Best 2023 Golf Launch Monitors: Home & Portable Picks

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Looking to improve your game at home? Do you want to practice your swing without spending a fortune on pro lessons? Choosing one of the best golf launch monitors may just be the answer that you are looking for.

Golfers in many parts of the world spend a small fortune on lessons with professional golf instructors, and at the end of the day, they still can’t break a 100. This is because they take lessons sporadically or don’t get the real insights into their game that they need.

In this guide we will be looking at a range of the best golf launch monitors on the market from a range of price ranges. Each of the different monitors come with a range of pros and cons which we will cover in full detail below so that you can choose an option most suited to your needs.

In A Hurry? Our #1 Pick

SkyTrak Launch Monitor

SkyTrak Launch Monitor

Editor’s Choice

  • Easy To Set Up
  • Comprehensive Game Data
  • Premium Option
  • Create a Home Golf Simulator
  • Wide Range Of Practice Modes

Best Golf Launch Monitor: Best Of The Rest

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Should I Use A Launch Monitor?

You should use a golf launch monitor if you want more key insights into your golf game that you otherwise may not have access to. Some of the key data that a basic launch monitor will show is the following: ball speed, carry distance, club head speed , club face angle, ball launch angle.

Other data that some more advanced launch monitors offer is the ability to measure spin rate, ball direction and club path.

If you’re wondering what a launch monitor is and how it can benefit you then the main aspect to focus on is that it will give you great insight into your golf swing and help you to pinpoint exactly what your specific strengths and weaknesses are. Depending on how in depth you’d like to go will factor in on whether you choose something that is more budget or more premium.


When it comes to choosing the right launch monitor for you it is important to know the key features that you will be making your buying decision on as all buyers are in the market to suit their own specific needs.


A good golf launch monitor will provide you with accurate feedback about your shots. This is especially important if you’re looking to improve your game and pinpoint the exact areas for game improvement. Unfortunately the accuracy of some golf launch monitors isn’t so good, especially at the cheaper end of the market. The drawback of this is that they can give you misleading feedback about your shots so you won’t get a 100% accurate read on where your game is at compared to a higher end model.

Data Points For Golf Training

Most good golf launch monitors will use some sort of technology to track the ball and give key shot data. Some monitors offer more in depth insights than others. When you combine this with a golf training device you can really hone in your practice to your improvement areas. Usually the more premium the product the more data points you will get on top of the more accuracy you will get. If you are undergoing any form of online golf instruction then knowing this data could prove invaluable.


With technological advances over the past few years golf monitors are now more accessible to the everyday golfer than ever. For example, there are launch monitors now available for all price ranges. Some of the best golf launch monitors will come at a higher price point with more advanced technology whereas a cheaper model will have access to more basic data.

It is also worth noting that the launch monitor will be a large portion of what makes up how much a golf simulator costs.


As you’d expect, the more expensive products tend to be more durable than cheaper alternatives.

In Detail: Best Golf Launch Monitors of 2023

Now that you know which launch monitors we like, we’ll go into full detail of each one covering the pros and cons of each of our golf launch monitor choices.

Choice #1: Skytrak Golf Launch Monitor

Best Launch Monitor For Indoor Use

Investing in a SkyTrak Launch Monitor is perhaps one of the most cost-effective ways to hone your golfing skills throughout the year without having to spend a fortune (compared to investing in a TrackMan instead). There are many pros to using their launch monitor, whether it is for practicing your driver or your entire golf game.

If you’re looking for more data around golf game improvement, such as ball speed, swing speed and ball flight, SkyTrak offers great launch monitors and golf simulator options. Playing golf from home for a low price will also let you access golf courses all around the world. Before SkyTrak came around you would have been looking at paying a much higher price. Additionally. with a great price, you get a premium feeling compared to alternatives which don’t give you accurate at home data.

However, compared to alternatives this product is best primarily for home use and creating your own home simulator setup compared to other products which are more flexible and give you the option to take them to the driving range or the golf course.


  • Ability to get readings and data around your golf performance.
  • Affordable Option
  • Reliability
  • True simulation experience with the ability to adjust course conditions.
  • Easy setup


  • Mainly For Home Use

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Choice #2: Flightscope Mevo 

Best Portable Launch Monitor

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Flightscope Mevo

The Flightscope Mevo launch monitor is a golf device used for measuring ball flight and club head speed. The device is a combination of a launch monitor and vibration sensor, which measure the data during impact. Some of the key data that you will be able to track with the Flightscope Mevo includes : ball speed, club head speed, launch angle, smash factor, spin rate and a lot more. To add to this the device also has an app that allows you to easily track your stats.

Coming in at a great price point you get access to the Mevo device, data collector software, and remote sensors that can take measurements whether at home or the driving range. If you are looking for a portable launch monitor then this is a great choice compared to the SkyTrak, especially their Mevo Plus product.

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Choice #3: Rapsodo Golf

Easy To Use

Rapsodo Golf

Rapsodo Golf is a popular choice for golf beginners seeking to improve their game, as it has a simple interface for learning the basics and tracking growth and they are starting to look at making it better for indoor use (GlobeNewsWire). As the launch monitor can be taken along anywhere without the need for a plug, it is easy to take it everywhere. In addition, it is also designed to fit great in golf bags thanks to its shape. Additionally, it comes with an easily-accessible stand so you can use it anywhere. However, it’s important to note that an important downside of this golf launch monitor is the fact that its battery life is shorter than that of most other launch monitors on the market.

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Choice #4: Optishot Practice 2 

Best Cheap Options For Indoor Use Only

home golf simulator 4 optishot 2

This Optishot 2 golf simulator is a great option is you are looking to get your virtual golf fix while getting basic insights into your game. You get to play a range of courses that you may recognize as well as a very basic practice mat setup. In order to track your golf club swing, a 48 MHz sensor is placed in the golf simulator to track your motion. This feature is great considering the price point.

It is unlikely that you will ever be bored or lacking options with this choice. It comes with a full range of game modes for you to choose from, and there are more than 15 golf courses for you to choose from within its database if you fancy a full round by yourself or with friends. 

However, it does take some time to set this up, but once you are done, you’ll be well on your way to mastering this simulator and lowering your golf score. Setting up this golf simulator and hitting mat will take at least one hour, according to Optishot but is still an ideal choice for garage use once it is up and running.

If you are considering a golf launch monitor to use within the home then you should factor in the fact that they require a degree of space. This product requires around 8.6 x 11 x 16 feet to use in the home.

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Choice #5: SwingCaddie SC300

Best Affordable Launch Monitor

SwingCaddie SC300

The Swing Caddie SC300 is a must-have for anyone playing golf or interested in learning to play golf while tracking their key game improvement data. The software also allows you to get all of the information you need for improving your gameplay and it’s portable so you can take it with you wherever you want.

With an easy to understand interface you can easily see the exact data that you need to a high level of accuracy and at a competitive price.

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Choice #6: PRGR Launch Monitor

Budget Choice


The PRGR portable black launch monitor may be the right choice for you if you’re just starting out and looking for an affordable launch monitor but don’t necessarily want it to come packed with extra bells and whistles. As well as having basic game data at your fingertips, you will be able to play it either at home or on the go.

This is an ideal option for beginners, occasional golfers or those who are on a tight budget.

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Choice #7: GCQuad Launch Monitor

Premium Option

CQuad Launch Monitor

Looking to get the most accurate data possible with as much access to a wide range of key game data points? If so then the GCQuad launch monitor could be the best option for you. It comes at a much steeper price point (like TrackMan) than most of the alternatives on this list but is also the most accurate and premium option that we’re providing. You will also have access to the ability to double it up as a golf simulator in the same way that you can do this with the SkyTrak. However, if you are looking for a portable option then this product probably won’t be for you as it is quite bulky.

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Can I Use My Launch Monitor At Home?

If you want to use your launch monitor at home then you will likely want to purchase a home simulator package as this will allow you to add an extra dimension to your practice. It will allow you to play year round as well as from a variety of real golf courses.

Simulator Equipment

To turn your launch monitor into a simulator you will require some key equipment to facilitate the process. Firstly, you will require a launch monitor software to allow you to access the advanced game modes. Secondly a high quality golf mat to allow you to hit shots off turf. Thirdly, you will either want to choose between either an enclosure with a screen or a hitting net to hit your shots at. Finally, you can choose between either a projector or a laptop to project your images.

In Summary: The Best Golf Launch Monitor Of 2023 Is…

When it comes to choosing which of these golf accessories is best for you in 2023 to improve your game whether you are at home our at the range it all depends on your own individual circumstances and buying criteria. For example if you choose the SkyTrak Launch Monitor then you get can be sure that you get reliable game data as well as the ability to create your perfect home golf simulator setup.

More and more golfers are realizing that the sport isn’t just a game of hit and hope and it actually comes down to fine details such as the right use of golf clubs, course conditions and swing ability. Therefore a launch monitor can give you these insights at your fingertips.

As you can see from the list above though, even if the SkyTrak isn’t for you there are alternatives on the market that can get your started and give you access to the data that you need. It will all come down to your preferences whether that be accuracy, quantity of data points or saving money.

Your final choice for launch monitor will ultimately come down to your own personal preferences and what you feel is the best purchase for you and your exact needs.