulator will allow you to play golf from your home and play a range of golf courses while also seeing key information about your golf game. When you see the price of other golf simulators on the market you quickly realize that this is great value for money.

The Optishot 2 isn’t a very expensive golf simulator, especially compared to a solution such as SkyTrak which include a premium launch monitor but you still get access to a wide range of golf courses thanks to their software. Thanks to their infrared optical golf swing pad with 16 high speed 48MHz infrared sensors you also have the ability to track key metrics regarding your game so you can practice different drills aimed at game improvement.

For the price this really does offer a real life golf simulation experience that is completely different to some of the budget options on our list.


  • Different Game Modes
  • Great Value
  • Reliable
  • Golf Swing Data


  • Basic Data

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Choice #2: PhiGolf WGT Edition

Best Budget Option

Phigolf WGT Edition

When it comes to choosing a golf simulators under 1000 that is right for you, you may wish to come well under the $1000 price range. If so then that is where a product such as PhiGolf Mobile and Home Smart Golf Game Simulator with swing stick comes in.

By using this system you will be able to simulate playing real world class golf courses with a range of motion sensors. Compared to a product such as Optishot you will also save on space as you won’t require the hitting mat and net that is required when physically hitting the golf ball.

This really is an option for the recreational golfer who is looking to have fun with friends more than somebody who is looking to seriously improve their game. You will be able to play different game modes head to head online with great graphics. This is due to the popular WGT software that is accompanied with the product.

The major drawback for a serious golfer looking for this budget golf simulator option the fact that you won’t physically be hitting a golf ball so don’t get the full golf practice experience that many golfers are looking for.

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  • Various Game Modes
  • Ease Of Use
  • Price


  • Less Realistic

Choice #3: Tittle X Simulator

Micro Sensor Cheap Alternative

tittle X Home Golf Simulator

Tittle X is a great affordable choice if you are looking for a golf simulator on a budget. It utilizes sensors and comes with a swing stick so that you can enjoy various game modes from the comfort of your own home.

  • Affordable
  • Easy To Setup
  • Low Space Requirements

The final choice on our list is an interesting option that is the cheapest on this list. It is an option that gives you to ability to use motion sensors to get accurate game improvement data about your swing.

The Tittle X Simulator will give you basic golf club data such as carry distances and club head speed by snapping onto your golf clubs or through the swing stick that comes with this package.

It comes with E6 connect which has a range of real golf courses for you to play so you will never be bored. No matter whether you want to choose to practice your swing mechanics on the driving range or play a round across a range of courses this could be a cheap option to get you started.

Despite not being useable with real golf balls, some golfers have found success in using this with foam golf balls and a hitting mat and net setup as an alternative and to come more in line with a real life simulation experience compared to relying simply on just swinging the stick.


  • Highly Affordable
  • World Class Golf Courses
  • Space Saver


  • Can’t Use Real Golf Balls
  • Only Basic Data

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In Summary: Even though some of the options in the price bracket don’t give you a full simulator experience you will still be able to train your golf game no matter the weather.

As you can see, no matter what your budget or space requirements are there are plenty of great choices out there for choosing a simulator for the garage. Below we will cover some of the benefits that you will experience from investing in one.

Play Year Round

One of the first things to note that you will experience with a simulator for garage use is that you will now be able to play and practice golf year round no matter what the weather is outside! This is great for golfers who live in locations where it isn’t warm 365 days of the year. On top of that you will also get access to leading golf courses which means even if it is snowing you can play some of the best golf courses in the world from the comfort of your home.

Learn Game Data

Utilizing the launch monitor data will be key in giving you the ability to discover key insights about your game such as learning ball speed, launch angle, golf club head speed and much more. This will help you to identify what works for you and also what some key game improvement areas are.

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Best Cheap Golf Simulator Considerations

When choosing a budget golf simulator you need to factor in that chances are you will be sacrificing product quality. This is especially the case when you see how much more you can get with a more premium product such as the SkyTrak. However, this doesn’t mean that high quality isn’t possible amongst other key considerations which we’ll cover below.

Golf Simulator Cost

It goes without saying that you will be looking to purchase a golf simulator under $1000. However, you will likely be looking to get the highest possible quality for your money. One key factor to consider with golf simulator cost is the fact that when you choose cheaper products it is likely that they are less durable.

Therefore, it is well worth ensuring that whatever you buy will hold a good long term value and be worthwhile beyond just the initial price tag.

Space Needed

What is great about golf simulators within this price range is the fact that they work best for people who don’t have much room for their very own golf room. As we’ll cover below it is always worth considering exactly what square footage you will be working with so that you know how much space is needed for your golf simulator. Additionally, the newer products on the market really can be beneficial for those looking to save money and get the benefits of golf simulation without taking up too much room in the house with features such as a top projector for a golf simulator..


Another thing that we love about cheaper golf simulation software is the fact that it is actually typically easier to setup. This is because it is less complex and has only several core features. However, this doesn’t mean that the various options on the market don’t have different setup requirements and capabilities. Therefore, it is well worth considering exactly what is needed to construct whichever simulator option you decide to purchase.

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Game Data

One of the main factors in choosing to play golf from home on simulation software is the fact that you are able to track club data to get an insight into some of the key game improvement areas for you. This can act as a great training aid to get better at golf.

Thanks to a range of launch monitor data such as carry distances, launch angles, ball speed and swing speed you will be able to pinpoint where in your swing you need to make adjustments to reach stats that lead to better scores.

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Tittle X Golf Simulator

tittle X Home Golf Simulator

Tittle X is a great affordable choice if you are looking for a golf simulator on a budget. It utilizes sensors and comes with a swing stick so that you can enjoy various game modes from the comfort of your own home.

  • Affordable
  • Easy To Setup
  • Low Space Requirements

If you’re looking for something slightly different than the PhiGolf but that still has many similar features then the Tittle X Home Golf Simulator may be a good option worth checking out. It is in a similar price bracket to the PhiGolf but utilizes the E6 Connect golf simulation software oppose to WGT.

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To Conclude: Is A Budget Golf Simulator Right For You?

As you can see, we provide three very different options as our choices for playing with the best cheap golf simulator options. If you are looking for a complete launch monitor and home simulation system where you can play with real golf clubs and real golf balls then the Optishot 2 Golf In A Box system is the best you will find as an affordable golf simulator option. You get everything you could need to be able to play from home, although you won’t find the level of durability and quality that you may find with more expensive alternatives such as Flightscope Mevo.

However, if you want to save even more money then there are plenty of other choices that you may like that fit the best golf simulators under $1000 criteria. This is highlighted by our other two choices on this list. Even though they don’t provide the life-like appeal of the Optishot 2 golf simulator they still give golfers the ability to play and learn more about their game.

Thanks to advances in technology golf simulator costs have come down significantly in recent years which makes guides such as this possible in the first place and has lead to the growing appeal of playing golf from home on a world class golf course. (PGA Tour).