Top Golf Hitting Nets for 2023: Practice Made Perfect

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When it comes to practicing golf from home you are likely looking for a range of different equipment to get started with creating your ideal setup. One piece of equipment that is essential if you want to practice hitting balls will be a net. This will allow you to hit full swings without the worry of where the golf ball will end up.

In this complete guide we bring you a range of the best golf hitting nets so that you can see which of these essential home golf training tools you should add to your home practice setup.

We will cover a range of different options ranging from premium solutions to all round solutions to budget solutions so that no matter what you are looking for, you will be able to find exactly what you need in full confidence.

Best Golf Hitting Nets: Quick Picks

GoSports Hitting Net
Overall #1 Pick
Rukket Sports Hitting Net
Net Return Home Series
Premium Option
Spornia SPG-7
Automatic Ball Return
Carl's Place DIY Enclosure & Screen
Bespoke Option

Buying Criteria

When choosing a hitting net for home golf driving range practice you’ll want to account for a couple of key factors so that you realize exactly what you’re buying.


An important consideration is the cost of the hitting net as they come at a range of different price points. If you have a low budget, you are likely to want to choose a net that comes under the $100 price range.

This is especially the case if you are looking to create a cheap golf simulator setup or don’t play golf regularly and are considering if a golf net for practice is worth it.


You need to consider the available space before choosing a golf hitting net for home practice. There will be more options for creating your ideal golf simulator or practice area if you have more space. Depending on the space available, it is crucial to determine the exact space dimensions that you will need.


You should also ensure that you choose a product that is durable when choosing the best golf nets. The material of the golf net should be considered because you will hit thousands of golf balls into the net during the lifetime of your purchase. As a result, you ought to avoid items that are likely to show evidence of wear and tear quickly.

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Best Golf Nets: In Detail

Below we go into detail about our top picks for golf hitting nets for practice and home golf simulators.

Choice #1: GoSports 10′ x 7′ Hitting Net

gosports hitting net

Golf hitting nets can be true miracle-workers when you’re trying to improve your golf game, and the one made by GoSports comes in both 10’ x 7’ and 7’ x 7’ sizes for your convenience. The best part about buying this net is that you can use it both indoors and outdoors, and it is both easy to set up and easy to use. Both sizes are perfect for golfers of all experience levels, and the net is made out of a very sturdy reinforced nylon so that it is strong yet allows the balls to bounce off of it with ease. A golf practice net is the perfect tool to use for those who wish to improve their golf game.

The net is easy to set up and break down when you’re done with it, so you can practice with it anywhere you like, including your own backyard. If you’re tired of chasing balls when you practice, this is the tool you need, and the 10’ x 7’ net is only around $74, meaning it is affordable for everyone. The best golf hitting nets are always made by the pros and not laypeople, and this one is made by golfing enthusiasts, so it easily accommodates the needs of all golfers, both beginners and those more experienced.


  • Comes in two convenient sizes.
  • Very reasonably priced.
  • Lightweight yet very sturdy.
  • Made by golfers, for golfers.


  • Some complaints about the ball ripping a hole through the net.
  • Some complaints about the overall quality of the net.

Choice #2: Rukket Sports Hitting Net

rukket net

Priced at around $95, this 7’ x 7’ golfing net by Rukket is perfect for both beginning and more advanced golfers. You get both the net and a convenient carrying bag, and it saves you lots of money going to the driving range because you can practice your golfing skills in your own backyard. Regardless of how you hit, this net enables you to practice without worrying about your safety, capturing errant swings and preventing you from having to chase after balls the entire time you’re out there practicing. It makes every practice both more efficient and a lot more fun, allowing you to get the most out of it every time.

Because of the shape and depth of this net, it’s perfect for using any type of club you’d like to practice with, and the ball return feature is especially convenient. When you’re practicing with the Rukket Sports hitting net, you can swing with confidence because it makes practice not only easy but very proficient as well. The solid frame can handle strong winds and the elements, and it is made for real golf balls so it is very tough and dependable. When your goal is to make the perfect shot at the golf course, you can practice all you want with this well-made golf net because it is built to last for many years to come.


  • Very safe and well-built.
  • Reasonably priced and affordable.
  • Can accommodate beginning and more advanced golfers.
  • Made with a ball return feature for convenience.


  • (There are no negative reviews for this product on Amazon.)

Choice #3: Net Return Home Series

Net Return Home Series

If your goal is to become a better golfer, this hitting net made by Net Return is a multipurpose and very versatile hitting net that can be used not just for golf, but also for football, softball, lacrosse, hockey, and soccer. It is a sturdy and reliable golf net that comes with a color-coded system to make putting it together super easy and fast. In fact, it is so simple to do that you can put it together in five minutes or less. It is a lightweight system that even comes with a convenient storage bag for those times when it’s not in use.

Best of all, you can use this hitting net nearly anywhere, including your backyard, at the golf course or driving range, and even on your patio or garage. This choice of our best golf nets weighs 26 pounds and is 40” x 14” x 13” in size (counting the frame), and it is able to handle balls traveling up to 200 MPH. Whether you’re a beginning golfer or you’ve been golfing for a while, practice will always help you get a lower score the next time you visit the course, and this net is an amazing tool that will help you make the most out of every practice you attend.


  • Great for both beginners and experienced golfers.
  • Color-coded system lets you set it up in five minutes or less.
  • Very lightweight and easy to transport from one area to another.
  • Can be used for other sports besides golf.


  • A bit pricey at just under $700.

Choice #4: Spornia SPG-7 Hitting Net

spornia spg-7

The Spornia SPG-7 hitting net sells for just under $240, and it is a super-sturdy net that goes a long way in helping you practice so that you can improve your golf game. With this choice from our best golf nets you get a ball stopper that stores around 200 balls, but the ball return system means you only need one ball as you practice. The target area is 60” x 60”, and you can use it both indoors and outdoors. It is lightweight and portable, and it even sets up in under a minute, meaning you won’t have to wait long to start your practice session.

The SPG-7 golf net also comes with red chipping baskets in case you want to practice your short game, and because of the way it is made, it absorbs impact and loud sounds, making the net more secure all the way around. You can practice any time you like with real golf balls, and it is completely safe for both the golfer and the balls themselves. Regardless of your level of expertise, this is one hitting net that you won’t regret purchasing.


  • Comes with a ball return system for convenience.
  • Easy and fast to set up properly.
  • Large 5’ x 5’ hitting area.
  • Lightweight and easy to transport from one area to another.


  • Some complaints about the frame breaking.
  • Some claim the hitting sheet attachments break easily.

In Summary

To conclude, the best golf hitting net will likely come down to your own personal preferences. However, there are a range of the best golf practice nets that you have at your disposal when looking for nets for home practice. By choosing a net that is affordable yet high quality you will be able to decrease the cost of your golf simulator setup. However, if you are tight on space and using somewhere smaller such as a garage then you will need to be wary of how big the net that you purchase is.

Overall though a hitting net is a great piece of apparatus to have in the home to practice your golf game along with our key items such as recommended practice putting greens. They can also make a budget alternative to using an enclosure and impact screen setup for a simulator for home use.