Best Women’s Golf Drivers of 2023: Top Picks

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Drivers are one of the most cherished clubs in a golfers’ bag. With more women golfers joining the game and pursuing the sport professionally year on year technology is in play to offer females equipment that is best suited to their needs. This is something we will cover further in this best drivers for women guide, our choices have been chosen with top performance in mind.

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For example we take into account that women typically have a slower swing speed than male golfers therefore a more lightweight driver can aid better performance.

Finding the correct ladies driver is important and in this guide we cover a range of choices that are the best in the market so that you can decide which one is right for you and your golf game.

2023 Quick Reviews

TaylorMade SIM Max
#1 Overall Pick
Cobra Women's Speedzone
Best For Distance
Cobra F-Max Superlite
Long Distance
Senior Women's Majek High Launch
Best For Seniors
PGX Offset Ladies
Best Value

Best Women’s Drivers: In Detail

In this section we go into full detail about of choices of the best golf drivers for women.

1. Forgiving Choice: TaylorMade Women’s SIM Max

taylormade womens sim max

The Taylormade Sim Max is used on the LPGA tour due to its asymmetric sole. It has redesigned the Inertia generator that optimizes aerodynamics and speed at the most crucial part of the swing.

As far as performance is concerned, the compared to the Sim driver, the Sim Max is mid-spin and offers a higher launch. Thus, it gives better golf ball speed and better driving accuracy, putting the ball in play even on bad swings.

Overall, the Sim max driver is a great deal, especially if you do not mind the price. Simply by being forgiving while maintaining great distance it will enable a better golfer and improve your golfing experience.


  • Large Sweet Spot
  • Distance
  • Forgiveness


  • Cheaper Alternatives
  • Not Adjustable

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2. Distance Choice: Cobra Women’s Speedzone

cobra womens speedzone

If you are in the market for yards off the tee like so many golfers then this option from Cobra could be for you. Aptly named the Speedzone has a longer front to back than the standard model. It is uniquely designed for speed and is ideal when you want to cover longer distances.
If you are a golfer interested in the low, compact clubhead that will facilitate little spin and workability, this is your kind of driver. You can swing it and not worry about it getting away from you.


• It boasts a fixed weight at the back of the clubhead that facilitates the center of gravity being placed low for a high launch.
• The Cobra golf 2023 comes with a larger footprint and more perimeter weighting that guarantees forgiveness.
• The titanium frame ensures a sturdy structure designed to withstand high-speed compact.


• The disadvantage of this driver is that it is tough to find. Since production is done every year, the number of drivers produced may not be enough for all golfers.

3. Lightweight Choice: Cobra Women’s F-Max Superlite

cobra women's f-max superlite

The Cobra F-max Superlite offset driver is built with a titanium 6-4 clubface that achieves faster ball speed from all impact points. The f-max Superlite boasts a 45.5″ and comes in three flexes that are lite, regular, or stiff.


• Its main target is moderate swing speeds. The club is easy to swing, well balanced, and light.
• Its crown alignment details enable players to set up correctly. Besides, the light swing weight ensures players with average swing speeds can create more distance.
• An exciting feature of the F-max Superlite is that it’s available in both left and right-handed models catering for all golfers.
• It features a great look and an attractive price.


• The downfall of the f-max Superlite maybe its audible feedback on strike quality, which is a disconnect to its target set of golfers.

4. Senior Choice: Senior Women’s Majek High Launch K Series

majek high launch

The engineers of this driver-focused manufacture a high launch driver whose main aim is to facilitate maximum ball flight. While focusing on a high ball flight and being lightweight it makes it an ideal pick for senior women in the market for a golf driver.

Some additional features of this driver are that it has a low center of gravity while being lightweight with a premium graphite shaft that promotes swing speed for greater distance coverage. Also, It boasts a new thin face, which creates an excellent trampoline effect upon impact, ensuring maximum smash factor.

This driver is relatively affordable compared to other alternatives on this list which makes it an even better pick for seniors looking for the best senior driver for women.

Despite all of the reasons to choose this golf driver, especially if you are a senior. If you are starting out then you may prefer to choose an alternative.


• Great on impact.
• Standard 44-inch length.
• Affordable
• Lightweight


• Less beginner friendly

5. Value Choice: PGX Offset Ladies

pgx offset ladies

If you don’t want to break the bank but still want to have one of the best golf drivers for women then you will likely find that this option by PGX is suited to your needs. Sure it may not have some of the features of the other clubs on this list but it does offer plenty for the price that you pay and is a really forgiving option for those who struggle with a golf slice.

With a square face, this driver will allow you to get more drives straight down the fairway so has plenty of forgiveness. It is also lightweight which will allow you to maximize distance off the tee! To add to that it also comes in a clean, smooth, and sleek look of black, white and green finish that is not only appealing to the eyes but also modern.


  • Great Value
  • Built For Forgiveness
  • Lightweight


  • Less Durable

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Why Women Use Different Drivers?

You may be wondering why ladies are in the market for specific women’s golf clubs in the first place? Well the simple answer comes to the fact that on average women have a lower golf swing speed which affects the distance that the driver goes.

Therefore it is advantageous for women’s golf clubs and women’s drivers to be lightweight as they will allow golfers to get as much carry off the tee as possible.

Buying Guide: Key Criteria For Choosing A Good driver

Below we cover some of the main criteria to look for when searching for the best ladies golf driver.


As with all golf clubs, most people are budget conscious and want to choose clubs that are both good but aren’t overpriced. This can be the case when choosing a golf driver as it is only one club of many so it often makes sense to find value.


Speed is imperative to get distance on your drives which is why all of the best drivers for women share the same trait. They are lightweight. This will allow for better speeds, an increase in golf ball speeds and an increase in driver distance too.


The best golf drivers for women, ensure they have the best driver loft. They range between 10-13 degrees as compared to men’s drivers that are between 9-10. This makes it easier to get the ball in the air but also when compared to a slower swing speed it means that distance is maximized too.


Another variation for women looking for specialist golf clubs is the differing height between men and women. Some men even require specific tall golf clubs. Therefore the best ladies golf drivers factor in the height difference to create golf drivers of a suitable length.

In Summary: What Is The best Ladies Driver In Golf?

As you can see from the above, there are many different types of ladies golf drivers that you can choose from and the actual one that you choose can depend on the type of golfer that you are.

However, you certainly can’t go wrong with the TaylorMade Women’s SIM Max Driver if you have the budget to invest in a leading brand that is an all round choice. If budget is a concern and you want to be able to hit straight drives then alternatively you may be better suited to our budget choice, the PGX Offset.

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